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  1. Will version 5.84.9143 correct the issue of ccleaner disappear from the taskbar as I have seen this behavior since I had reported it on 1/9/21?
  2. I have been seeing this issue on my end as well for quite some time however only now to the point when I decided to check the forums to see if it was reported. On my end it seems to be linked to smart cleaning as I have it set to "Automatically clean on closing with notification" for Edge, IE, FF, & Chrome. I have it disabled for Edge Chromium. My default browser is Edge Chromium. I just saw it was missing from the taskbar, I called up the application and then closed it as it showed on the taskbar. I opened Chrome (one tab) to google.com and closed it which showed the cleaning animation however no pop-up to show the task was completed and when I moved my mouse over the icon it disappeared.
  3. I have the application to start with windows and it does as I see it in the taskbar however it closes during the course of using browsers Edge, Chrome, Firefox and it provides no warning at all. Usually I would notice when I re-open a browser that was closed to see items in history. Any recommended steps to troubleshoot the issue?
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