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  1. There is no free version listed in that matrix (see below), although it is possible to download a time-limited trial of CCleaner Cloud. In short: CCleaner Business Edition is basically the same as CCleaner Professional, but with the ability to volume licence for more than 5 computers (CCleaner Professional only goes up to 5, with the Premium edition). Suitable for companies with 6+ computers wanting an unmanaged endpoint solution. Those with 5 or less should probably be using CCleaner Professional (1 PC), CCleaner Professional Plus (3 PCs) or CCleaner Professional Premium (5 PCs). CCleaner Technician is licenced for portable use on multiple machines as a breakfix tool for IT technicians. Trying to use CCleaner Professional or CCleaner Business in this fashion would be more expensive since you'd have to pay for each endpoint. CCleaner Cloud is the managed endpoint solution. If you're an IT manager with 10+ computers under management (particularly remote ones) then this is the one for you. CCleaner Free misses the paid features (software updater, driver updater, scheduled cleaning, smart cleaning, startup speed, etc) and support and is only for home use. IT managers deploying CCleaner Free on their company networks are a) software pirates and b) doing themselves a disservice for not using the CCleaner Cloud managed endpoint solution.
  2. @AlvaroS; as of the time of writing, the oldest support ticket not yet personally answered by a human agent is 32 minutes old. While a bit of a backlog can sometimes accumulate over the weekend for customers who don't have the 24x7 CCleaner Premium Support, these are generally cleared out by Monday night. Can I ask what your previous ticket numbers were so I can see what might have happened to them? (and I assume you were emailing support@ccleaner.com?)
  3. @davidbroster: I saw your support ticket ... and note that you saw that the licence had been extended while you were writing it ;-) You had purchased at 3:21pm and the licence match/extension batch run is currently running at 8:20pm (and then again at 4:30pm) so while we appreciate the thankyou note that you sent to our support team, all credit in this case belongs to the licence credit robot.
  4. @Homerj222: What file did Defender flag? Microsoft decided to take exception to the free installer of CCleaner 5.69 (although not CCleaner itself) and multiple prior versions retrospectively, but this was sorted out with them as of CCleaner 5.70 - which was released back in August 2020 (https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history) The latest free installer (CCleaner 5.85) shows as problem-free on all AV engines: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/6075fd4dc0f315f086493de9e970176ced27e1ec817c5710a647d271e4d364f1/detection Although there is a "contact us" at the bottom of each of the support articles on the website, as a paid subscriber you can also contact CCleaner customer support directly using the email address in the order confirmation email from Cleverbridge that you received on September 11th: ... or one of the other items of correspondence that you would have received from CCleaner in the months prior. If you are using CCleaner Professional, there should not have been any Defender issues with that. Sounds like it picked up an old free installer file for CCleaner 5.69 or prior that you may have still had sitting in your downloads folder from a couple of years ago?
  5. For users of the free version of CCleaner and other members of the general public, there is a link to a contact form at the bottom of each FAQ article on the CCleaner website. This placement is quite deliberate, since customer support prioritises the requests of paying customers, and so free users will generally find a solution to their problem quicker by checking the answers to common questions on the website. For paid customers, you can get to what you need with a single click. The direct contact email address for customer support was in the order confirmation email that you received from Cleverbridge when you signed up for a subscription on the 23rd of October 2020 and in the confirmation of your subscription billing that you received on the 8th of October 2021, and also in the several renewal reminder emails that you would have received prior to this date. Single-click cancelation of your subscription to prevent future billing was also available in from your original order confirmation, or from the email that you received on September 23rd 2021 advising you of your upcoming billing, ie: ... and also via Options > About > License Information > Manage Subscription inside CCleaner itself. Addition: I note that you had already contacted support for a refund at 6:40am this morning (before you posted here that you were unable to find a link to support), and received a detailed response from customer support at 7:02am - by which time your refund had already been processed. You would have had an additional confirmation of this from Cleverbridge at 7:06am. For future reference, there is no need to be abusive to the customer support team in order to obtain a refund. They know that customers sometimes forget to cancel things on time and they process refunds promptly when requested (even on weekends).
