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  1. Well now, I have certainly been deluged by my great friends on this issue. May I thank in addition to Nergal my good friends Dennis and Alan for jumping in on my problem. You're terrific and I thank you so much for clarifying. Just had to step on another land mine before signing on and it looks like I will have to move on over to another section and ask for some more much needed help so please watch for me in Windows Security. It never ends. Thanks again guys so much and take care. Warlock
  2. My good friend Nergal, Thank you so much for your kind and prompt reply. Apologies, I felt something was not quite complete after I wrote. I have Windows XP Professional 32-bit SP3 to be more specific. The pause in Defraggler I referred to occurs predominantly around 67% point but has occurred at times at other stages in the process. The stoppage usually lasts for a few minutes then moves on. You'll think I've lost my senses but sometimes tapping the "Pause" then "Resume" I've noticed starts the process along. Probably just me in my crazy relationship with this computer from H*** Read my Interests and those of rridgely. Something else I forgot to mention. I have a 75G hard drive divided with "C" having 70G and a "Q" portion having 5G. Bear in mind someone set all this up for me and stated to pay no attention to the "Q" sector as it only dealt with recovery if I remember correctly and I should not be concerned. I'm not certain if that should be defragged or not, am at such a loss. I hope I have explained things adequately and would appreciate any further thoughts from you. Thanks so much once again for devoting the time to me. Greatly appreciated. Warlock
  3. To My Good Friends on the Forum, I checked around here first but could not find what I needed. I am a devout Defraggler user and have been pleased with it thus far except for some reason it likes to take a coffee break usually around 67% accomplished. Shamefully I just noticed that my system Windows Professional w/SP3 has a defrag feature. Do you folks recommend one over the other? I wanted to get some ideas before attempting to use it. Would appreciate any thoughts from you when you get a minute. Take care and thanks so much to all. Warlock
  4. Great post Hazel, thank you for sharing it with us. I'm with Andavari, let's retreat to the past. Just cost my brother-in-law $450.00 to repair chips and had to tear half the engine out to access them. I've already said computers in whatever form or application represents the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse. Everyone take care. Warlock
  5. At the onset I want to express my deepest thanks and appreciation to all my dear friends on the forum for responding to my post on July 20, 2013 concerning the Java Deployment Toolkit issue. I neglected to mention that I have Windows XP Professional 32 Bit SP3 and Firefox Version 22. I do not engage in any gaming and certainly do no banking over the net which I understand is the primary entity for such activities. I also failed to mention that when I go to Tools, Add-on Manager it lists the various plugins which I had no part in their installation and that was where the notice showed that the above had been blocked by Firefox. However, when one presses "Check to see if plugins are up to date", it indicates that the plugin is in fact up to date which is slightly confusing. I did attempt in addition to contact Mozilla but have yet to hear back from them and that could be due to user and password issues that I have had with them previously. While Dennis's kind inclusion of a link to remove Java I feel I must with all due respect be straightforward as all are aware by now, that it falls into my complete lack of computer knowledge and hope he is not offended in any way. My constant dread and fear that if something goes awry and causes a problem I would have no way to seek assistance to correct any issues. You good folks are so adept in what you do and are able to communicate back and forth, I am not and should the computer become fouled up I would have no where to go. It is very troubling to experience this ineptness. It is indeed a marriage made in * * * * I was hoping for a simple, click on this or that to remedy the problem I presented but apparently it is not forthcoming. Since I have not experienced any difficulties with the plug-in would it be wise under the circumstances to for now just let sleeping dogs lie? Once again I am so grateful to all of you who have devoted their time and efforts to try to help me, hoping you understand. You're the greatest friends one could hope for. In closing I would like to state should you have anything further concerning this I would welcome it with open arms. Thank you all so much again. Warlock
  6. Look out, fasten your seat belts I'm going technical today and hope this is the correct place for this. Thank goodness for Firefox, they get a gold star from me today. In checking to see if my addons were up to date there was a notice that Java Deployment Toolkit (Click To Play) Version was blocked for usage on July 18, 2013. I read further at the item location and also checked the forum and the net for greater understanding. In the final analysis I don't have a clue as to what it is, what is going on and as I state my location, lost in space. One source during research said even though it was blocked it made no difference. Another stated if it was disabled it made no difference. I decided to notify and present this issue to my good friends here in the hopes of obtaining some advice on what to do. Please remember my abilities are so far below zero there's no measurement. In other words please K.I.S.S. Thanks so much everyone and have a good day. Warlock
