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  1. ... one of the main reasons being that the paid AV industry has been telling everyone that with free AV "you get what you pay for". But one might conclude that they have an ulterior motive for propagating that perception The reality is that free AV brands often outperform paid AVs in independent testing. In recent years Avast won the "top rated" protection from the industry bible AV-Comparatives in 2020, 2019, 2017 and 2015 (https://www.av-comparatives.org/awards/avast/). AVG won in 2019 and 2018 (https://www.av-comparatives.org/awards/avg/). And the free offerings from Kaspersky and
  2. This pops up every now and then and usually relates to synchronising with the subscription attached to a customer's Google Play account on a new phone. More information is available here CCleaner for Android - Premium Features
  3. I was clearing viruses off Macs with Virex back in the 90s, when the primary infection vector was shareware floppies. Macs have never had the market share to make them an attractive target for most for-profit malware authors, but since generally speaking Mac owners have more money than PC owners they do present a lucrative niche for phishing, identity theft and keyloggers. Nothing I have seen in the past 15 years would suggest that it will.
  4. @mmm mmmm mmm Have you updated to CCleaner 5.77 yet? This was noted as one of the bugfixes in this release: https://www.ccleaner.com/knowledge/ccleaner-v5778448 ("Fixed a bug where the license information could be reset and lost").
  5. Just to confirm, how long before you posted this message was this screenshot taken? I believe there were some issues with the update server at launch (about 11 hours ago) but those seem to have been sorted out shortly (about 20 minutes) thereafter. If you click on "check for updates" in the bottom right hand corner of the console does it still tell you the same thing?
  6. Indeed. Can't retrospectively bugfix the older versions Also correct. As mentioned previously, there's few things to unpick around how we might best approach this, so the best solution for portable users would be, as you say, to switch off the automatic updates and stick with your previous practice of manual downloads.
  7. Depending on the path you use to update, you may be asked along the way if you wish to upgrade to CCleaner Professional, eg: If you wish simply to update then you can nope your way through that screen and continue.
  8. @Gregarious Greg: If you were simply updating a free version of CCleaner from an older version to a newer version then no licence key should be required. You update and continue merrily on your way. Can I confirm the version number of CCleaner you were using prior to updating? Did you go from 5.76 to 5.77, or from an earlier version? Also, were you on CCleaner Professional before, a CCleaner trial or CCleaner Free? Did you take the update from inside the product, or did you go to the website to download the updated version? If you are on CCleaner Free, ie: ... what i
  9. @alejack12001: are you referring to the automatic browser cleaning? What have you set as your preferred rules under Options > Smart Cleaning? Additional note: It seems that @nukecad and I answered this at the same time. Read his response - it is much more informative.
  10. Short answer: no. While we feel that the ad blocking, anti-fingerprinting, memory-saving and battery saving features of the CCleaner Browser are extremely useful, surprising all of our users with an unexpected download would not be the best way to get them to try it. Wouldn't be great for our download server traffic bill either Under the Privacy section of Health Check, after a scan you may see a suggestion to try CCleaner Browser, eg: And after you update CCleaner it may also suggest itself: Aside from that you can download it from the CCleaner website from https://w
  11. That installation option screen seems to be missing some graphical elements, which is odd. I don't think I have seen that before. It should look more like this: The second snapshot with the blank screen - was that what you saw after you clicked on install? If so then note that CCleaner loads some of the UI content from a server, and a blank screen on this second step is usually a sign that you have got CCleaner's network access blocked (either via a firewall rule or some in the hosts file). A sort-of-work-around for network-related blockages in the installer is to
  12. CCleaner removes cookies and temp files but does not inspect or touch the actual contents of files. If you have overwritten one of your Excel files somehow and you had it stored on OneDrive you may be able to recover the previous version with a right-click > version history > restore. If you are trying to recover deleted files from your local hard drive I would recommend Recuva - available as a free download from https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva.
