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  1. All now seems fine but I’m tracking a potential bug since the update. CCleaner no longer automatically updates, when I open the program I’m asked to enter my license details, I do so & then check for updates but it appears that nothing happens - no confirmation popup saying there’s an update or that it’s up to date. The first I know of this is the CCleaner icon is missing from the taskbar/notification area. I’ve clean installed CCleaner using Revo to remove the program completely & will see what happens whenever there’s a new update.
  2. Was the key being sold by a private seller or a store? I’m wondering if the key has already been used so is showing as invalid.
  3. The updater should allow you to roll back the update. Did this not restore audio? Try system restore to see if that fixes the audio. If not then You might have to reinstall the driver: Right click device. Choose update driver. Choose ‘browse my computer for drivers’. Choose ‘let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer’. Choose the compatible hardware from the list, then choose next. This will then reinstall the driver.
  4. I use Macrium Reflect to image my PC daily so any problems after installing drivers I can roll back within 15 minutes.
  5. Great to hear. In my case the problem returned after 5 days after changing to using Defender.
  6. Thanks. I believe I too reported on that thread. I can confirm I’m my case the problem seems to be MalwareBytes being set as the default AV by choosing to register the program under security centre. I’ll keep Defender as the main AV & monitor things.
  7. Thanks for your reply. I contacted support last week but other than asking for further information I have heard nothing further. I’ve just sent another reply mentioning the problem only seems to occur with MB set as default AV.
  8. Thanks but that was the first thing I tried. I’m suspecting MalwareBytes as I set this as the default AV software. I set Defender back as default & the problem didn’t occur. I’ve now set MB back as default so will see what happens.
  9. This has been reported before but the problem has returned. When Smart clean is enabled the CCleaner icon disappears from the Notification area taskbar. I have to open CCleaner again to return it. To conform this I’ve turned smart clean off & the icon remains. I’ve uninstalled using Revo uninstaller & installed a fresh version but the problem remains. Running the latest version.
  10. Sorry to reopen this thread again but the problem has returned. CCleaner now closes randomly during the day. I can go out & when I return CCleaner icon is missing from the notification area. I’ve even purchased a new Pro subscription thinking that is was the expired one which is messing with the settings or something.
  11. Update: If I choose to tick the setting to ‘Minimise to system tray’ then the icon remains. I’ve never needed to tick this previously.
  12. The previous version of CCleaner seemed to work fine with 20H2. Sorry, I’ll update that.
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