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  1. Not only are the files slightly different (maybe as little as a Star rating), but checking the content of all (e.g. 500,000) the very large files on Drive K would take too much time, especially for a muti-file cleanup. Thanks for your interest.
  2. First, if there's a tutorial for using Duplicate Finder I'd gladly read through it, if someone could direct me. Especially regarding the use of the wildcard character (*) in the search criteria. I'd greatly appreciate the direction. Next, here is what I'd like to do. By way of example, say I have 100 photos in a folder on Drive C - let's call this folder "Able" because sometimes this "source" folder may be on a different drive. I want to search for duplicates and similarly-named files among 500,000 photos on Drive K. Often one photo will have several similar filenames. Examples: IMG_1234-
  3. Duplicate Finder: It would be helpful (to me at least) if the displayed list of duplicate files would include the Modified Date, especially considering Modified Date is a search criteria (criterion?). As I deal with many photo files, I often want to base my decision to retain/delete on when files are modified.
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