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  1. Hope this is the correct place to go. I have had good luck in the past with Adobe notifying me of updates. A week or so ago and again today I received a notice that Adobe Flash Player version 11.9.900.152 was available to download. I did so on both occasions declining their little door prizes that have caused me heartburn in the past. When I clicked on the download, pressed run it stated initializing and reached step 2 of 3 and that's as far as it went, not displaying any progress bar as some do. I hopped over to Add/Remove and either Adobe or MS failed to display an installation date. I LOVE installation dates as several others post them. Who has failed to do their job? I HATE folks who do not do their job. Is there some means to ascertain if it has been installed without having me to jump through hoops? I HATE jumping through hoops as I do not work for Barnum and Bailey. Any of my good friends able to extend their ideas which would be greatly appreciated. Yours, Warlock
  2. My good friend Andavari, thanks so much for the help even though you don't use this utility. Take care. Warlock
  3. My Good Friend Andavari, I went to the link you provided and viewed the instructions. May I assume that by simply clicking on the icon next to the temp and bringing up the graph that as long as it is showing movement the fan is operating. If I am correct that would be simple enough for me as I keep Speccy home page very handy. I must confess that I don't understand the various speeds demonstrated but noticed the "Rated Bus Speed" shows fluctuation while the others remain constant. Could you give me a quick nay or yay on this. Thanks so much and take care. Warlock
  4. Hi Folks, Hope it's not a case of poor eyesight but I have the current Speccy version 1.24.632 and have been trying to locate the section where the tower fan speed is reported. I've had warm up problems and like to keep vigil on temps, i.e. if fan is running. I've found it in previous versions. Then perhaps I can put my stethoscope away. Thanks for all you do for us. Warlock
  5. Hi to my dear friends Login and MTA. I'm overwhelmed by the endless generosity and giving of you folks. On page 2 now of posts. Login I had one of those ball type mouses when I first started my computer pilgrimage several years ago. Then a friend suggested I pick up an optical mouse and I have to my collection a MS and a brand new HP I just located. The optical type seems to have served me well for a long time. I always beat my doc out of an ample supply of those little alcohol wipes for dings and cleaning the entire surface of the mouse. I pitched some of the mouse pads I had in favor of one of the wife's smooth place mats which allows me to float around my desktop. I think the erratic behavior goes deeper into the host of other problems and it seems to work well after I've been on for a while. I believe it's just in need of the big enema we've been discussing. Today I can't get the search feature in the start up window to function at all. I'll just have to play around with this thing until I can find someone who can back everything up either very reasonable or better pro bono. Anyway, thanks so much for jumping in there. My goodness, the temps are almost textbook which is comforting. I have my little fan blowing into the vents. Muchas gracias and take care. Warlock
  6. Hi All, back now, going to try to answer the wonderful bundle of help given. No, el, got enough there years ago of all you can eat flesh eating members of the animal kingdom. Thanks for the concern anyway. Didn't get hardly anything in the states with all the twisters banging around. We were blessed. Hazel, long time, I'll keep that on the table for sure, thanks so much lady. Derek, no need to apologize. Speccy is the only monitor I've been using and for the HD it quotes my brand and gives 50c red. One of the idiots that handled this installed Core Temp but didn't bother, as all, to explain anything so the Avast support removed it when they were working on issues. The heatsink was overhauled almost two years ago by former pal I might mention. It seems after this has run for a while problems like the cursor acting up diminish, been working fine past few days and temps are comfortable. Now, if were to load it up that might change but doing fine as I speak. Crazy. MTA, I'll keep your suggestion on the table also, just experiment some I guess. By the way, I was mistaken previously. I downloaded SlimCleanerPlus not FixComputerPlus. I may not always be right but I'm never wrong. If I've failed to answer anyone satisfactorily just let me know. Got to finish standing down from tornado battle stations last night. Deepest thanks to all as always and take care. You're the greatest. Warlock
  7. Hello Dear Friends, can I get back to you later. We're under a tornado threat here. Love and thanks so much. Warlock
  8. Dear MTA, no guts no glory huh? Oh, si senor, please allow me to take an anti-hysteria pill before beginning. Your concern and devotion are compelling but we are on a shoestring now and purchasing components is not possible in addition to my zero abilities which I believe I have professed. Please explain in extremely simple steps how to arrive in the Safe Mode as I have never done that and I will give it a whirl. Since you threw the gauntlet down I went into my vast resources and found a program called I believe FixComputerPlus and downloaded it. Upon gearing up the wizard it failed miserably quoting some problems present. NS! O.K., I've dared to be great, what's your next offering? You're a real character Buddy but greatly appreciated. Something for you to ponder. Why don't you come to our home, we'll treat you like royalty. Plenty to do and experience my charismatic personality. Out here. Warlock
