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CCleaner too big for my little laptop screen

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They changed the minimum size for modern displays a good while ago. What you'll need to do is maximize the CCleaner window, then it will fit on your screen.

In on Windows 10: If you can't get to the maximize button and if the title bar is visible drag CCleaner to the top of the screen and shake it around quickly and release the mouse button, if done correctly Windows 10 will automatically maximize it for you. Also once maximized CCleaner will remember the setting.

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If you can't get to the maximize button, and can't do the 'shaking' thing as Andavari suggested then try this:

Right-click on the CCleaner Desktop icon and select 'Properties'.
In the box that opens go to the 'Shortcut' tab and set 'Run:' to 'Maximized', then click 'Apply'.



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