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  1. As per my note above, can I confirm if the folks in this thread are using the latest version CCleaner for Mac 1.18.30 (https://www.ccleaner.com/knowledge/ccleaner-mac-v11830) which was released October 6th, or an earlier version? Also we have had some feedback that some customers experiencing issues on BigSur 11.0.1 found their issues resolved after updating to BigSur 11.1 - indicating that 11.0.1 may have had some bugs that were fixed from Apple's update. Anyone still experiencing issues with BigSur 11.1 / CCMac 1.18.30 ?
  2. This would be the CCleaner Professional Plus bundle. This licence can be used on both Macs and PCs (for the CCleaner component - Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy are PC only). You can read more about this here: How many computers can I install CCleaner Professional Plus on? – Piriform Support
  3. Can I confirm if the folks in this thread are using the latest version CCleaner for Mac 1.18.30 (https://www.ccleaner.com/knowledge/ccleaner-mac-v11830) or an earlier version? Also we have had some feedback that some customers experiencing issues on BigSur 11.0.1 found their issues resolved after updating with BigSur 11.1 - indicating that 11.0.1 may have had some bugs that were fixed from Apple's update. Anyone still experiencing issues with BigSur 11.1 / CCMac 1.18.30 ?
  4. @redbuppy: Confirming that is the same colourful one as in the screenshot above? It would make sense that you see it one more time since that would still be its "first time" since you restored the cookie whitelist. But if you see it again after that please let us know. @stackoverflow: Okay now that is an interesting situation. Can I trouble you for a bit more info on this please? Windows version; default browser; firewall; AV; any other cleaners/blockers/etc running on your computer; custom configured hosts file? What version of CCleaner were you on prior to this? Have y
  5. ... they have also been contacted suggesting that their screenshotting of offers that have not existed anywhere since September 2019 is probably not a great look for their malware encyclopedia
  6. Marketing pop-ups to the free user base are highly restricted, generally only appearing during one of our occasional sales, and then a maximum of 1-4 times per campaign, depending on the duration of the sale (usually 1-2 times, although this year's Black Friday/Cyber Monday was an exception with 3-4 per user). If you are referring to the service notification below, this is set to appear once and once only at some point after you have updated to 5.75 if it seems that you have not opened up the CCleaner console for a while. The most common source of overmessaging is wiping the "I
  7. Are you referring to https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/standard ? ESET had a dislike of versions 3.09 through to 5.57 of the CCleaner installer due to the presence of an offer for the Chrome Toolbar for Internet Explorer. That was remedied from CCleaner 5.58, which was released about 18 months ago, and we have not had problems with ESET since then (other than the occasional short-lived false positive on new releases that were fixed at their end shortly thereafter). May I enquire which version of CCleaner you are attempting to download, and from where?
  8. That was also the last version to support Windows XP and Vista. Just checking that you aren't running in Windows XP or Vista compatibility mode (we had quite a few cases of that pop up after 5.65 was launched)
  9. CCUpdate is the "emergency updater". In the event of a critical issue with a CCleaner version (such as security concern or a change in Windows that makes older version of CCleaner no longer compatible) it is a safety net that will ensure that you are updated to a safe version. Note that this is probably less relevant now that automatic updates are now available for everyone - or at least those who have updated to from CCleaner 5.74 or above.
  10. The way I used to test the likelihood of machine translation producing nonsense results was to do a round trip from English to the other language and back again. My favourite one was "anti-virus" which ended up in Chinese as something along the lines of "thing that eats bugs" which then came back to me in English as "frog".
  11. Indeed. I checked the customer's ticket with support and the response wasn't that there was no cashback offer - indeed, the first thing they asked was if the enquiry was about needing assistance claiming on the cashback promotion. And prior to that response he would have received a ticket confirmation email which included information about the cashback promotion and links to the FAQs. However, as he was advised, the product that he purchased was not covered by the promotion - ie: instead of clicking through from the offer that he received to the Black Friday or Cyber Monday offer page a
  12. Ahem ... we had quite a few more sales than usual during this campaign so I must confess that we are not being as "pretty quick" as usual. Not signing this in blood at this point, but I would expect that to be through late next week.