  6. You mileage may vary depending on time-of-day, day-of-week, and whether support is in peak season or not, and whether you contact CCleaner support using the same email address that you used to purchase CCleaner - but I would observe that at the moment, the oldest unanswered support enquiry is all of about 20 minutes old.
  7. When we first released the Driver Updater feature a couple of months ago there were 5 million different drivers in the database - with more added all the time since then. So the chances are that we have your devices covered.
  8. There is no explicit deprovisioning system for CCleaner Professional (that is more of a function for the managed endpoint products for larger businesses like CCleaner Cloud). However, for CCleaner Professional the licensing limits are fairly robust to the kind of scenario that you describe - if you swap out a couple of old retired computers with new ones over time, you shouldn't have any trouble. Where things can go bad is if the "retired" computers start springing back into life - so if your old machines are being sold off in an intact state then best to uninstall CCleaner Professional from them before they go to someone else. If a 1-5 seat CCleaner Professional licence seems to pop up on new computers every week (eg: it's being used as a roaming tech support tool for client computers as a one-time break-fix tool) then that is certainly going to be a problem unless you have licensed CCleaner Technicians Edition, which is specifically designed for that purpose.
  9. That does not sound like a CCleaner download filename. If you are trying to get CCleaner Professional installed onto a new laptop then, as per the help article at https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844-How-to-register-and-activate-CCleaner-Professional, you can download it directly from https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_ccpro
  10. @FRANCISCO ROMANO: Something to check to try to see where the problem may be arising, certificate-wise: If you open up your default web browser and point it at https://license-api.ccleaner.com/ does it let your computer connect, or fail, ie: or
  11. I checked and can see that you replied yesterday afternoon, so you should hear back from them soon. Error 12045 is a Windows error code, and sounds like an SSL error - which is unusual and may have something to do with your firewall settings? The case has been bumped up to Level 2 support so they may have some more detailed questions. Also: Are you using Windows 7 by any chance?
  12. Just a note for all those who follow - the corporate sales department will be more than happy to help you order a 100+ seat licence of CCleaner Cloud for a managed endpoint solution for your company network. Anything relating to home users sent to them will only be delayed as they transfer it to customer support.
  13. Although registration errors are thrown after you enter your name, the fault is usually with the entry of the license key. Check the help article here: How to register and activate CCleaner Professional – Piriform Support, but 9 times out of 10 a copy-paste of your licence key will solve the problem (if you accidentally transcribed a letter I as a the number 1, for example). If you are still have troubles, reach out to support@ccleaner.com for registration assistance.
  14. Well I cannot fault your logic there - that would indeed be a sensible place for us to put it. We are working on better help integration in upcoming releases, so it will find it's way in there eventually to save people rummaging through their correspondence from us in order to find the information.
  15. They did get back reasonably quickly. Customer raised a ticket at 02:06 Thursday morning and immediately received the answer robot response acknowledging receipt of his query and some suggested help articles. 34 minutes later he received a human response (from Lowie, who is certainly not a robot) with more comprehensive registration instructions in Spanish and an invitation to follow up if he was still having difficulties following them. The customer did not respond. @FRANCISCO ROMANO: I would suggest referring to the email from Lowie - particularly "Nota: Copie y pegue estos detalles en el cuadro de diálogo de registro. Escribirlos manualmente puede resultar en errores y un registro fallido" and if you have followed his instructions without success, reply back so that he can assist you further.
