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  1. Additional notes: The extra time credit will be applied within 15 working days (usually more like 5) if you renew at most 90 days before expiry and with the same account (ie: you purchase using the same email address as last time). If you purchase "incognito" with a different email address, or more than 3 months early, then the system won't automatically match the two licences - but under those circumstances you can contact support and they'll stitch it all together for you. Probably more detail that you need here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039530092-Will-I-lose-a
  2. Sounds like you found the instructions for CCleaner Cloud (the business software) somehow? You don't need to log in to anything - if you want to put CCleaner Professional on a different computer and need a download link and/or to find your licence key, you can get those from https://www.ccleaner.com/support/license-lookup - just fill in your email address and it will post you the details.
  3. At around this time in your subscription you should get an occasional message about the benefits of renewing early and/or any deals that are on at the time. However these are set to only pop up about once every couple of weeks - certainly not every day. The most likely causes of getting more messages like this than you should would be: 1) If you are still on a version of CCleaner from before 5.54 (should not be the case as a paid user) 2) If you are using an expired licence instead of your current one. Do the pop-ups suggest that you "renew early", that you will "expire soon" or t
  4. That sounds like a CCleaner for Windows error? https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844-How-to-register-and-activate-CCleaner-Professional Can you screenshot please? Which MacOS version are you running, and which version of CCleaner please?
  5. Whenever I need to uninstall CCleaner (which I do on a fairly regular basis when uninstalling/reinstalling for testing) I use CCleaner's own Software uninstaller tool (under Tools > Uninstall)
  6. @Tobias1998: Can you confirm which antivirus software you are using? And also which version and build of Windows you are using please? You should be able to get that by typing "winver" from the Windows search bar. Mine is Windows 10 Version 1909, for example:
  7. Can you screenshot what you're seeing? Can you also confirm which version of CCleaner for Mac you are using (I assume the latest, 1.17) and your Mac OS version?
  8. @Hammerhead Shark: Garden variety temporary false positive, which MS fixed Saturday evening - see here for details:
  9. This has been confirmed as a false positive and had already sorted itself out Saturday afternoon (along with a Dr Web false positive as well). As of the time of writing, Windows Defender should now have no problems with the free version of CCleaner 5.70. We get this from time to time with new releases of CCleaner - an AV company's threat detection robots will observe that something they haven't seen before is suddenly getting millions of downloads in a day and they block it "just in case" until their analysts can take a look at it and mark it as safe. Some companies are more consistentl
  10. There is no Windows registry to clean on Macs. Being a different operating system environment, the Mac version and the Windows version of CCleaner have a number of differences (and both are, in turn, different from the Android version). Requests for assistance, refunds, etc for paid versions of CCleaner can be sent to support@ccleaner.com.
  11. @thomasdixonIf you have problems downloading CCleaner Professional from Cleverbridge you can always get it from here: Windows version: https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_ccpro Mac version: https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_ccmacpro ... and don't forget to register to get the Pro features working: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844-How-to-register-and-activate-CCleaner-Professional
  12. Translation: "ccleaner deleted the files in my important google plugin The recovery software could not find the deleted files, please tell me how to recover"
  13. @Alejo2k: If this is the same issue as reported elsewhere, this should be fixed in CCleaner 5.70. Could you try updating and see if that solves the problem for you?
  14. @Ivan Belov: Have you updated to CCleaner 5.70? Did you find that solved your problem?
  15. Can also be done from a link in your Cleverbridge purchase or billing notification email - which stops future auto-extension but does not trigger a cancellation/refund of the licence itself: ... or inside CCleaner under Options > About > License Information > Manage Subscription ... ... and then click that Cancel button:
  16. That is in the process of being added to an errata note on the release notes, as we only spotted it ourselves after launch. These new settings weren't supposed to ship until a later version and got caught up in this build release - they are still in "draft mode" and not hooked up to anything at the back end yet. Absolutely not intended to be included without explanation - quite the contrary, the plan was to make a big headline noise about this when finally released. They slipped out early and incomplete in our haste to fix the Firefox issue. Once active, they will be part of a mec
  17. Hoping for good news from @dvdbane - we're all on a bit of a bug-busting crusade at the moment.
  18. @APMichael: How does today's release of CCleaner 5.70 go with this now?
  19. This is in place for customer support inquiries received email to support@ccleaner.com or via the customer support form - if sent as a customer support enquiry. But ... Safest to email support@ccleaner.com directly. We have had cases of customers never getting their automatic response or their personalised followup due to either mistyping their email address in the form or spamfiltering our response. I was able to find your ticket - just in case, the response from us was sent back to three different email addresses that you had previously provided. But in answer to your questio
  20. Well it's a little from Column A and a little from Column B. Betas are quite the moving target, and we don't always get responses from the developers of the software that we are cleaning in a timely fashion to action appropriately on a monthly release cycle. As mentioned previously, we're (still) looking at a rearchitecture of the way cleaning rules are delivered so that they can be served up a bit like Antivirus pattern files. That way we can respond much faster to any changes, and we don't have to have the massive overhead of a complete rebuild and release every time a rule needs to b
  21. With the help of your good self and the others in the thread the team was able to isolate and fix this - will be rolled out in the next release.
  22. All looks fine from here (Windows 10 1909 release on Facebook with Anti-phishing and CCleaner Browser's AdBlock enabled - seeing Facebook as I would normally expect). Could you describe in greater detail what is happening? Which version of Windows 10 you are using? Are you using any additional Chromium extensions into CCleaner Browser? What do you see when on https://www.facebook.com? Which settings do you have enabled in the Security and Privacy centre of CCleaner Browser:
  23. Was meant as a reflection of your debugging diligence, sir Indeed, that remains our working hypothesis - one time brief server glitch.
  24. But also nope For paid users it will show their expiry status (so we don't need to pop-up to tell them about it all the time) and a 1-2 click path for expired to easily get back to the free version (vs the current uninstall/reinstall requirement) so they can stop being pestered that they have expired.
  25. The free installs of CCleaner, Recuva, Speccy and Defraggler were flagged as containing PUA (not being PUA) for the presence of the Chrome offer ... which has been in there since 2010 ... Again, none of the offers are silent installs. And the risk of the AV offers slipping through unnoticed due to client connection failures was eliminated in October of last year. Since then only @nukecad seems to have found a way to break it - and even he hasn't been able to replicate how he did it.
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