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  1. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and supporting information, we have been able to isolate the scenario where this occurs. The developers have a fix for impacted users which should be in the next CCleaner release. There are some circumstances where CCleaner might legitimately "disappear" based on user preferences. If both Options > Smart Cleaning and Options > Updates are switched off then CCleaner is being instructed not to run in the background unless explicitly opened. If Options > Settings > "Run a one-time clean when you start Windows" is on, then it will wake up to clean things and then go away. I mention that for completeness - fairly certain that is not what is being described here.
  2. As previously mentioned - some users like the additional savings that can be obtained from the cashback and some prefer the simplicity of a straight discount. CCleaner does not collect or correlate information on its customers that would allow us to target offers based on predicted user preferences - so we offer both and let our customers decide which they want. If a particular offer does not appeal to you, you are of course free to wait to see some future offer suits you better. If you have received an offer recently relating to the renewal of your CCleaner Professional Plus subscription, you would notice that as well as the cashback offer on CCleaner Professional Premium, there are a couple of other options there on the offer page that you were directed to with instant (non-cashback) discounts - albeit with lesser degrees of savings. Cashback promotions generally only last for about a week. A couple of weeks after the cashback offer ends, you may receive another renewal reminder with different discounting options (including on the 2 year CCleaner Professional Premium) and no cashback.
  3. The higher level products (CCleaner Professional Plus and CCleaner Premium) do support more computers and also have more things available in them - but are priced in such as fashion as to be good value a customer wants either more stuff, or more computers covered. Case in point being CCleaner Professional Plus. That was introduced back in 2013 at around x1.5* the price of the 1 PC CCleaner Professional as a bundle that included the paid versions of Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy, but was only for 1 PC. But in 2019 we extended CCleaner Professional Plus to cover up to 3PCs (and/or Macs, for CCleaner itself) with no change in the price, to provide a better option for customers with 2-3 computers, even if the D/S/R inclusion wasn't relevant to them. If you have exactly 2 computers and don't want anything in CCleaner Professional Plus, there is nothing to stop you buying 2 separate licences for CCleaner Professional - but CCleaner Professional Plus would be cheaper. In May 2021 we brought in CCleaner Premium, which also includes 24x7 live technical support and the Kamo privacy tool, covering up to 5 computers, at around x1.5* times the price of CCleaner Professional Plus (up to 3 computers), and x2.3* times the price of the CCleaner Professional (1 PC only). So the value of the additional inclusions aside, this is still a better deal for users with multiple PCs. And for those who need it, the 24x7 live technical support is worth it, even on 1 PC. We do probably need to present the options a little better, and it does not help that these are currently bundles of products rather than fully integrated suites, but the current main stack and who they are best for: CCleaner Professional: Best if you only have 1 PC and don't want anything extra. CCleaner Professional Plus: Best if you have 2-3 PCs and/or Macs and don't want anything extra OR you have 1-3 PCs and want the extra goodies in the D/S/R bundle. CCleaner Premium: Best if you have 4-5 PCs and/or Macs OR if you have 2-5 PCs and want the Kamo privacy protection OR if you have 1-5 PCs and would find it handy to have your own 24x7 IT helpdesk. A noteworthy omission is the paid version of CCleaner for Android, which still needs to be purchased separately (since that is sold via Google Play instead of directly). We are looking to include this in CCleaner Premium at some point in the future once we can resolve the necessary cross-platform licensing shenanigans. Almost certainly not this year though, since we have the launch of CCleaner Mac 2.x and updates to the consumer versions of D/S/R ahead of that in the to-do queue. * based on USD/EUR MSRPs. Actual ratios may vary by currency and from time to time depending on promotions and sales that may be running at the time.
  4. We had a few reports of problems which which were either: Actually a case of someone removing a Windows shortcut and thinking that software had been uninstalled. Issues that seemed to be specific to particular users and that could not be reproduced with the information provided. I don't think we've seen any cases pop up for over a year now. It was interesting to note that: We didn't change anything relating to Microsoft Office temp file cleaning prior to these incidences being reported Indeed, at least one report related to a version of CCleaner that was 5+ years old We didn't change anything related to Microsoft Office temp file cleaning prior to these incidences no longer being reported. Which would lead one to conclude that something else was going on, quite possibly with OneDrive or some other third party software, that either Microsoft (or the relevant third party) has now fixed. Given the massive size of both the CCleaner and Microsoft Office user base, if there was a systemic issue with CCleaner and Microsoft Office, we would have expected to see a lot more confirmed cases. @Grumpthat said, are you experiencing any problems at the moment? If so can you provide as much detail as possible please?