  16. @Threemoons: If you have an active paid subscription to CCleaner Premium you would have received the link to the screen shown above in your order confirmation. Or you can contact support@ccleaner.com for a priority email response. The 24x7 live chat is not available to the public or for CCleaner Professional or CCleaner Professional Plus customers: Product Price/Year PCs Suite Inclusions CCleaner Professional US$29.95 1 All paid features of CCleaner and priority support CCleaner Professional Plus US$39.95 3* + Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy CCleaner Professional Premium US$69.95 5* + Kamo and 24x7 live Premium technical support (* CCleaner Professional and CCleaner Professional Plus can be installed on a mixture of PCs and Macs. Additional tools are Windows-only)
  17. @EJToll: Usually folks with large monitors are complaining that the notifications are too small to read at high resolution (since they show up at a fixed pixel width and height). What screen resolution are you working with?
  18. That sounds like the "mid subscription" CCleaner Premium upgrade offer for CCleaner Professional Plus customers for the remaining time on their existing licence - sounds like you got offer for 18 months? Note that this is a strictly "members only" upgrade offer and is not published on the website. The CCleaner Premium bundle lets you use CCleaner on up to 5 PCs and/or Macs, Premium Support (so you can get 24x7 real-time technical support from our support team - via chat and/or remote desktop connection if you need it) and also includes Kamo for Windows. You can also buy Kamo stand-alone from https://www.ccleaner.com/kamo for €24.95. Although that is only for 12 months, would be a separate subscription and would not include the extra PC coverage or Premium Support included in the CCleaner Premium bundle. I would recommend taking the €30 offer that you were sent instead. With regards to Ad Blocking (vs cookie cleaning or fingerprint masking), that is a feature of CCleaner Browser (which is a free product available from https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/browser)
  19. @BrianS: If you can't get the download link from Cleverbridge or the license key request to work, you can also go directly to https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_ccpro. What link did you get from the licence key request email?
  20. Well true, you can use Windows uninstaller instead for the same end result (ie: it summons the Piriform uninstaller which asks if you are sure, etc): Odd, it shows for me. Which suggests that there might be something else going on with OP's computer. if someone chooses to uninstall our software at some point after they install it, then we certainly don't want to put any obstacles in their way. That said, while CCleaner (being a performance and privacy tool) has a number of use cases where someone might want to install it once to fix a specific problem and then uninstall it, Kamo (being a specialist privacy tool) only helps while it is installed and running.
  21. I would usually recommend the Tools > Uninstall feature from CCleaner as the go-to for removing software from your computer. ... and today is no exception.
  22. ... or check what you have configured on your VPN - if you are just changing your apparent location (which is fine unless you have ended up with an IP address in Iran/Syria/North Korea/etc) or if you have it configured to block apps from connecting to the internet.
  23. Just to confirm, it was 5.84 or 5.85 that was crashing? Can you remember which version number you were on prior to experiencing the crashes? And to double-confirm, it was the 5.85 version that you couldn't reinstall from before trying the slim build? The issue was during installation itself, or the install ran but CCleaner wouldn't run afterwards? I ask since there were crashes reported for some users on 5.82 - 5.84 that were fixed in 5.85, so we are investigating if there are any crash scenarios still outstanding.
  24. In a number of regions (particularly the UK/EU) banks are increasingly requiring Strong Customer Authentication (eg: a one-time passcode sent to your phone from your bank) in order to complete credit card transactions "to increase the security of electronic payments" - although it does create another potential point of failure at the banks' end for buying things online with credit cards (making alternative methods like PayPal rather more convenient in some cases). If you contact support@ccleaner.com and provide them with the email address that you used when ordering, they can confirm the status of your order - but if you never reached the "thankyou" screen and no confirmation email has been sent with your licence information then most likely the purchase was not completed and no charge was made on your card. Did this happen when you were trying to purchase from the cart inside CCleaner itself? Or via the website?
  25. A couple of possible reasons for this. One being that, due to OEM relationships between different hardware manufacturers and brands, what is under the covers is not always what is on the sticker. What are the models of the peripherals being reported vs those actually used?
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