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  1. Hi Andavari, Haven't talked with you since it was snowing. Just took a little break from some paperwork and decided to prowl around a little on the Forum for relaxation. I ran across your post and it brought back memories of how the Mrs. and I found a little bird while out and about. We also put it in the shade as it probably was suffering the same. We into a nearby store and an employee brought out some water and bread crumbs. After a bit it got to feeling better and flew off. I have only one thing to say. Anyone with a heart like yours is in our hearts as we're card-carrying animals lovers. You walk with God. Warlock
  2. Hello All, Second dumb question of the day. First on Speccy earlier. I noticed that Yahoo and Google seem to have a permanent seat at the User's Table. Are they continually plugged in monitoring the Forum and for what reason? Will check back in a few days to see if any replies. Thanks and have a good day. Warlock
  3. Hello All, I know you have been waiting for the dumbest question of the day so here it is. I have Speccy, latest version, and I thought somewhere contained therein listed one's browser, to wit: FireFox. Maybe my eyes are going bad but I cannot locate it. Would appreciate a little guidance on this. May be a few days before checking back for replies. Good day to all. Warlock
  4. You people got to be kidding me over this Mini Mac. I have trouble with my standard sized keyboard and my big fingers. To operate Mini I would have to use a sewing needle, magnifying glass and a signal beacon/receiver to locate its whereabouts. Now don't beat up on me too much for being such a critic. :-) Still friends?
  5. Hazel, a big vote of thanks for the vigilance on scams such as these. I could have been one of the suckers. Thanks again for your valuable contributions and looking over us.
  6. Warlock


    Wish I were able to check the forum more often but my laundry list never seems to get smaller and I almost missed this. I'd like to join the others in welcoming Dennis back. Didn't realize the absence had been so long. Good to have you back with us.
  7. Warlock


    Hi Folks, Just relaxing for a moment. Been hectic. Can you imagine this planet without animals, occupied only by homo sapiens. Speaking of which, one of mine, kitty, thinks he can type. Have a good one.
  8. Seeing the penguins was wonderful but the videos reminded me of an incident in the past. I have been Best Man for so many folks I've lost count. My organization skills I suppose. Have a drawer full of garters that all made sure I received for my efforts. I was asked to make a small speech before a gigantic crowd prior to the minister officiating stepped up. The bride and groom who was wearing a black tux and white shirt were standing in their honored positions. Not knowing the microphone had already been turned on in front of a huge gathering I blurted out to the beautiful bride "Are you really going to marry this penguin?" The crowd went crazy. Talk about embarrassment to the highest level. As soon as I could I went into seclusion in an empty room and broke out the emergency flask inserting it in between both feet in the mouth. Still got the garter though.
  9. Warlock


    I have every one of Piriform's utilities. Fortunately I have not had to use Recuva todate. I am particularly fond of Speccy. Before downloading it tragedy struck on a prior CPU when the fan stopped functioning and it fried a major component. Before I hit the first key I run all of my scans to make sure nothing has happened overnight. This includes Speccy and I keep an eye on the temperature guages to make sure the readings are within limits. It's also great to have a complete run down of what is in my computer. Hats off to Speccy and thank you Piriform.
  10. I've been watching the news of this off and on. One doesn't expect events such as this in countries such as Norway. When even one person dies under these circumstances it is horrible. When so many are involved there are no words to describe these occurrences. We'd like to join Hazel, Win and Login and offer up our prayers to all during such devastating times.
  11. Warlock

