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  1. Manually setup the PDF document mime type for your browser. The screenshot is the setup taken from Mozilla Suite:
  2. Well the forums are the only means of support! Therefore if someone only has one, or a few questions that get properly answered they may not be compelled to return until another question needs answering.
  3. I don't use it and don't really care what version they release. I just posted it for people who use Acrobat or Acrobat Reader to give them a heads up. And yes switching to Foxit Reader is a wise choice since it isn't bloated and loads fast.
  4. CDex, CookieCop, Exact Audio Copy ("EAC") Install Control 5 ("InCTRL5"), MS Publisher, MS Word, Second Copy 2000, Winamp. I'll stop there I could go on for some time.
  5. RegSeeker can clean the registry however it won't rebuild it from scratch.
  6. EasyCleaner will run fine so long as you don't use the Duplicates finder, that's the dangerous part of EasyCleaner. As for NTREGOPT and RegCompact.NET you should be fine, they both create backups however to restore the registry backup they create you'd need to use the Recovery Console, have a PC Tech restore them, or the simpliest solution use ERUNT that comes with NTREGOPT to backup the registry before compacting it with either registry optimizer tool.
  7. It's just that .dll file. It's probably nothing to worry about, since the file creation date is December 02, 2003 when my PC was being built, therefore it came on my system from the Dell factory. I must have used some software that activated the .dll and registered it, or something. Thanks everyone.
  8. That was the first thing I did, and was the only reason I even found their website. Lol. You're living up to your signature.
  9. With the previous version and this version at about I assume 80% the Issues Scanner slows down or pauses for 5 to 10 seconds and then continues. If I shutdown ZoneAlarm that doesn't happen at all.
  10. Yup EasyCleaner is good, I've been using it for at least five years now.
  11. If you use Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader there's a security advisory about a vulnerability in a plug-in when opening malicous PDF documents. You can read about it here and obtain an update: http://www.adobe.com/support/techdocs/321644.html
  12. Defrag can't do what registry optimizer programs can do, as oli said they rebuild them from scratch. The registry optimizers can get rid of empty gaps that can be taking up a few KB to several MB in the registry, and could cause a system to become sluggish. Maintenance like cleaning the registry is only one part of making the registry leaner and more efficient, the second part is using a registry optimizer to make all the registry cleaning worthwhile and noticable.
  13. Yeah I know. The problem I've always had with eTrust EZ Antivirus (any version) is after I run a full system scan it does something to the memory or resources that makes them seem depleted and sluggish which forces me to reboot, it does that on my Win98 and WinXP system.
  14. It was to celebrate Opera's ten year birthday or anniversary. Although Firefox is free everyday it however isn't stable on all systems, mine being one of them as it crashes my whole system within ten minutes of using it, and it has been like that since it was first released.
  15. Andavari


    You "may" be able to repair the installation by reinstalling it.
  16. Make sure she has closed both programs before running CCleaner!
  17. To find your amount of installed RAM you can also right click My Computer and select Properties->General, it will be listed at the bottom along with other system info. Your slowdown can also be the cause of a fragmented system registry, which is something NTREGOPT or RegCompact.NET can take care of. There's many reason a system can slowdown, however the usual culprits to look into first are running tasks and disabling unnecessary ones such as an IM client, media player, etc., which is a first step to take. If all else fails upgrading your RAM by installing more will help significantly if you already don't have enough. WinXP does need a minimum of 512 MB RAM to run smoother, however more ram than that will help even more.
  18. One bug I encountered is when updating the definition files it will sometime's crash when trying to apply them or initiate them (unsure which one it is), however that rarely happens.
  19. That feature has already been requested many times. For now you can use NTREGOPT, or RegCompact.NET.
  20. As always thank you MrG!
  21. You're correct I was wrong about CCleaner removing the cookies4.dat file, I totally forgot that I added Opera to the winapp2.ini file a long time ago. To clean the cookies, etc., you can add this to winapp2.ini: ---- [Opera 8] LangSecRef=3027 Detect=HKCU\Software\Opera Software Default=True FileKey1=%ProgramFiles%\Opera\Profile|cookies4.dat FileKey2=%ProgramFiles%\Opera\Profile|cookies4.dat.sbsd.bak FileKey3=%ProgramFiles%\Opera\Profile|opera6.adr.sbsd.bak FileKey4=%ProgramFiles%\Opera\Profile\Cache4|*.* ---- The .sbsd.bak for filekey 2 and 3 remove two files Spybot SD creates when scanning Opera.
  22. I haven't had any problems like that and I've been using Opera since v5.xx.
  23. I was wondering where this Wilson WindowWare comes from since I've never installed it myself. I viewed the info on their website however that didn't explain as to how it's on my system, unless of course Microsoft uses it as a needed Windows file. The registry has this info: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wilson WindowWare] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wilson WindowWare\Settings] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wilson WindowWare\Settings\WWWBATCH] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wilson WindowWare\Settings\WWWBATCH\DllUsage] "WB32I"="WBDBR32I.DLL" [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wilson WindowWare\Settings\WWWBATCH\MAIN] "STATIC"="23" The C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WBDBR32I.DLL file has this info: File version: Description: WIL Script Processor DLL Copyright: Copyright © 1988-1998 Wilson WindowWare, Inc. All rights reserved. ProcessLibrary.com has no info on WBDBR32I.DLL. Also it's not infected according to Jotti's malware scan.
  24. Andavari

    forum setup

    Yes, I've seen some forums that use it however I don't recall ever being a member of a forum that used that as the forum software. Sorry I didn't know Invision Power Board wasn't free.
  25. Are you talking about CCleaner, or Opera's built-in Delete Private Data feature? Edit: CCleaner does take care of the cookies, just run Analyze and it lists cookies4.dat. Also Opera's Delete Private Data can be customized by clicking Tools->Delete private data->Advanced. Opera will remember the advanced settings.
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