  13. For your privacy, please do not post personal information in a public forum - especially not details relating to your licence key and subscription. Para su privacidad, no publique información personal en un foro público, especialmente los detalles relacionados con su clave de licencia y suscripción. There is a guide on how to register your licence key for CCleaner Professional here: How to register and activate CCleaner Professional – Piriform Support. Although currently this article is only in English, you can see a Spanish version here: Cómo registrarse y activar CCleaner P
  14. Cleaning up the registry may still have merit for our users on Windows 7 and below. The use case for the registry cleaner on Windows 10 is if: You have a specific problem that you are trying to resolve; or You are trying to locate and/or shred leftover registry entries from a specific piece of software that you have uninstalled from your computer When we next have a major UI refresh, the registry cleaner will likely be moving under the Tools menu to reflect that: Registry cleaning is a specific tool for a specific purpose - and not something for the regular day-to-da
  15. Also, if you have mislaid the licence key that you would have received by email after completing your order with Cleverbridge, you can retrieve it from CCleaner.com - License Lookup using the email address that you used when you purchased. Note that customers who purchase a licence key from us and then forget to use it to activation CCleaner Professional will usually get a number of registration remainder emails from us at some point afterwards that will also contain your registration information.
  16. If you complete a purchase and do not receive an email, that can mean that you input the wrong email address when purchasing. If you do get a "thankyou for your order" email but with no licence key inside then that usually means that you have not yet completed the payment - particularly if you have purchased via PayPal. Check the order confirmation email and see if it contains text something like this, starting with "Still need to submit your PayPal payment?": If so, then you still need to complete your payment authorisation with PayPal. Press that green button to lo
  17. While we did have higher customer support volume than usual last week due to a sales promotion that was running, I checked and there are no unanswered priority customer support tickets that old. When you contacted customer support you would have received a receipt that would have mentioned that: If you have an active paid CCleaner subscription, priority support means that we make every effort to prioritize your email requests and queries. It's a benefit that's not available to the free users of our products. And that: If you are a paid CCleaner subscriber, all you need to do is
  18. That sounds like it would be accomplished via secure://settings/passwords (or settings > passwords from the threedots menu), clicking on the threedots next to the Saved Passwords heading and then clicking "Export passwords" Is that what you had in mind?
  19. @samb @Kent Linkletter That sounds odd. I don't recall seeing that issue with CCleaner Browser. if, for example, you open up https://cdn-download.ccleanerbrowser.com/ccleaner_browser_setup.exe from CCleaner Browser it indicates that it downloads with no difficulties. Have you got any examples that you can provide where this is happening? Are the links http or https? Which version of CCleaner Browser are you currently using? (You can find the version number from the three dots in the top right > Help and About CCleaner Browser > About CCleaner Browser)
  20. Confirming that wouldn't be it. If an email address matches a customer with an active paid subscription the ticket goes into the priority queue; if it matches someone who purchased the Premium Technical Support plan it goes right to the front of the queue for immediate handling by the 24x7 team; and if it doesn't match a known customer a ticket is still raised (and an automatic response sent) but in the lower priority queue.* We have a number of blacklisted addresses, content patterns, and a couple of domains responsible for some rogue behaviour - but these are not bounced, but rather
  21. Thanks for this. Usually the feedback we get on overmessaging never has enough information to pinpoint a root cause - this thread has been absolute gold in that regard. Just checking, for some additional triangulation, did you have your computer on between Christmas and New Year? Did you get any overmessaging during that period about our "Boxing Day" sale that ran at the time? While again, this run of messages is due to end mid-week anyway, solving the root cause for all messages is a high priority - I'll keep this thread posted on any progress.
  22. @redbuppy: would I be correct in assuming that the January 14th notification was a little text box and the once from the 25th and 26th were more colourful ones? To confirm: Had you restored the cookies whitelist as per the cookies.txt? Do you have any other software or tools on your computer that would be cookie purging (other than the Firefox setting that you mentioned? I assume that Firefox is set as your default browser?)
  23. We used to get complaints everywhere. Getting rid of that process was by far and away the #1 ask that we had from our customers - after 9+ years of forcing our free users to go through a cumbersome manual update flow, we'd become a bit of a meme in that regard. We've made a collection of them as a reminder in case we're ever tempted to revert to that kind of thing. While my mind went first to something complicated with drive type detection, I note that there is a portable.dat in the zip files and we may be able to shape behaviour based on that. I would imagine that a common scenario
  24. @Judy C: For the more immediate issue of restoring deleted files, you can download our Recuva software for free here: https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva/download If you are using HealthCheck then after you scan, but before you clean, you can deselect the Recycle Bin, if you want to avoid cleaning that out: For custom clean there is a checkbox option: ... and also under Options > Advanced there is an option to only delete older Recycle Bin files:
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