  5. I can't speak to iCloud specifically, but usually if one of those cloud backup tools "helpfully" clears space on your local device, the cloud-stored version is still recoverable by syncing the relevant files back to your local drive again? Doing a regular scan will usually execute fairly quickly (my 500GB SSD found 177,000 files in just a couple of minutes). A deep scan will find more things, but lot of those will be older files that have already been at least partially overwritten. If there are files you are expecting to see at least a trace of that are not showing up at all, try checking options such as "show files found in hidden system directories" under Options > Actions. With regards to file recovery, as of version 1.53, the function of Recuva is to recover, but not repair deleted files. Note a problem if the files are in an "Excellent" recovery state, but if the contents of the files have been partially overwritten, then that portion of the content has been permanently lost and what comes back may be corrupted: In the case of photos, opening them in different image editors (that aren't too picky about corrupted files) can often get most of the image back (https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/209176787-How-can-I-recover-photos-#issues-when-trying-to-open-recovered-pictures). In the case of Microsoft office documents, anything saved as a .docx, .xlsx, etc is actually a zip archive containing a collection of xml files. Under some circumstances may be able to retrieve at least some of the contents of a corrupted file by opening them in 7zip (or your archive viewer of choice). Microsoft Office also has an "Open and Repair" option that can sometimes recover some data.
  6. @ObiWanKenobi: Options > Smart Cleaning: The CCleaner registry entries are there to store your user preferences (which you can also export via Options > Advanced > Save all settings to INI file) if you have CCleaner configured just the way you like it, and want to set up the same way on a new computer.
  7. Who told you that? You requested a refund and it was issued to your PayPal (with a confirmation email sent to you) almost a half hour before you posted this message.
  8. Usual preliminary diagnostic questions, if I may: Which OS version are you using (Windows 7SP1, Windows 10 21H1 - home vs professional vs enterprise edition, etc)? Which version of CCleaner are you using 5.82, 5.83 or 5.84? Which drivers seem to be causing the problem (or, if there are several of them, just a representative handful) Does the situation change with any of them if you reboot Windows before scanning again after the update completes?
  9. @Jenebou: CCleaner does not provide customer support over the phone. With a user base larger than the size of most countries, and ~50 supported languages that would have logistical challenges. If you email support@ccleaner.com in Dutch, they will answer in Dutch (although the autoresponder that acknowledges receipt of your request can be a bit random in its language choices sometimes). Have you tried the support website at https://support.piriform.com/ ? While the bulk of the content is in English, the most commonly accessed articles have been translated into multiple languages. In the meantime, with regards to losing logins, etc - if you are doing a Custom Clean, then be sure that you have "session" and "saved passwords" unchecked if you don't want to lose that information: If you are using HealthCheck, you can adjust the what is to be cleaned by clicking on the Privacy tab after you run the scan and before you clean: Edit: I left this in my outbox for too long and Scott got in ahead of me on the settings advice :-)
  10. If you are doing a Custom Clean, then be sure that you have "session" and "saved passwords" unchecked if you don't want to lose that information: If you are using HealthCheck, you can adjust the what is to be cleaned by clicking on the Privacy tab after you run the scan and before you clean:
  11. Note that Driver Updater may issue a "could not update drivers" if: You have an invalid Windows licence (you'd be getting a note from Microsoft every time you restart Windows, if that was the case) Some updates may require others to finish before allowing others to proceed. Can I check which version of Windows you are currently running (Windows 7 SP1, Windows 10 21H1, etc)? And do things progress more smoothly after you restart Windows? https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402564268429-I-m-having-a-problem-with-Driver-Updater-What-are-my-options
  12. @Jenebou: are you after CCleaner customer support? Contact information would be in your order confirmation - ie: support@ccleaner.com.
  13. It depends a little on what exactly you are trying to do (or not do). There is a setting to do run a one-time clean every time you start Windows that appears under Options > Settings, which you can switch on or off: There are two other settings that will have CCleaner running in the background if either of them are on. One is the automatic updates (Options > Updates > Keep CCleaner updated automatically checkbox) and the other is Smart Cleaning (Options > Smart Cleaning > Enable Smart Cleaning checkbox). If your concern is with Smart Cleaning popping up and asking what you would like to do when a browser closes, that can be solved by picking an option for the browser in question: The options available being: Alternatively, next time the "Browser Closed" pop-up appears ... ... you can instruct CCleaner as to your preferences for future occasions.
  14. Always a good idea. Note that any CCleaner build from 5.63 onwards goes through some rather rigorous security protocols before being released (hence the unusually long gap between the 5.63 and 5.64 releases while we got that built out) and anything coming out of VT is bound to be a false positive. That said, if you pick up a copy of CCleaner (or something purporting to be CCleaner) from anything other than the official www.ccleaner.com website, it would be strongly recommended to run it through VT.