  9. To answer the last of your note, yes I thought the uninstall and reinstall would take care of the defrag issue but it's getting these folks into action after they state they will help me is the problem. I've had nothing but false prophets for some months. Just can't handle $80-90 an hour to fix this POS. Now, if I am accurate in looking up the info the heat ranges for the CPU is 49-65C, Motherboard room temperature, and the Hard Drive 35-60C. However, according to the info in Speccy 50C is the redline. I keep Speccy handy down on the taskbar of my monitor and toggle or leave it displayed during high levels of anxiety :-) Got to do something, as I type it's acting up, stopping and cursor skipping randomly. So weary of treading water. I think of Straight Story with Richard Farnsworth who solves his problem with some gas and a shotgun. I'm really grateful for you hanging in there with me on this. Thanks old friend. Warlock
  10. Dear MTA, I monitor the temps constantly with Speccy. What I want to know is can I run Defraggler until the temps reach uncomfortable levels, turn the computer completely off to cool, then re-start the process, defrag some more and repeat this until finished. In other words do the defrag in increments, however long shutting it off and on until the defrag is either complete or nearly complete. I'm certain some of my problems as I understand could very well be occurring due to heavy defragmentation. I hope I've explained what I thought of doing is clear. I'm working today to round up someone who can not only back up my hard drive which is 75Gb and then we can do an uninstall and reinstall and they will know how to put everything needed back into my system. Thanks so much again for your kind help. Take care my friend and let me know your thoughts on my scheme. Warlock
  11. Dear MTA, yes, you have succeeded in scaring me to death. Think I'm going to leave this to a pro in my state of mind right now. But thanks so much anyway. To Derek, on the defragging issue earlier, and I'm trying not to confuse you and myself. As I suffer this heating problem, can I run Defraggler until the temps reach unsafe level, exit the process, turn the machine completely off to cool, then start the Defraggler up again to finish the job. I would like to do a complete defrag if possible. Mowing my yard and not trimming is not in my Constitution. Thanks so much again. Warlock
  12. Huge thanks to my good friends Derek, Andavari and MTA for jumping in to help me. This system has driven me nuts. A couple of reputable sources have stated that the poor performance, i.e. slow loading, erratic behavior could best be solved by a complete uninstall and reinstall of my Windows XP Professional Home SP3 but I for sure need to back up everything first. However, don't have the means to do it right now with respect to equipment and most of all knowledge. I'm working on both as we speak. Thanks so much again for the tips and you folks take care. Warlock
  13. Hello All, Been on and off line for months due to Computer System From Hell and its handlers but won't bore you with details. First of all would welcome opinions on using Defraggler as opposed to Windows Defrag feature. Have to watch this thing constantly due to overheating and other issues. Is one faster than the other? I have been told by a recently unreliable source in a shop that stopping and starting the degrag process only increases defragmentation. I was doing this due to aforementioned heating problem as cannot afford a new component. Also last analysis displayed 23% from Defraggler and running Windows analysis indicated defrag not needed at this time. I'm near making this thing into a boat anchor. Any help from my dear friends would be greatly appreciated as always. Take care. Warlock
  14. Hi Everyone, A guy just doesn't know how many dear friends he has sometimes. Kroozer, long time no hear from. I was just thinking of what you said. I had a couple of those vacs at one time but have no idea where there are. Coincidence. Once again, thanks so much to all of you for devoting the time to help this poor old dumb guy. Oh, oh, another country heard from looking over my shoulder. The Mrs. said I've got enough hot air to clean every computer in the county. Just what I needed. Will probably be off line for a few days due to A.V. and other issues. I'll share what happens with you good folks. Take care everyone and my heartfelt thanks to all. Warlock
  15. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the great responses if I may answer collectively. Andavari, I spoke with the folks where I got the compressed air and a couple of pros and they stated that as long as I don't tilt the can I can avoid any liquid or freezing. login, all my brushes are clean as a whistle with no material of any kind on them, fresh in the pack and various sizes and shapes. mta I have one of those compressors like you have but have no air gun attachment, only one for tire inflation. And it would be impossible to use it anyway as it's outside in the garage somewhere and would be a major project to use even if I had the proper attachment. I know one thing I'm going to have to do something before too long or this thing will be a crispy critter. Watching the temps as I speak. This is indeed Mission Impossible. Perhaps in the final analysis I'll just have to make a command decision taking into consideration all the wonderful contributions by you folks. Can't do anything at the recommendation of the engineer at Avast who is going to hook up with me and download the Avast Free and fix some other problems shortly since I have the support package from them. He stated to hold off on any cleaning until that is accomplished. Take care and if you all think of anything else please drop it in my lap. Thanks again, you're all terrific. Warlock
  16. Hi login, Thanks so much for the great advice. I think I've got about all of the points you kind enough to provide. I'm not crazy about using the compressed air but I suppose it fits in the scheme of things. Concerned about blowing more debris on top of debris and I am not blessed with a special computer vacuum, only a conventional one. Is it absolutely necessary to use a natural hair type of brush? I'm loaded with a variety of brushes of different sizes that I had planned to use and taping the metal band that holds the bristles and handle together to avoid conductivity. I have never dreaded anything more than attempting this for fear of messing something up and then I am out of business. I know this is so elementary for most but I'm a late bloomer in this business. Had the * * * that was paid to do this actually fulfilled the obligation I wouldn't be wasting yours, others and my time. Thanks again and will hop off with much thanks as always and receptive to anything else you might add, I'm very grateful. Take care old friend. Warlock