  13. Nothing comes up under that specific email address. Things to check: Which version number of CCleaner is currently being run? Under Options > About is the blue button saying "License Information" or "Upgrade to Pro" and "Start Free Trial" Was the computer previously running CCleaner Professional and then switched to free? EDIT: One more question - and probably the most relevant one: Are you using Windows 10, or Windows 7 or 8? Just checked with the infrastructure team, and apparently when something was moved earlier this week there was an issue for some W
  14. When you went through the installation process, the first screen would have looked like this: ... and when you clicked on "Install" you would have received an offer screen that looked like this: Which button did you click on this offer screen? If you clicked "Accept" unintentionally you can uninstall the browser from inside CCleaner itself (Tools > Uninstall) eg:
  15. You can view the details of what updatable software is currently on your computer under Tools > Software Updater. There are two tabs there that will show what is up-to-date and, for those needing update their current version and the latest available version.
  16. The customer support contact can be found at the bottom of your renewal confirmation email: support@ccleaner.com
  17. Indeed. Something like 99% of registration issues are from mistranscribing "I"s as "1"s, "8"s as "B"s, "5"s as "S"s or "2"s as "Z"s; or small differences like capitalisation between the the name used to purchase and the name used to register. Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V sorts it out. How to register and activate CCleaner Professional – Piriform Support
  18. CCleaner is a system performance and privacy tool. Although it can be of assistance in cleaning up malicious files and lingering vulnerabilities under certain circumstances, it is not an antivirus product. That said, if someone is after an antivirus/antimalware product I would generally recommend picking something with an established user base and reputation. Generally speaking, any AV software with a global install base lower than 50M at a bare minimum is unlikely to have enough of a threat detection network to be able to adequately protect you. The software you mention does not seem
  19. @Lee3226: the support contact email address would be on the order confirmation email that you received from Cleverbridge - ie: support@ccleaner.com. Please note that is the best channel for anything to do with payment support enquiries, as this is a public forum and not a safe place to be posting your confidential information. Usually if you sign up for a new subscription (ie: a new licence key is issued) then the old one gets automatically cancelled. In this case it seems that your old one was still active. Note that the email that you received was not a request for payment, but rathe
  20. Greetings from CCleaner by Piriform. If your subscription is coming up for expiry (or has expired) then CCleaner will let you know if there is an offer on that would let you renew at a better price. There would have been up to 4 notifications in total during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales period (which ended yesterday). If you go to Options > About > License Information you should be able to see your expiry date. If you have recently purchased CCleaner Professional, be sure to register your licence under Options > About if you have not already done so. There is a g
  21. Is this the built-in update inside CCleaner for Mac? There were a couple of older versions that had some troubles updating themselves. If you download the latest CCmac directly from http://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download?mac (click the green download button) to do a fresh install, does that solve your problem at all?
  22. As with so many things relating to CCleaner, there's a grain of truth to that story heavily wrapped in several layers of myth. There was an issue back in July with Microsoft taking a dislike to the installer (although not CCleaner itself) which was solved two weeks later with CCleaner 5.70. Any "news" about CCleaner tends to turn into "olds" pretty quickly The only versions of CCleaner that are "hard blocked" by Microsoft from running on Windows 10 due to compatibility issues are versions prior to CC5.46. There does not seem to be an issue with Windows 10 20H2, per se: 5.74 wa
  23. We don't have an explicit deprovisioning method available, but you can remove it from an old PC and reinstall on a new PC without any problems. Problems only arise if you keep CCleaner running on the old PC as well as the new PC for an extended period of time, or if you seem to have "new PCs" on a frequently recurring basis (ie: a support technician trying to use CCleaner Professional as a breakfix tool on multiple customer PCs, instead of using the Technician's Edition for that purpose).
  24. Are you no longer able to register your copy of CCleaner? Are you getting messages saying that your service has expired? Or that "Your CCleaner License Key is Invalid" ?
  25. @jimbodamamboking: There were a couple of different Black Friday offers available. One headlined "Up to 80% off" and was for 33%-80% off (after cashback) on 1 year of 1 PC CCleaner Professional, 3 PCs CCleaner Professional Plus or 3PC CCleaner Professional Plus Premium Support Bundle. The other was headlined "2 years for the price of one" and was for 2 years of 3PCs CCleaner Professional Plus Premium Support Bundle for the price of one year (after cashback). Both Charlie from Manila and Andrei from London supplied you with correct information - you purchased a 1 year of the 3PC CCleaner
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