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  1. Do not post personal information on a public forum. Any requests relating to your CCleaner Professional subscription will be handled promptly by an email to support@ccleaner.com. If you are contacting support using an email address other than the one that you registered during your purchase, please be sure to include one or more of your licence key, your Cleverbridge order number and/or the email address that you originally used to purchase. Note that there are also self service options available. For example, checking your licenses can be done via https://www.ccleaner.com/support/license-lookup. Future subscription billing can be cancelled via Options > About > License Information > Manage Subscription inside the CCleaner product itself, or via a cancellation link that would be in your original purchase confirmation email, and also in the subscription billing reminder that you would receive from Cleverbridge approximately 2 weeks before anniversary billing occurs.
  2. I gather that Microsoft's support for 64 bit applications on ARM devices is still a work in progress: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/windows-on-arm-this-is-how-well-64-bit-emulation-is-working/ - but I note that this is the 32 bit version that you are running. I'll see if support has had similar cases.
  3. I believe that this case (and quite possibly the last one, if memory serves me) was not the accent but a change of name. CCleaner licence keys are hashed against the original registration name, so if you originally purchase as "John Smith" and then renew as "John R. Smith", the licence key will insist that you continue to use "John Smith".
  4. Downloading is always free - it is the subscription that unlocks the Pro features that you need to pay for. If you ever need to reinstall CCleaner Professional (or put it only a new computer), you can get the link from here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844-How-to-register-and-activate-CCleaner-Professional or directly from https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_ccpro. If you have Automatic Updates switched on (Options > Updates > Keep CCleaner updated automatically from the CCleaner console) then CCleaner will update itself within 12-36 hours of the new release being announced, or after you next restart CCleaner.
  5. Slack is a popular team collaboration app, which has seen even more use in the past year from people working from home. It is similar in function to Microsoft Teams, but Slack as been around longer. We use it ourselves in CCleaner. And this new Slack cleaning rule just cleared a LOT of space.
  6. If you purchase the CCleaner Professional Plus bundle there was a download link to the bundle installer (which downloads and installs all 4 utilities in one go) in your confirmation email, and also a link to the help article (https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028350711-How-many-computers-can-I-install-CCleaner-Professional-Plus-on-) on where you download the all-in-one installer for PC (https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_ccproplus) and the CCleaner Professional installer for Mac (https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_ccmacpro).
  7. This may have been mentioned in the renewal reminder email, but for additional information: Will I lose any time on my subscription if I take an offer to renew early? – Piriform Support
  8. In your email purchase confirmation from Cleverbridge there should be the contact address for customer support - support@ccleaner.com. Note that this is a service for customers with an active paid licence, so is not widely publicised on the CCleaner website. If you contact them from the email address that you used to make your purchase then this will create a support ticket which will get a receipt confirmation, followed up by a personalised response. To save some time though, if you need to recover your licence registration information (key and registered name), you can visit https://support.piriform.com/ and click on the blue "Send me my license details" button to get these sent to you instantly. Also handy would be this guide to registering your licence key: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844-How-to-register-and-activate-CCleaner-Professional. 9 times out of 10 the issue comes down to mistyping the licence key (usually entering the number "1" instead of the letter "i" or something similar). We strongly recommend copy-pasting the information from either the order confirmation email, or the licence details information you would receive from the licence lookup form.
  9. This sounds suspiciously like what we used to call the "vendor salute": (ie: "blame someone else, usually Microsoft ) That said, I would note that versions of CCleaner prior to 5.46 are no longer compatible with Windows 10 release 1809 and above. Anything above that (generally recommended to be one of the 3 latest releases for compatibility with other software on your computer) should be just fine. Last time I had that error it was a hardware problem, consider: Chksdk for disk errors Checking for RAM problems (as per Andavari, above) Checking for out of date device drivers
  10. To run with the metaphor ... A couple of driers "caught fire" and users erased more than they intended. Possibly the drier's fault ... or possibly they ran a butane bottle through the drier. As a temporary measure the "Wipe Free Space" option has been removed (as per the release notes), but will be restored in an upcoming release after investigations are complete.
