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  1. Same for me, I’ve had CCleaner for years & technically it’s been expired for the majority of those years but it’s still updating to the latest version & showing that it’s the Pro version. I’ve even clean installed Windows & it still worked after entering the license details. When I purchased CCleaner the license wasn’t a subscription but the yearly cost upgrade was purely to continue to receive official support, this I didn’t require so didn’t purchase. I believe those who state they have a lifetime license have the same as I. Yes there’s no mention of a subscription in th
  2. I’m reposting this here due to lack of reply on my other thread: CCleaner Pro, program updates states Paint Shop pro 2019 has an update but when I try to install it state the program is up-to date. Corel site has no updates listed with that version number.
  3. No reply? No update on whether this is a bug or not? Poor!
  4. When you run CCleaner do you have it set to clean cookies? If so some of these cookies are for saved passwords so by cleaning them you’ll lose those passwords.
  5. I’ve included screenshots.
  6. CCleaner Pro, program updates states Paint Shop pro 2019 has an update but when I try to install it state the program is up-to date. Corel site has no updates listed with that version number. Seems the software isn’t working well or file hippo is making it’s own versions to imply there’s a new version.
  7. The license is only for a year now for new purchases, there’s a major discussion of this on another thread where users with older licenses are receiving an expired message: Mine states it has expired but continues to work with all the Pro features, I purchased what was listed as a lifetime license, support was for 1 year & it is this which has expired.
  8. Automatic updates work sometimes for me. I manually check too.
  9. I noticed the same with the email - nowhere does it say it’s a subscription. I still have my original license which is (supposedly) lifetime but although it states expired it still has all pro features available.
  10. I’ve been awaiting the chance to change my CCleaner issued password to something more secure for a long time. It seems strange that this feature is not available when every other forum & site has the ability to do that.
  11. Bastet

    Please help...

    This used to work but on mine it hasn’t for some time, if you have another program open at the time & close Edge then the pop-up does appear. It should be enabled within settings, look for clean with notification.
  12. I’m watching this thread with interest as I too have noticed that neither the receipt nor the terms & conditions seem to mention the license is only for 1 year & not a lifetime license. I too thought I was purchasing a lifetime license with updates & support. I have noticed that I can use all the features except automatic update but can manually update, imo this means the license is a lifetime one & in reality you’re just paying £15.00 approx for the auto update feature & another year of support - not worth the cost imo but that’s another story.
  13. I have the feeling the OP is referring to the same problem I’ve seen in that CCleaner can auto run after closing Edge but when looking under cookies there’s several entries still there - ergo it appears either auto cleaning nor choosing clean cookies actually cleans them. I apologise if this isn’t what the OP is referring to.
  14. I can easily clean the cookie on the left side: highlight the top cookie & hold shift then click the bottom cookie which will highlight them all, then right click & choose delete. I've attached a video. CCleaner.wmv
  15. Will try this & post back. Edit: I followed the instructions & then opened Edge to visit this site & post, after closing Edge CCleaner ran cleanup but cookies were still listed - see afterclean screengrab. I then went to analyse cookies & it said all was clean/no cookies - seeafteranaly screengrab.
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