  7. Dear Hazel, It is indeed ironic when I logged on that I saw your post and just had to comment. Only yesterday while rooting around the house looking for some items we found two of the old huge phones that we obtained years ago when our budget allowed buying them and signing up for the service. As you probably know the first ones available were thousands and only the well off could afford them. Driving around locally and on a long trip without any communications was frightening. While I was into Amateur Radio (Ham) one had to look up repeaters to contact someone in an emergency. Anyway, finding these relics brought back fond memories and we wouldn't think of throwing them away even though we're not connected anymore. I don't know if like the contemporary cell phones one still has the ability to dial 911 even though ones service is disconnected. Some time when I have nothing else to do which is unlikely I may try to find the charger for these old phones and give it whirl. The local law enforcement agencies here are usually very kind to allow one to run a test by dialing 911 but you certainly don't want to tie that up very long at all for obvious reasons. Just my nickels worth on your post and thanks so much for sharing this with us. Have a good one. Warlock
  8. Hi Folks, I have been following this also and posted on it. One would think they would offer some simple instructions on how to use this cute little feature. I guess it's not done automatically as not everyone is concerned about having it in their registry. Glad I've got Speccy to rely on until this gets sorted out. Did I say I hate computers at some point? Take care all. Warlock
  9. Well now Fluffy, I'm certain that's the way to do it. Instead of a lively, frank discussion just shower one with poetry. Just ribbing you a bit but you already know that. Poetry soothes the soul. I'll have to look up Byron's work and get the entire works. Good to hear from you and give that kitty a hug from us. Your friend, Warlock
  10. Hi Dennis, I'll teach that bird to fire a missile at me. No response yet. Maybe he's pondering what I said and at a loss for words or maybe he's too busy feeding his beloved kitty. We'll see. Good to hear from you as always. Warlock
  11. And good day to you my dear friend Fluffy. I must confess that the last thing I expected from you was reaching down into your quiver and firing an arrow at me. Have I done something inadvertently to offend you? Your comment with respect to my posting of improved download speed leaves me no choice but to respond. I will enter into a pact with you. I will work on accelerating my brain if you will in turn apply the brakes to your pie hole in the future. Please let me know if this is acceptable. You know of course I'm only kidding old friend. Perhaps with your continued help I can increase the rpms somewhat which I confess are pitifully low. Take care and have a good day and take care of that precious little cat Your friend, Warlock
  12. As most of you know Speccy just came out with an update of 1.22.536 which I immediately downloaded. I clicked on the Release Notes and saw where there was something about placing temp info in the registry but was not able to discover in depth what that meant and how it works. Searching around was not productive. Could my good friends give me a little insight into this new feature? Thanks and I would be most appreciative. A good day to all of you fine folks as always. Warlock
  13. Well, must be my birthday received three gifts, one improper for this section. After enduring a long time without CPU temp reporting with the previous version, Speccy 1.22.535 I recently installed now displays the temp so I don't have to rely on some separate utility installed by a former friend. After I take care of some other matters I would like to call upon my good friends to discuss CPU, Motherboard and Hard Drive readings that I researched to see if I'm on track. The other gift, if I may, was my ISP finally after a lot of complaining made some improvements with my download speed and I'm now getting 4800kbps instead of 90. Have a good day everyone. Warlock
  14. Good God, I didn't mean to open a can of worms with just a gesture of appreciation. Oh, dem bones in the closet are rattling. While the beans are being spilled let's everyone fess up to everything. Being a Notary I will now swear everyone in. Get your Good Book out and raise your right hand now please. This is great stuff but I'm out of here. Everyone have a good day, love you all. Warlock
  15. Since the topic was closed I had no way to exercise this and hope this is permissible. Huge thanks to our great Moderators Dennis and Hazel for nailing the question of a safe site yesterday by jalo. I saw the post and came within a hair of clicking on it to see what it offered as I am a security junkie. What would we do without the vigilance of these wonderful folks. They're first rate in my book. Have a good one all. Warlock
  16. Are we ever going to see any reduction in this cloak and dagger business in our lifetimes? I've got it, let's start having some fun and train our spyglasses and cameras on every black station wagon and unmarked sedan. Does that ever make them have a B.M., you bet it does. Just love to tug on chains. What's my name? Bond, James Bond. Thanks for sharing this with us Win.