  11. The CCleaner community forum website has no information about billing (and, being a public website, is not a good place to publish any personal information relating to your account). While there is information about how to manage subscriptions in the help centre off the main CCleaner website (eg: About licenses and subscriptions – Piriform Support), subscription cancellation can be accomplished with a couple of clicks either from your licence information in the product console of CCleaner, from the link in your original order confirmation email from Cleverbridge, or from the billing reminder that Cleverbridge sends ~2 weeks prior to renewal billing taking place.
  12. Piriform remains committed to CCleaner across the Windows, Android and Mac platforms. Indeed we have recently brought on additional developers to focus on the development of a major Mac release - CCleaner for Mac 2.0. (Expect to see a beta announcement in the coming months.) While the majority of CCleaner for Mac users are continuing to use it without incident on Catalina and BigSur, there are indications that a small percentage (<1%) of users seem to be having some issues relating to their individual system configurations - yes, they are having a problem. As with any other rarely-occurring issues with any software, in order for us to replicate and diagnose the nature of the issue we need feedback from impacted users with as much information as possible: product and OS versions being used, firewall and AV software that are on the computer, what system changes were made when the problems started, etc. While we are eager to help and to make our products useful to everyone, if we are given nothing to go on for investigations, attention is always going to be on developing the product to meet the needs of the majority of users.
  13. @Nykk: If you have a question relating to your CCleaner subscription, as per your order confirmation email, you can contact CCleaner customer support at support@ccleaner.com. Edit: Although I note that you already seem to have done this, as customer support had already cancelled your subscription and issued a refund before you posted this message here. (... and for your safety and privacy, please do not post personal information in a public forum)
  14. Needing to use task manager to close a notification seems a trifle excessive. Could you be more specific with regards to what reminders these are? Whether most notifications are displayed or not is configurable within CCleaner itself. And the notifications themselves would either have an X in the right-hand corner or a "no thanks", "remind me later", "skip to continue" or similar depending on whether it is a notification sent through windows, or a screen when you are in CCleaner itself. For example, the browser cleaning alerts will appear if you have set CCleaner to notify you when a browser has been closed so that you can select what action to take (or hit the X to close the window and do something about it next time). This is configured in Options > Smart Cleaning. Here you can see that I have to set to prompt to select what action to take for each browser. I can also set this to a number of other settings for each browser (to clean with or without notification, disable notification, etc)
  15. We do seem to have the majority of our Mac users on the BigSur and CCmac 1.18.30 using it without major issues. Since the 11.1 bugfix patch from Apple, the most widely reported issue for CCmac 1.18.30 on BigSur is that Apple changed the version numbering prior to release and that CCleaner reports the OS Version as MacOS X 10.16. Also that some of the graphical elements have been resized by the OS and an issue with cookies on the latest Safari version. Are you able to provide any other information regarding your system configuration so that we can try to replicate your issue. Are you on a Mac using the new M1 chip? And specific firewall, AV or other system utilities that you are using?
  16. ... and clean the vents. This goes double if you have pets. On one occasion, having left things too long, the amount of hair inside my keyboard and CPU made it seem like my cat was trying to use home technology to clone itself.
  17. Although that error message opens with "The name you have entered does not match your licence key" the rest of the text ("Please re-enter the name exactly as it was submitting at the time of purchase" gives the suggestion that the issue is with entering the name incorrectly - which can lead people down a rabbit hole of trying to retype their name when the issue is often that there is a mismatch with the licence key (typing a "1" instead of an "I", S/5, Z/2, A/4, etc). As per the link helpfully provided above, copy/pasting is strongly recommended.
  18. Note that those are not ads. The example you gave was of a loyalty discount offer in a renewal reminder related to your subscription because you are coming up to expiry at some point in the near future. From a couple of months before expiry you'd be getting a reminder about every 2 weeks - although when there is a special limited-time promotional discount available you may get 3-4 in the space of a week. If you are receiving renewal reminders more frequently than this, then (unless you are very close to your expiry date) the most common source of such overmessaging is if you have accidentally configured CCleaner to wipe the "I have already seen this message and I don't need to see it again" flag as a result of removing too many things from the cookie cleaning whitelist. The fix for this is to go to Options > Cookies in the CCleaner console, right click in "Cookies to Keep", select Import and import the cookies.txt attached here - which should resolve that problem for you. cookies.txt If you are getting other notifications relating to CCleaner having found something to clean that you don't want to be notified about, that is configurable through Options > Smart Cleaning. Those privacy settings relate to data processing rather than notifications, per se. That said, a few times a year we may offer discounts on CCleaner Professional to free users (usually as 1-3 notifications per campaign, depending on how long it is running for), and those who uncheck that "See possible upgrades and offers for our other products by sharing app-usage data with us" will generally not see most of these. If you are in the US, Piriform has not changed the price for a 1 PC licence of CCleaner Professional from US$25 since it first went on sale ~10 years ago. For users with multiple PCs, the CCleaner Professional Plus bundle for $40 was boosted to support up to 3 PCs back in May 2019. We understand that not all of our users can afford CCleaner Professional, which is why we have an ongoing commitment to always offer a free version of CCleaner, along with our other performance and privacy tools.
