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  1. Odd, my touchpad is an ELAN and it works fine. (not that I use it much, I prefer to plug a mouse in).


    Although I do seem to remember that after the initial upgrade to 10 the settings had changed to 'no delay' and I had to go and put them back again.

    Kept catching it with the ball of my thumb when typing and the cursor would jump out of the current window.

    I just set the delay back to Medium and have not had a problem with it since.

  2. Iowa,


    It will depend if you are doing it as an upgrade from 8.1 and keeping you existing software and data, or if you are doing a full wipe of the system and an complete new install of Win10 from an ISO.


    Obviously a full wipe and reinstall will loose everythig already on your system and you have to start from scratch.


    Doing the upgrade from 8.1 via the Windows Updates keeps it all.


    I use Firefox and all my bookmarks, saved passwords, etc. were still there after the upgrade.


    (But of course make backups just in case).


    Willy2 does raise a concern about drivers, but I believe this is a hangover from the first version of Win 10 that was released to market.

    In particular NVIDIA graphics drivers on custom systems with 2 drivers and/or dual screens (gaming machines) were hit by Microsoft installing generic NVIDIA drivers during the upgrade.


    This caused a big fuss at the time but has now been sorted out.


    PS. Once you have upgraded to 10 you can turn off driver updates from MS so they wont mess with your drivers at all; but then you have to check and keep them up to date yourself. Swings and Roundabouts.


  3. It wasn't complicated at all when I did it from 8.1 to 10, I did it when 10 was frist released to market last year, and I have had no problems then or since.


    I didn't to a full reinstall, just upgraded from 8.1 and told it to keep all my existing data.


    Mine was a new machine though, only six months old.


    Just clicked for the upgrade and away it went, if I remember there were a couple of restarts but that was all.

    I seem to rember it taking about 2 hours over my (admittedly very slow, rural area, about 2.4 Mbps) wifi connection.

    If you have an ethernet cable. or faster wifi, it should be much quicker.


    If you have 8.1 you probably already have a Microsoft account which makes it easier as things just migrate across.


    Take the usual precautions-

    Backup all your data before upgrading.

    Make a win 8.1 recovery drive on a USB stick, just in case you want to go back.

    (Make a note of your win 8.1 product key. Although I believe the new upgrade process (to Win10 1511) keeps the same key, the earlier one gave you a new key for Win 10).

    If you are more techy then maybe make a full mirror of your current system (just in case, etc.)


    Like any OS upgrade once installed it takes a bit of setting up to just how you want it, you will find plenty of advice online.

  4. Sorry I was missunderstanding you, I thought you wanted the French not English.


    Here is a link to setting languages to keep a Mac



    It appears that the Mac OSx will clear out any languages you have not selected, just leaving you with the PCs default language.


    You may need to reinstall CCleaner to get them back again.

  5. Maybe it is but that is not the main problem.


    So what is the main problem?


    You only mention the translation errors in your post.

    If there are more than the one you mentioned then a list may help the developers to correct them.


    Are you are refering to not having a dropdown menu (and other options) as show in in the article?

    That is simply because the article shows the options for  the Windows version.

    The Mac version has different options. (Because it's a different operating system).

  6. Hi merlin,


    You are going to have to give some more information before anyone can work out just what you are seeing.


    To start with:

    What OS are you using? (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10).

    Where are the duplicates found? (Say you have just updated to 10, or if Microsoft has prepared your computer for an OS update, then there will be a lot of duplicate system files  on the C:/ for a while).


    If you only point to one folder then I would expect that it will only check for duplicates in that folder, it won't check if the files are duplicated elsewhere.

  7. Glad you took my joke the right way Willy2.


     It seems to be a feature of any new OS, Browser, or Software release/upgrade these days.


    A day or two after the release the web is full of the 'tinfoil hats' telling everyone how much this new thing is spying on them.

    I remember the same hoo-ha with XP, Vista, 7, & 8, Chrome, Firefox, AVG, and Avast. The list just goes on and on.


