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  1. Why not go to login and request a password reset, assuming you can't remember the old one after 13 years?.
  2. The old account username would be a help.
  3. If you checked all the boxes in Actions/Options then you wil see non-deleted files as well as deleted. If you try to overwrite a non-deleted file the action will be greyed out. Recuva doesn't work in the background. You don't have an SSD do you?
  4. You right click the offending file and select Overwrite Highlighted. A deep scan runs a normal scan first, so if you are selecting a file with a file name displayed, subsequent scans will still show this name (Recuva cannot amend system files). However the file data will have been overwritten with zeroes. With a file found by deep scan (no file name, just a number) the file will also have been overwritten and will not be shown again in a subsequent scan.
  5. The simple answer is that there are no records in the MFT flagged as deleted that match your selection criteria. A deep scan will not help as it doesn't return any file names, as they are held in the MFT. Securely deleted files (if I remember correctly, years since I've done any) are renamed so they also won't be found, and if they were they would contain zeroes.
  6. I wonder why Ericar's posts are so spammy.
  7. In theory yes. However no software can guarantee to recover a specific file. Just try it, it isn't destructive.
  8. Augeas


    Do you mean Yes it's FAT? It's almost impossible to guess what has happened. Are the files showing as deleted or live?
  9. Augeas


    The file you attached appears to be a string of various chunks of data. The first chunk is a png, so if you rename the file it will display as some sort of weather icon. There's a lot of other stuff following that which might or might not be valid. I guess that in some way the cluster addresses are corrupt, so Recuva is looking in the wrong place. Is the disk FAT?
  10. Jeez, this is confusing. Are you using Drive Wiper from the Tools menu, or Wipe Freee Space from Options/Settings? The settings in your screenshot apply to Secure File Deletion and have nothing to do with wiping free space. It's difficult to grasp CC running for a long time and nothing is being done. Are you sure you're not looking at undeleted files?
  11. Colsh, if you don't know whether the secure deletion is working or not then it's difficult to have any idea what's happening. On the rare imes I use secure file delete it works fine, with one pass. Years ago I ran a 35-pass secure file delete on a usb attached device and cancelled the job as soon as I could. After a few goes I caught the deletion in mid pass, so to speak. It was writing different patterns, implying that multi-pass is working. The last pattern of a multi-pass delete is zeroes, so it's very difficult to say whether one or more passes are being written. One quirk of ov
  12. (LesN, do not put your confusing posts in this thread. I have created a new thread Cleaner Drive Wiper in CC Bugs: your questions can be addressed there, and Colsh's here.)
  13. No matter how long it takes, are the deleted files being overwritten with zeroes? How are you overwriting individual folders/files?
  14. You'll only get a preview in files that have an embedded thumbnail, and Notepad isn't one of those. Explorer gets the name and file size etc from the directory MFT record, it doesn't look at the MFT records for all the individual files. Recuva scans the MFT and - at a guess - takes the file size from the file's record. However on a recovery, which is a copy and paste operation, perhaps whatever request Recuva is making to retrieve the file gets the info from the directory, you are after all copying a live file. I don't know how Recuva or NTFS works at that level, I'm just trying to fit th
  15. OK, so it's secure file deletion. No matter how long it takes, are the deleted files being overwritten with zeroes? If so, no worry, as multiple wipes are, as every man and his dog will tell you, a waste of time. Perhaps you are running CC with a browser open and have checked the don't show this again box in the warning message, so browsing history is being ignored. If you have an SSD then stop wiping deleted files.
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