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  1. Hi Andavari, I hope you received my sincere thank you and if you did not here it is again. Warmest regards for the advice. Warlock
  2. Hi Hazelnut, Hope this finds you well today. Thank you so much for the response. You have understood the problem completely. It seems after the initial clean there is always a couple of files that did not get the broom. LOL So I just simply repeat the process until it indicates zeroed out. It's not a real big deal as I have plenty of time on my hands. I was just wondering if that was normal or could it be harmful to my registry which I understand is the Holy Grail. Thanks again and would appreciate any guidance in this or to simply take a pill and lie down. Warmest regards and enjoy talking with you. Warlock
  3. I don't know if this is a new thread as advised. Am floundering all over this forum. I have to run Cleaner a second time to delete temporary files. Is this normal? Not that troublesome, just wondering. Hope I can find any replies. Thanks for indulgence. Warlock
  4. Thanks so much for the advice. Warlock
  5. Hello All, I am not that familiar with this wonderful utility. Neither am I comfortable using this forum as it totally new to me so I am at a disadvantage. I'm hoping I can send up a flare and get some help from someone. When I run the CCleaner it seems to work well except that I have to run it again to delete temporary files for some reason. It's not that troublesome and I don't mind a few extra minutes. I'm just wondering if this is natural occurrence and nothing to worry about or should I do something else. Please help if you can see this message and you can send a reply, simply stated to Thanks so much from a computer illiterate.
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