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  1. Hi Fluffy, Great presentation; belongs in Hall of Fame. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Take care and keep 'em comin'. Warlock
  2. These are the times that try men's souls. Boy this firestorm with Java just about made me want to take this thing over to the tracks and let 150 tons of steel have its will. No, I would not be able to enjoy my good friends on this forum. And to Alan, thank you for your dissertation. I just a moment ago nuked Java so that's that. Have a good day everybody and thanks to all for your input. Warlock
  3. Hi Alan, Sorry I missed you as I had already signed off. Thanks for hopping in. I was under the impression that the entire plugin was disabled. I guess I'm not following what you are presenting to me. Any further would be appreciated. Got to go again so will check back later hopefully and with no complicated issues, aka land mines. Take care. Warlock
  4. To My Good Friends Corona and Hazel, I first became aware of this issue while checking the news on my primary E-mail. I then checked my Add/Remove list; oops wrong place to go. Then I checked my add-ons and bless Firefox's heart they had already disabled Java 7 Update 9 for me. My kind of computer help. Then I hopped on the Forum and read your posts. Please assist this poor ole dumb paranoiac with your great wisdom. Am I in good shape now or in shark-infested waters. I have to go but will certainly check back for your valued advice. Take care dear folks. Warlock
  5. Dear Hazel, I've been trying to tell everyone the net is the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse. Now perhaps they will believe me. Thanks so much for sharing this with us and it will be placed in an honored location. Warlock
  6. Hi All, Just popped in and saw some beautiful presentations. Wish I knew how to do them. Supposed to get our first dose of snow and ice tomorrow and that makes me more grumpier than Nergal ever was. Well in any event I want to wish all my dear friends on the forum a happy, safe holiday season and thank them for their wonderful contributions. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Warlock
  7. Hi All, Hope this is the place to report this. I monitor my CPU, Motherboard and Hard Drive temperatures like they were the Holy Grail. I have noticed upon updating my Speccy to version 1.19.411 a few days ago that the CPU temp was not displaying and also the Bus Speed and Rated Bus Speed little green icons were also not displaying but are now. My buddy here who helps me with issues remotely uninstalled then reinstalled Speccy ran some other tests and gave up. He did provide me with a utility for monitoring CPU temperature until this is resolved. Speccy has worked great until now. Have noticed others are having issues of various types. I have Windows XP Professional, 32 Bit, SP3 and the CPU is an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Sorry, inability to provide a snapshot but hope someone can offer some guidance in this matter. Thanks and good day to all my good friends. Warlock
  8. Hello To All, Hi back to you Login. You owe me a PM also. This must be Archie Bunker day. Alan, I can't believe you just recently got rid of those antiquated toilets and yes those are photo-electric devices. Just try to keep your mug out from it in case you're being on Candid Camera. These public toilets are a nightmare. When I was young and we would take a trip and have to stop my Dad threatened to take a flame thrower to a couple. We developed a handle called the Texaco Station Syndrome. When I was on the road I would take a little bag filled with toilet lid covers, small can of Lysol, antibacterial soap, tissues and yes a small roll of toilet paper as some would be out. I'd rather search out a wooded area to do business but know your vegetation. Hell, Grandma's outhouse was safer, just make friends with the snakes and spiders. Just yesterday I used one of the modern facilities and had a hard time figuring out how to use it. Win, I'm afraid to ask you what that is. All this makes me want to visit the litter box so I better close and write some letters. All my dear friends please have a nice day and charge it to me. :-)
  9. Hello To My Dear Friends, Can I respond collectively to all here? Hi There Win, I'm flattered by the compliment. I signed off yesterday before getting your post. Hey, it's been too long. How about dropping me a PM when you get a chance. Door's always open. Hope you were not affected adversely by Sandra up your way. I'm doing alright for an old duffer. Trying to keep the buzzards from picking my bones. That's right Dennis, you're easily found. The U.K. is the spy camera capitol of the world. Smile! Login, don't lose too much sleep over it. The U. S. Marshals are pretty good at what they do. Everybody have a nice day and I'm gone to see the Wizard. :-)
  10. My initial reaction to this policy is to Hell with "Giggle" as they, along with the government have preserved every keystroke in their secret, heavily guarded facilities. Eighteen acres of mainframes underground at Fort Meade, MD I understand. Oh well, I guess they win, I'll give up and be a good citizen. My real name is Rumpelstiltskin.