  17. I hope this is the proper place for this. I have been trying to address the cleaning of my tower for some time but issues have caused delays. In researching for help from some great folks on the forum and others I have been told to by some to blow the compressed air from the inside out and others say to blow from the outside in to spray the face of the fan blades. This has been a real challenge for me and hope this isn't too dumb a question. Thanks so much for any input and appreciate any and all help on this. Warlock
  18. I still haven't had the opportunity due to issues to experiment with Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3 defrag. Before attempting a comparison I wanted to ask my dear friends if there is a way to cut down on defrag time as have heating problem. I've trimmed some of my saved files to shorten the stuff that is scanned. Can free space for example be excluded from defragging in either to shorten the time for the process. Would appreciate greatly any suggestions. Take care all. Warlock
  19. Hi login, That sounds like the path to follow. As long as I get automatic updates which I have on a regular basis and not engendering any problems I think we can call it a day. Thanks once again and take care. Your friend, Warlock
  20. My Good Friend Nergal, Just wanted to drop a line to let you know that out of habit I ran Defraggler and it seems to be moving along well enough. I will, however when past some other issues try the one you suggested on Windows just to see how it compares to the aforementioned. Just wanted to stay in touch and thank you once again for your kind gesture. I'll let you know what happens. Fair enough? Take care as always. Warlock
  21. Hi login, got your message and thanks so much again for your willingness to stay with me on this. I haven't had an opportunity to call MS as I stated earlier to see what they have to say. I will try the link that you gave and see what happens. It may be a bit before getting back to you as some other issues are nagging me. I did want to answer about the shield. It disappeared into cyberspace I guess. Hopefully we can put this to rest so you can take care of other things I'm certain are on your plate. Is this satisfactory with you? Hope so and thank you once again old friend. Do take care. Warlock
  22. Hi Everyone, Didn't mean to bring a firestorm down over this update business and bless all for jumping in. If it helps any I have I.E. 8.0.6001.18702 at the present. I have Firefox v22 as my browser. I have always tried to avoid having anything to do with I.E.if I can possibly avoid it due to their security holes I believed has been determined. I use Bing to do any searching. As I stated I have automatic updates set and have received them regularly in the past. As recent as 07-10-2013 I received a handful of updates. It's just this recent display of the shield indicating downloads were in progress but showed 0% when I placed the cursor over the icon. I was in touch with MS a while back over an account for support and they provided a toll free number to call. I just may call and see what they have to say just to play the devil's advocate. Does that sound like a trail to follow? I haven't experienced any problems thus far so something must be protecting me. If all else I can use this machine for a boat anchor or better sit in the middle of the highway. That will put it out of its misery. LOL Thanks again everyone for your helping hands and if you think of anything else my door's always open. Take care. Warlock
  23. Hi login, No, I have Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3 here, not Vista. Sounds like we both have the same OS. Before getting back I tried the steps you gave. As usual MS ran me around the mulberry bush. When I clicked on "Windows Update" a window appeared asking me if I wanted to make IE my default browser to which I answered "No". Then a window displayed wanting me to o.k. an add-on "Microsoft Update" evidently to allow an "Active X" control to proceed. Is this safe? I should add I tried checking the Add/Remove section which usually shows the downloaded updates. I had a phone service problem around the time I got the gold shield in my registry which may have some bearing on all of this. This is out of control and I'm certainly not blaming you. All I want is to see if I have received all updates necessary which I have set to do automatically. I hope this helps you understand better. See why I'm nuts all the time with this thing? Thanks again and hope this isn't putting you out too much over this. Yours, and will check back after a break. Warlock
  24. Hi login, It's been a while, good to hear from you and thank you for jumping in to help. Did I understand that by following the steps given it will advise me if the updates were successful or is this just the method for obtaining necessary updates. I'm still a little confused with respect to this, sorry. Would appreciate a little clarification. Take care my friend. Warlock
  25. To My Good Friends, I'm sorry but I've drawn a complete blank today with issues going on. Somehow I had a service interruption and everything went awry. Received error messages "Couldn't find server" and slowness in loading. Called the provider and they helped with restoring. What is troubling me is that I noticed the yellow shield in the registry that MS was downloading updates which I have selected the automatic mode to accomplish. When I placed the cursor on the shield it showed 0% and that's all. Usually it shows the progress but today not. I have completely forgot how to check on updates other than going to Add/Remove where it displays the date updates were installed and that's it. Could you please give me simple, step by step instructions on what to do next. This is probably so minor and boring but the old noodle is not firing. Thanks so much in advance as I am so grateful. Warlock
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