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  1. Hi Squire, Thanks, you too. Just laid low and polished off a couple of the Mrs. special ham sandwiches and a deviled egg. Probably have an encore performance today. Take care.
  2. Thanks so much Hazel. I give my machine its daily enema, er cleaning, I never forget MAB. I've got version 1.60 and have been wondering when a new one would be available. I hit the updates button then scan, logging the results. I see the download latest version entry but have never used it. May I assume your link corresponds to that? Thanks again for all you do for us on this forum.
  3. Hi All, To rr, I love your hate computers credo, so do I and your avatar is wonderful. To Dennis, glad you're a Boss fan, I didn't know that. Me too. Super, love your avatar. Looks like my "varmits" wanting treats. To all that celebrate Easter, hope you have a good one. To those who don't, have a good day. Elvis has left the building. :-)
  4. Hi Everyone, Just an addendum to yesterday's post. You all might already be ahead of me on this but my copy of todays Lawyers and Settlements.com reveals while not yet certified the class action lawsuits they are a-flyin' over privacy violations. Good reading if you would like to subscribe. My contribution for the day in addition to my good friends Corona and Win, the latter I'm certain was wearing that stetson during posting. LOL Take care and a good one to you.
  5. Thanks so much Hazel. Time to get some demanding, not asking letters out. Google wants to listen to background noise. They haven't heard my bag of tirades waiting just for them.
  6. Hi Win, Thank you for explaining the ingredients that went into the making of that lid. You get the fedora trophy of the month, maybe longer. As for you Dennis, John Steed brings back fond memories in the Avengers. Never missed an episode. Have a good one both of you good folks.
  7. I must have clicked on the wrong button. You gotta be kidding me. Hazel, I didn't see one example of a campaign hat. Win, if that's you in the picture I think your stetson is too tight. Oh well, this section is for anything goes it says. Please excuse me while I take an anti-hysteria pill. I'm history :-)
  8. Hi Win, Been a while and I enjoy your input on the Forum. Between it and school it sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Now, I heard they intend to cool the equipment with the pure bottled drinking water. The employees have to use the toilets for their watering holes but sometimes those blue sanitizing cakes are left in the tanks. Have a good one :-)
  9. Hi Hazel, Well, I went to bed p.o.'d and got up p.o.'d. Last night right as I was watching a devout Al Pacino flick we had a power outage. Dark does not describe it well. I simply reached over and grasped my hard hat and miner's light and took care of that. Conversation for about two hours and then we were back on thank goodness. Just had to respond to your post about the Google blackout and give you your daily hoot. Talking about guarding their "intellectual" property, try to get a peek in Fort Huachuca (The Big Ear) and Fort Meade with I understand having eighteen acres of underground mainframes. That's the Three Amigos joined at the hip. That's my contribution for the day, thanks for the post and take care. I'm history. :-)
  10. Now Login, don't be too modest. I agree about our Moderators. They are tops in my book. Always ready to be so patient and helpful. We're lucky to have them; they are un-excelled. Let's put several gold stars next to their names. Take care and have a good one.
  11. To My Good Friends Login and Andavari-Came back to check something in my post. Hope you don't mind consolidating. Good to hear from both of you. Login, you're welcome. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Andavari, you're absolutely right on both. Information is power and it can work both ways. They want us to give up and ride off into the sunset. Don't. Been a little while so both of you drop me a PM; door's always open. Take care and you two keep up the great work on the forum.
  12. Hi Everyone, Just decided to hop on for a little while. Been immersed in issues and know I've missed quite a lot from you good folks. Ran across the posts about Google ("GIGGLE") to me. Don't mean to step on any toes but I avoid it at all costs. Use Bing or anything else rather than the aforementioned. They have been in and out of trouble for too long and storing every search since its inception? Why did they feel the need to do that? You can believe your last buck they have been, are and will remain in bed with the government. You folks are probably way ahead of me on this but thought I would try to make a little contribution. I subscribe to two excellent sources--EFF.org and EPIC.org They stay on top of cyber shenanigans and are not afraid to go to court. Just my two cents worth. Computers in my book are the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse. Privacy is Dead. Well, better see what else is cooking so take care and best to all of my good friends on this great Forum.