  15. Updated to CC5.84 last night and didn't see anything untoward happening with focus stealing - or this morning. Although by that time the server load was a bit more reasonable. Can you remember the time of day you were seeing it jumping? Your conclusion about licence check retries seems logical - though it should not be taking focus when it does so (in theory). We'll keep an eye on this - we're currently working to make CCleaner less intrusive - not more so.
  16. @Matt78 @Bert Hogemans @Kastro At least one of the server problems seems to have eased off around 18:00 UK time and resolved as of 20:15 UK time (about 5 hours ago) and does not seem to have returned as of the time of writing this. Have you had any luck registering CCleaner since that time without it throwing connection/5xx errors at you?
  17. Indeed. There is usually quite a bit of load during launches - but it has been extremely heavy this time around. We knew that our increasing user base combined with folks getting back onto their computers after summer was going give the servers a smashing, and we already had a server upgrade planned in a couple of weeks to cope with the projected increase in volume. But it seems like things hit us sooner than expected. While this will resolve itself once the initial spike of downloads clears, we are trying to coax what we can out of our hardware to minimise impact on our users in the meantime. From the stats coming in it looks like most of our customers have been able to register their new licence keys with no issue, but some have been getting server timeouts after multiple attempts - which is of course annoying and far from experience that we're aiming for. I can only apologise for the inconvenience and frustration, and ask for you to please bear with us while we get this sorted out.
  18. We got rid of that login a year or so ago since it was just another password for people to remember and just made it harder for people to contact us while not serving any real purpose. As the most common request was people asking about their licence status, we made the self-service licence lookup rather more prominent (CCleaner.com - License Lookup) but the help request form still exists - it's linked at the bottom of every page in the FAQ guide. You can go to it directly at Submit a request – Piriform Support - but it's probably easier to just email support@piriform.com directly. That said, the issue you describe sounds consistent with the extreme load our update server has been under since launch this afternoon. I suspect you will find that it resolves itself shortly - hopefully tomorrow.. Note that the community.ccleaner.com site is a public discussion forum - and these aren't actually support tickets here (those are via the helpdesk). So nothing to close here - we leave any public help requests open and available as a resource to help the next person who might have a similar query.
  19. @katc421 I had a similar experience when trying to replicate OP's issue - but those blank 0b files turned out to be temp files rather than either the actual original or optimised versions. So your all your photos are almost certainly still in there somewhere. To help point you in the right direction, are you using Google Photos, the Samsung File Manager, the Android Gallery app, or something else to browse your photos?
  20. Seems to load fine for me and, at a glance at least, seems to render the same as in any other browser: ... although I may be a point release ahead: Version 92.1.11422.134 (Official Build) (beta) (64-bit). When you say "cannot show", is the page rendering strangely, or failing to load? Can you provide a screenshot?
  21. Just by way of a quick update on this, we have had a few cases of "disappearing" or mysteriously stopping CCleaner reported - not many, but it is an investigation priority . These are all being passed up to Level 3 support in an attempt to replicate and RCA them. So the more information we can get from any users experiencing a similar problem the better - so thanks for any details you are able to provide.
  22. Si vous devez modifier l'adresse e-mail que vous avez utilisée pour enregistrer votre copie de CCleaner Professional, vous pouvez contacter le service client à l'adresse support@ccleaner.com. If you need to change the email address that you have used to register your copy of CCleaner Professional, you can contact customer support at support@ccleaner.com.
  23. Have you tried a rollback? https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402564268429-I-m-having-a-problem-with-Driver-Updater-What-are-my-options-#1-revert-drivers-from-ccleaner-using-driver-updater
  24. So I can see that you started this subscription for CCleaner Professional back in 2018. Cleverbridge sent you your billing reminder on July 31st, with instructions on how to cancel your billing if you wish - as they do every year. On August 15th you were billed as advised and a receipt sent to you. And 7 hours after this you cancelled your subscription. While we do our best to predict our customer needs (for example, the CCleaner Professional Plus licence that you purchased back in 2019 we automatically cancelled on your behalf in 2020, even though you did not request us to do so, since we noticed that you had never used it) if you have been using one of your licenses, but no longer wish to continue your subscription going forwards, we would advise contacting customer support before you are billed, rather than afterwards. In cases like this, where you have forgotten to cancel your subscription in time, we have a fairly flexible refund policy - you can simply contact customer support at support@ccleaner.com (as mentioned on your order confirmation email) and to request a refund and cancellation of your licence. There's no need to shout, curse or threaten anyone - after you let them know, support will take care of it for you generally within 2 working days.
  25. Although we briefly had 3 year licences, the the longest period currently available for sale are 2 year licences. Although some enterprising folks buy multiple 1 year licences when they are on sale and then ask support to combine them for longer periods.
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