  11. Wow! Was this a popular topic. May I thank all of my good friends collectively for enlightening me? This certainly is the place to go for answers. You're all tops. Take care. Warlock
  12. Hi All, Haven't been on in a while and just ran across this post. Can a poor old illiterate member say something and my good friends are welcome to correct me. el, are you serious about this? The Mrs. and I manage to step on enough land mines to sometimes really disembowel the hard drive. I get nervous when it gets up to 6 or 7% and I head for the ole Defraggler like right now and so far it has served me well. Are we actually talking about adding more junk? It's like jumping out of a perfectly well operating aircraft. Thanks and a good day to all. Warlock
  13. Hi All, Happened to be in the neighborhood and saw your article. Clicking my middle finger just makes my screen roll up and down. I don't use it much, just displays what looks like a little bowling ball. Am I in the right park? Thanks and see you later. Warlock
  14. To my dear friends Super Fast, Andavari and Hazel, I hope you don't mind me capsulizing on your responses to my post on 09-10-2012. I'm smacking myself for not catching the obvious. Super, everything you recommended checks out When I saw the excess file item I checked and I've got godzillions because I'm a packrat. I'm going to embark on a spring cleaning and get rid of what I'm certain are old, un-needed ones going way back. I'm ashamed of not thinking of that beforehand. Thanks again to all of you. Super, your avatar kitty's eyes look like mine when the treats are brought out. Take care all. Warlock
  15. My Good Friends on the Forum, I hope this is the proper place to post since Avast is being discussed. I have the industrial strength Avast, Windows XP Professional, 32-bit, SP3, Firefox V. 15, 75GB hard drive only using about 15%, shoe size 11w. When running a scan it starts out rear wheels smoking, front end up like a AAA dragster. Then it slows down to lower k's in speed then raises and lowers to painfully slow speed. Is there some particular reason for it acting this way? Rather annoying as I have to keep an eye on CPU temps constantly. Thanks so much for any help with this and a good day to all. Warlock
  16. Hello All, I hadn't been on in a while and noticed this post. Ironically yesterday I received an Adobe notice to update Flash. Being totally ignorant with these damn computers and Adobe in particular that is so difficult to update I just backed out of it and decided to let my good friend help me with it as we can hook up remotely. I ran all of my scans and nothing that would cause heartburn appeared. Would you good folks suggest that I just let sleeping dogs lie and just keep an eye peeled for any invasion? Take care and have a good one. Warlock
  17. Hi All, Just finished upgrading CCleaner and tripped across the great posts on motorcycles started by Super. Brought back fond memories. First experience in grade school. We lived adjacent to a wooded cemetery and a friend gave me a ride on a scooter and it stayed in my blood. First year in college wern't allowed a motor vehicle but next year bought a Bridgestone 175 and had a ball. A few years later added a BSA 650 and that was a screamer. Came off it during rain due to brakes not being applied evenly and rolled down the street into a yard before the car behind got me. On way to work was waiting on oncoming traffic and noticed the BSA missing so I reved it up pretty good. Grease on the clutch handle let my hand slip and this baby shot straight up in the air throwing me off backward. It went on the auction block that day believing in third time's a charm. Still keep my endorsement after thirty years because you never know when I might get the urge. Got to go, good day to everyone. Warlock
  18. Hi Hazel, A bit rusty on my intel. Did you borrow this from MI5, Mi6 or GCHQ? Got to go, expecting company and then watch a James Bond movie. Talk to you later. Warlock
  19. Hi Fluffy, Being blue ribbon, card-carrying animal lovers I went wild over this. Going to share this with Mrs. when she gets back, will make her day as it did mine. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Take care and will cherish this. Warlock
  20. Hi All, Been a while as have had a bunch of issues. Fluffy that was great presentation. My buddy and his wife were over doing a clean on my tower and some other fixes and in between they were fingering their devices like crazy. Maybe some stock in the Windex industry would be in order. Will using the middle finger regularly get one in trouble? Oops, hope I don't get nailed for that one; mods have mercy on a feeble old man. Fluffy, I love your avatar and so do my furry ones. Drop me a PM sometime, door's always open. Take care all. Sir Warlock
  21. Warlock

    Diablo 3

    Hello All, Not replying to this topic. Just noticed today marks the second year of being a member of the Forum family. Have made a lot of great friends, learned a bit and have had a great time. That's about all I have to say about that-Forrest Gump.
  22. Hi Chrisw and Nergal, Just thought I would pop in for a minute; haven't been on for a while. I had my former CPU get fried as a fan went out before I downloaded Speccy and Defraggler, best thing I ever did. I keep them both minimized on my workbar. I monitor the CPU, Hard Drive and Motherboard using the temp ranges which I have posted right in front of me. By having both I can toggle back and forth and can monitor the Hard Drive temp through two entities. I understand there is a failsafe feature incorporated but I would like to know ahead of time. That alarm feature would be a great idea. You folks have a good evening.
  23. Thanks so much Hazel, I saw this article in our local newspaper today and was going to come on to share it with everyone. I figured you would already have a leg up on this but wanted to jump in anyway. This is serious and I wonder if ISPs will have the sense to warn all of their customers or just let them find out on the street corner. Should we start a petition to thank the F.B.I. for their efforts in this? Your thoughts on doing a vote of confidence would be appreciated. Thanks again Lady and take care. Warlock
  24. Thanks Hazel, I'm as screwed up as Hogan's Goat today. Must be the ham sandwiches yesterday. I'm logged in on one page and logged out on another so I just quit and laid down. I was going to help nodles but you did that instead. While off I decided to run MAB scan just to see what it did to convey to him. I have the free version and inadvertently clicked the download line and got the Pro. After updating the definitions it immediately went to downloading the new version so now I have it, updates and all. I had so many windows open while on the forum I was dizzy. Anyway, thanks again Lady, you're tops.
  25. Hey rr, Almost forgot, thanks for the song. First music to come out of these speakers in a long time. Except for the Windows jingle which I'm sick of. :-)
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