    Golf claps

    Hello All, Just perusing and landed here. You dear folks never fail to amaze me. You are so able and diversified. I've piddled with many activities in my lifetime; jack of all trades, master of none some of my friends have quipped. I've delivered three babies, prevented eight attempted suicides, flown a plane, flown, not took off or landed, among others. Now, my question is this: Is there a World Cup for "Sometimes I Sits and Thinks, Sometimes I Just Sits." :-) Have a good one.
  12. I just had to add my two cents to this. My old First Sergeant in the military often said as he gazed upon the picture of Excalibur on his office wall--Poking through my mail is the short cut to broken arms. I have to go along with him as nothing infuriates me more than tippy toeing through my mail, electronic or traditional. But I am going to try to abide by Hazel's credo of "Try to stay calm." All of you good folks above are causing me to reach for an anti-hysteria pill. Take care my dear friends.
  13. To All My Dear Friends Alan, Win and Hazel, Thank all of you so much for coming to my aid so promptly. You're the greatest. I have preserved all of your responses with my printer. Alan, I had no idea so much trouble could accompany Panda. Yes, they are cuddly and I'm having mixed feelings about parting later with "My Bear" as, I referred to it, excepting support has served me well for several years. Win, thank you for the picture. We are card-carrying animal lovers and it is precious. Hazel, thank you for the link but I have written, called and sent up carrier pigeons to communicate with Panda to no avail. They want to grab your money and brush you off. They've got a real problem. Barring any interference I believe my good friend here who is a computer tech by trade is going to help me make the transition. It is just too much for me to bite off and your posts prove that out. He uses Avast also which I think I'm going to so he'll know just what to do when the time comes. In the meantime, I can't find the words to express my gratefulness to all of you. I just wish there was something I could do for you in return. Take care and I'll be around. Your friend, Warlock
  14. I see by the survey that Panda is not well received but I am stuck with it until October, 2011. Divorce papers have been filed. Their support sucks and for what I paid is outrageous. I can't even log in receiving false error messages stating my password is invalid. I was wondering if any of my good friends on the Forum that have also been foolish and have Panda IS 2011 could contact me for help since Panda chooses not to. Thanks so much and I eagerly await a response. Warlock
  15. Hiya Back To You Win, Thank you for speedy response and hope you are fine today. Now I have a better understanding of what you two were discussing. These acronyms throw me for a loop when you're not in the loop. Does that make sense? IB is an interesting concept. I read both links and the second cracked me up. There's never a dull moment with you and Ishan around. Well, got a crisis in the making. The Mrs. just called with car problems. Take care and hope to hear from you again. Your friend, Warlock
  16. Hi Ishan, I was just briefly checking the forum Lounge only to see if anyone is talking about me behind my back. Just kidding. I apologize for not replying but have been under the weather literally and figuratively lately. You and win have succeeded in confusing me, which is not that hard these days. You were speaking about giving examinations. I thought you were finishing up with school but perhaps I misunderstood. Could you clarify what you're up to? PM if you're more comfortable. I'll be on just for a short time. Take care buddy. Warlock
  17. Hi Win, I was just about to close out when I saw your note. It was good to hear from you. Thank you for substantiating my bold statement. I may not always be right but I'm never wrong. Classic statement from my old First Sergeant in the military :-) Haven't had the pleasure of chatting with you too often due to issues. You offer a great deal to this forum I noticed. Wish I had a sliver of what you folks possess. Feel free to drop me a PM when you're not too busy. My brother lives up there in your neck of the woods. Can't begin to pronounce the name of the town. Well, I'll hop off and give myself a break. Was catching up on mail and giving my machine an enema as I have been ill so I'll wish you a happy Easter. Take care. Your friend, Warlock
  18. To My Little Buddy Ishan, Could I, being a humble neophyte member of the family offer a tidbit concerning the etymology of Piriform's CCleaner? It seems around the time I joined I read somewhere that it was originally referred to as "Crap Cleaner." However, in an attempt to be socially correct and clean that up so as not to offend it was altered to read "CCleaner." I am of course not adverse to being corrected on this. Take care and a good day to you. Your friend, Warlock
  19. Hi Hazel, Been away from the machine for a few days and while trying to catch up I ran across the doggies. Yep, that's me alright. Only thing is my table manners are so bad my wife has to put a bed sheet around me instead of using a standard napkin. Being card carrying animal lovers we went bonkers over this. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Now you've made me hungry. Hope the Mrs. is finished drying my sheet. :-)
  20. Hi Super, I couldn't have said it any better. Can I hear a big "Amen" Warlock
  21. Hi Win, I wanted to reply to you sooner but had an interruption. If you're interested I'd be glad to PM with you about some experiences and avoid boring everyone. Warlock
  22. This has been a bad day having to deal with the passing of a dear friend and I guess this is alright to place a few words about the Japan tragedy. It has had a profound effect on me having worked on constructing a nuclear power plant. We jokingly called the hyperboloid cooling towers corsets and hourglasses. That said this is such a sad event words are difficult to muster. First of all are the losses of so many lives and devastation is hard to deal with. A special tribute is due to those responders who have placed themselves in such peril trying to save and recover victims. Then there are the seventy or so who are at the center of the damage exposing themselves to radiation limits far exceeding acceptable dosages. Sorry if any toes are stepped on but the real heroes are not the ball players, golf pros, race car drivers, movie stars, those raising the most political contributions and the like. The genuine heroes are the former people who are where they are, giving of themselves above and beyond. Paraphrasing a biblical passage that no greater man is he who lay his life down for another I feel is appropriate. What ever is one's greater entity or higher power would you good folks and dear friends of this forum join me and extend wishes to those who are less fortunate than we. I do not have much to contribute technically as my skills lie elsewhere. This is my offering at this time and I hope it is received well. To All, Your Friend, Warlock
  23. When asked how old you are I answer "Old enough to know better." :-)
  24. The events in Japan are indeed a terrible tragedy and I hope my brothers and sisters on this forum will join me in extending deepest condolences and prayers to those affected. It is indeed sad. I'm particularly in tune with the effect of the nuclear plant damage having worked young on the first one built here. They are a special breed as opposed to a hydroelectric version. An engineer stated that if all factors are present the least would be one's hair falling out into their cereal, emphasizing the danger of this energy source. It's been a terrible occurrence and I hope it's being taken seriously in this country. It could be us. Have a good day if that's possible. Warlock
  25. Thank you. The Mrs. might debate that with you, stating I'm just a natural born "Commodian." I try to fire a little quip out once in a while. I enjoy your contributions to the forum. Sounds like you certainly know your stuff. Why don't we chat some when you're free. PM is always open. Well, think I'll wind down for now and relax. Take care and I look forward to hooking up with you. Your friend, Warlock
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