  19. Has everything gone from the folders installed under c:/program files? Or are some files refusing to delete because they are in use? You may need to use CCleaner Tools > Startup to kill off any start-up items related to that CD if so, before resuming folder deletion. Running the a Custom Clean may get rid of any temporary files that it has left clogging up space. And, given the age of the software that you installed, this may be an appropriate time for judicious use of the Registry Cleaner (I did this just this morning to remove some stubborn traces of RealPlayer that its uninstaller had left behind).
  20. That version of CCleaner is from 2016 and is more than 4 years old (https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history). At the time, the latest version of Chrome was 53.0.2785 and the latest versions of Chrome that are in circulation are 88.0.4324 and 89.0.4389. One of the reasons that CCleaner gets updated so often is compatibility with the changes made in new browser versions. If you have updated Chrome at any point in the past 4 years then you probably need to update your CCleaner.
  21. Case in point: A video downloader for Facebook and Instagram photo downloader with malicious intent https://decoded.avast.io/janvojtesek/backdoored-browser-extensions-hid-malicious-traffic-in-analytics-requests/ (technical analysis). This is one of the reasons why CCleaner Browser is a little more resistant to random browser extension installation. While CCleaner itself does not currently do reputational analysis on browser extensions, it does have a handy tool to review what plugins you currently have installed (Tools > Browser Plugins). We'd recommend removing anything that you may have loaded up a while ago and aren't using. CCleaner gives you a quick way to review, disable or delete browser extensions all in the one place - or you can do it manually the slow way as per https://www.ccleaner.com/knowledge/how-to-disable-or-remove-browser-extensions
  22. ... one of the main reasons being that the paid AV industry has been telling everyone that with free AV "you get what you pay for". But one might conclude that they have an ulterior motive for propagating that perception The reality is that free AV brands often outperform paid AVs in independent testing. In recent years Avast won the "top rated" protection from the industry bible AV-Comparatives in 2020, 2019, 2017 and 2015 (https://www.av-comparatives.org/awards/avast/). AVG won in 2019 and 2018 (https://www.av-comparatives.org/awards/avg/). And the free offerings from Kaspersky and Bitdefender tend to stack up pretty well too. A recent review of the free AV landscape can be found here: https://uk.pcmag.com/antivirus/120817/the-best-free-antivirus-protection So how is this possible? The business model for companies whose core offering is a free AV (Avast/AVG/Avira/etc) is the same as the business model that we have here at CCleaner - build a free product that provides value to customers such that everyone will want to use it, and the money comes in from a percentage of customers who see sufficient value to upgrade to premium features. Most people never buy, but a small percentage that do out of hundreds of millions of users starts to add up - and there aren't any channel partners asking for their share of the pie. On the other hand, companies whose core offering is a paid product may see more cash coming in the door, but most of that has to go the retailers and OEM partners that they pay to sell their software for them. Free software companies don't have those costs and can use the savings to pump more investment into making their products better instead.
  23. This pops up every now and then and usually relates to synchronising with the subscription attached to a customer's Google Play account on a new phone. More information is available here CCleaner for Android - Premium Features
  24. I was clearing viruses off Macs with Virex back in the 90s, when the primary infection vector was shareware floppies. Macs have never had the market share to make them an attractive target for most for-profit malware authors, but since generally speaking Mac owners have more money than PC owners they do present a lucrative niche for phishing, identity theft and keyloggers. Nothing I have seen in the past 15 years would suggest that it will.
  25. @mmm mmmm mmm Have you updated to CCleaner 5.77 yet? This was noted as one of the bugfixes in this release: https://www.ccleaner.com/knowledge/ccleaner-v5778448 ("Fixed a bug where the license information could be reset and lost").
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