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Hi everyone, I'm pleased to share that we are now embarking on our next major version update - CCleaner 6.0 - and want it to be built in line with your needs.

Please use this thread to help us to understand what improvements or totally new features you'd like to see in the next evolution of CCleaner! :)

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Fonts/Text Accessibility:
* Bigger fonts/text inside CCleaner, or the ability for users to change the size and even the color.
* Properly space and wrap text in the Results window so that it doesn't run off.


Registry Cleaner:
* Fulfill the once promised move of the Registry Cleaner into the Tools section, and have a setting or tickbox to disable finding anything in C:\Windows.
* Registry Cleaner should be able to create a System Restore Point if the service is enabled on the system.


Bug Fix:
* Fix the random cosmetic doubling bug that lists cleaners twice.


Duplicate Finder:
* State that the hash (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256) or whatever it is that CCleaner uses matches on dups.
Example 1: SHA-256 matches, these files are identical.
Example 2: SHA-256 does not match, these files are not identical.
* Do not scan for dups in C:\Windows, AppData, ProgramData, i.e.; areas that shouldn't be messed with.


Drive Wiper / Secure Deletion / Wipe Free Space:
* Grey out the box so that selecting NAND flash based media isn't possible (eMMC, SD Memory Card, SSD, USB Flash Drive, etc).
* Fulfill the once promised option to override what a drive type actually is since they are sometimes incorrectly identified, i.e., when an HDD is identified as an SSD or vice-versa.


* Update/auto-update similar to how antivirus does to download new files without needing a new setup file, i.e.; CCleaner.exe, CCleaner64.exe, language files, etc.
* Or use Push Updates, example: https://network-box.com/faq-push-update-e


Rework or switch the installer since NSIS has way too many failures both installing and now also uninstalling, others are Inno Setup, InstallShield, or whatever, or make your own.
Here's a short list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_installation_software


GUI Themes:
Ability to change colors or apply themes, both official and user/community created.

Community Winapp2.ini Improvements:
Remove the necessity to use often forgotten weird characters, such as: \|
Example, this: %ProgramFiles%\SomeApp\|*.log
Would become this (as Windows see's it): %ProgramFiles%\SomeApp\*.log

Auto maximize the CCleaner GUI window on displays that are now too small to fit the standard window size:
Inspired by this topic:

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