  13. Oh, Dennis, just fess up. Instead of spy glasses you'll be carrying a lantern and your neighbors will think it's Diogenes looking for an honest man. I know when to leave. :-)
  14. Hi Everyone, May I cover several bases at once? To my good friend nodles, before I fall on my sword for my transgression within your post, I suffer from crippling arthritis in my hands. I use the Tab feature frequently which is in proximity to the Caps Lock. At times I hit it unknowingly. O.K.? :-) To my good friend Corona, I'm glad you got a hoot out of this. When others are happy, I'm happy. To my good friend Win, thank you and if that is a picture of you, you are Hollywood bound. To my good friend Dennis, thank you also. Haven't been on in a while and better peruse the Forum to try to catch up. A good day to everyone and I'm glad we're past Christmas.
  16. To My Good Friend Icedrake, Oh, now you have tread into my territory. I am a card-carrying government watching activist and have signed so many petitions on issues my fingers are bleeding. I could not wait to sign the petition you posted and will add this to my list. Thank you so much for presenting this to the Forum. We must fight these infringements vigorously. Take care and thanks again. Warlock
  17. Hi To All, Razz, just wanted to thank you so much for sharing Chuck with us. He was among the greats during my heyday. I clicked on the arrow before signing in and got a message that an error had occurred, try again later. After signing in it played perfectly but when I clicked on the "Like This" button I received a message that I had reached my quota of the day. Don't know what caused that as I had not voted on anything. Just thought I would put my two cents in. Thanks again for some terrific entertainment. Warlock
  18. Boy, all this is too much for me. By the way Alan, it's "Clowns to the left of me! Jokers to my right. Here I am stuck in the middle with you." -Bob Dylan O.K., I know when to leave. LOL Warlock
  19. Hi All, Just taking a quick break and wanted to see what is going on and contribute something. Several years ago some pals were trying to get me started and installed McAfee. I became disenchanted and wanted to install another, being Panda which was also a mistake. When I tried to uninstall McAfee it sunk its claws into me and refused to leave. Don't remember how but I finally got it out of my computer. Don't like unwelcomed guests. Got to go have a good one. Warlock
  20. Hi All, Just perusing a moment and saw this post. When I had to replace my CPU it had only the CD burner and I'm stuck with a bushel basket of the small and large floppies. Oh well, might be able to use them for something, frisby practice. May I now make my good friends green with envy? The other day the Mrs. stopped by a relocating yard sale and picked up a little used Compaq Model Q1859 18.5 in. color monitor for $10.00. Has a fifteen pin D plug so I'll have to see if it will fit or maybe a converter. Couldn't pass it up! Must go. Take care. Warlock
  21. Hello All, Would it be logical to say that both Login and Dennis are correct? Maybe I should quit while I'm not ahead. :-) Warlock
  22. Hi Dennis, Just logged on for a second and saw your post. Thanks so much for helping me out with this. I thought I was overlooking something. Great utility that Speccy. Thanks for the guidance also. That's why you're a Mod. Warlock
  23. Andavari, Thanks so much for the reply. No, I haven't changed my default font size and I wouldn't know how to go about doing it anyway. Using your instructions I will try to at least accomplish something with the avatar when I get free of an issue. Thanks again so much. Warlock
  24. WOW! I just brought up the forum and what a facelift. I hadn't mastered the previous one and now this jumped out at me. The pagepages exceed the width of my screen and I have to use the bottom scroll back and forth. Hope some help is forthcoming. I feel a headache coming on with all due respect. Take care all. Warlock My screen just went blank for a second and then back up. Probably me. Also noticed my avatar is missing.
  25. Hi All, Thanks for the replies on Google and Yahoo. Just my curious nature at work. Hope everybody is having a good holiday. Warlock
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