  17. I guess this "Giggle" Glass thing hasn't died on the vine yet so thought I would sneak in and water the plant. It is the Lounge. Last night was doing a little "Treking" for nostagia. Saw Levar Burton who protrays Lt Cmdr Geordi LaForge-Helmsman, Chief Engineer and eventually Captain wearing his wraparound shades. He had a legitimate reason for wearing those as was naturally blind in the series. Just wondering if such eyewear is on Giggle's drawing board. Where no man has gone before. Mr. Sulu, plot a course and get me out of here :-) Take care all. Warlock
  18. Just when I was about to tell everybody to put their seat belts and hard hats on that I had breaking news I ran across this. Still a late bloomer. I get newsletters from askbobrankin.com and on 03-16-13 he had an article about "Giggle" Glass. Maybe the cold is affecting my brain but he puts a different slant on this new wrinkle and it sounds more like some cloak and dagger operation and privacy concerns are paramount. If that's the case I'll be watching you birds wearing those things as I'm a privacy/security junkie. Just IMHO, did I get that correctly? I'm only on here due to the great folks at Avast! They bailed me out with a fast phone call, remote hookup and all is well, bless their hearts. By the way rridgely, nobody hates computers more than I. Everybody have a good one, you're tops. Warlock
  19. Hi Andavari, Thanks so much for the assist. I'll give it a whirl. I think my notifications issue got straightened out as I received a heads up in my primary e-mail account of your reply. Thanks again and do take care. Warlock
  20. Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary over . . . command of this machine. I received a host of Microsoft Updates yesterday having my setttings to receive automatically. I like to see what they are by visiting the Add/Remove. The right hand column mostly reveals date installed which may be quite some time ago or none at all. What must I do to ensure they were absorbed. Would any of my good friends offer some guidance and I beg of you to explain in the simplest of terms. Thanks and take care. WindowsXP Professional Home v2002 SP3. As luck would have it, I inadvertently clicked on the button to "Unfollow Topic" when I have my settings to notify me. Can someone bail me out of this? I'm outa here :-(
  21. To My Good Friends Andavari and Login, I just popped in to hopefully peruse around the forum and answer PM's and saw this post. Just when I was about to grasp Avast v7 they sent me v8 with a whole different facelift. The homepage was changed so much and when I tried to run a Quick Scan I clicked on the homepage and pressed the wrong tab and discovered it was set up by default. When I tried to run a Full Scan it would only do a Quick Scan. It drove me nuts for a few days so I contacted Support for help when the Help section in the program failed to explain in enough detail how to run the various scans. They got right back to me and explained how to get to the list of scan options and I was straightened out. Amounted to just some different fancy footwork due to the new version. Another case of when I finally learned the answers they changed the questions as the old adage says. My approach is not to go pressing this and that before finding out what happens. I see you have the same setup as I Login which is ironic. Didn't mean to be so long-winded but thought I would make some contribution I guess. Take care my friends and thanks for all you do on this forum. Warlock
  22. Hi Everyone, I hope I don't muck things up by an addition to my post. I'm glad there was input to my query about this UPnP issue. I was trying to understand what Bob Rankin was presenting and it seemed to me that he was conveying what it can do to you if miscreants abuse this entity. It's a great little newsletter. I didn't run any tests, just left things alone as don't have the Midas Touch by any stretch. I called my ISP on another support matter last night and while I had the rep on the phone over in India he stated he was aware of this issue and they have already something in place to protect customers. He told me not to be concerned. As long as I keep my security programs updated and don't see any red flags or smoke rising from my computer I should be able to rest easy with the type of operating I do which is simple, no fancy dancing like some folks. So I didn't do anything, believing firmly in if there's no problem don't try to fix it. Is that on track or clear as mud as they say? If I'm bouncing off the wall just let me know my good friends. My skin isn't thin and I can take constructive criticism being your humble illiterate member. Got to scoot over to another area so take care everybody and thanks so much for your valued contributions as always. Will check back later. :-) Warlock
  23. Hello Folks, I subscribe to a newsletter that offers articles in general, tips and notifications. It's entitled "Ask Bob Rankin". In today's edition the author presented an article about UPnP vulnerability and it sounded quite nasty. Homeland Security was in on the act. It offered some sites one could go to to run tests to see if you were or were not vulnerable to attacks even through your firewall and provider. I've checked around the forum and didn't see any mention of this and I was wondering if anyone has heard of this issue and if I should start heading toward the panic button. I'll have to check back later for any responses and my sincere thanks and appreciation to all for any input. Have a good one. Warlock
  24. Hi Everyone, Was in the neighborhood and thought I would say hello. I'm glad my good friends enjoyed my family album entry or perhaps I should label that one as a war tale. I've accumulated a lot of experiences in my lifetime and I'll be glad to share some more from time to time just to lighten things up and get your minds off that tech stuff. LOL Take care and hope everybody has a good weekend. Looks like some snow on the way for us. Ugh! Warlock
  25. Hello Everyone, I stumbled upon this and just had to share an incident of years ago remembering an earlier post by Hazel. I have a heating issue with my CPU temps and got a small internal fan installed with a small external fan blowing into the intake grill. My Father, an engineer was a brilliant person. When I was young a/c was unheard of so he built a whole house fan in the attic. The blades on this thing would fit a C130 Hercules. Dad drew up diagrams of the house and specific instructions to follow concerning what windows and doors were to be left open and closed to follow explicity to cool the entire two story house. Well, one day my Mother failed to follow one step in the procedure and in doing so literally lifted the linoleum up off the kitchen floor. That's how powerful this rig was. You don't want to hear the exchange when Dad got home that day. Just my two cents on this post. Have a good one all. Warlock
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