    Usually, as with Win10, most of this 'spying' is settings that can be turned off in a few minutes.

    One of the first things I do after installing anything new is to go through the settings, especially the advanced settings, decide what is not necessary for it to be doing and turn it off.


    As mta points out, if you tell your PC that you are on a metered broadband connection it will stop Windows 'phoning home' and doing things automatically.


    The Windows 10 Automatic Updates don't realy bother me, but there again I always shut down after use.

    This means that although Windows will download updates while I am up and running it doesn't install them if they need a restart.

    Instead it schedues an install/restart for an 'idle' time (which you can define) and of course because I am shut down, or occasionaly active, at that time it can't do it and reschedules again.

    (I believe I have read, but don't quote me, that it will do 5 reschedules and then install on the next boot).

    So its only when I go and click on the 'install now' that it actually installs the update.

    This give me time to check out the KB and see if there are any problems being reported.

  8. I've spent quite a few hours to figure out this issue when I installed windows 10 back then, my start menu would break everytime and the cause was that I had Microsoft Edge cleaning options selected. I am pretty sure if you untick cleaning options for Microsoft Edge your start menu won't break anymore.

    That's interesting to know.


    Just to clarify; do you mean the cleaning options in Edge itself, or in CCleaner?

  9. It was probably an expiring redirect.


    As a mod on another forum (vBullitin based) I occasionaly move threads from one forum to another.


    When I move a thread there are options to leave a redirect from the original location, and you can set these to expire after a set time (no redirect, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, permanent).


    This is partly so that anyone who has bookmarked (or subscribed to) the original location will be redirected to the new location.

    It does leave the same thread showing in both locations until the redirect expires, but there is only one thread in reality.


    As I say that's with vBulletin but I assume it's the same with IPBoard.

  10. I have been using CCleaner daily, first with XP, then Win 8.1, and since last July with Win 10, as have many others, and have never had a problem like this.


    Indeed it is hard to see how CCleaner could be causing this problem in normal use, unless you somehow deleted a vital registry entry.

    There again I have used the registry cleaner, usually after large Windows upgrades/updates, and again never had this or any other problem.


    I still believe that this is a Windows problem rather than a CCleaner problem.

    It may be down to your system architecture, particularly if you have any kind of custom build.

    eg. there were a lot of problems with Nvidia graphics cards when Win 10 first launched.


    If it were a CCleaner problem then I would expect to see a lot more people shouting about it here.


    As there are a lot of reports and articles online about this Start Menu problem, and presumably not everyone is using CCleaner, it would suggest that it is your Win 10 installation itself that is the problem rather than any particular software.



    Just a thought here, when your start menu button stops working have you tried right clicking on it?

    This should bring up an alternative context menu.


    Anybody else have any suggestions?

  11. Are you doing a regular clean or a registry clean?


    Having said that it's probably due more to your Windows 10 install or a Windows update being not quite installed correctly, rather than CCleaner or any other software.


    There are known problems with the start menu on some installations of Win 10 (and 8, 8.1).

    If you google "windows 10 start button not working" you will get plenty of results and fixes for the problem.


    Try reading this for a start, which gives some step by step instructions to fix these start menu problems:


  12. It does seem to be just with IPboard forums, I don't have any problems with vBulletin or XenForo based forums.


    And just for interest I tried in I.E.11 as well as FFx, same problem with the greyed out paste icons.

    (I didn't try Edge, don't like the thing).


    Oh well, it's not that much of a deal, I was just wondering.

  13. Mmmm.
    Puting it into BB code mode on this laptop greys out all of the menu icons.
    BUT it does give a cut/paste context menu on right click so you can paste from there.
    (The cut/paste context menu is not usually available in 'normal' mode either, unless you have some existing text higlighted. It usually gives the browser context menu. Strange one that).

    Also if you click the BB code on then off again the paste icons become available for the one click.
    Still easier to use ctrl+v, I'll just keep doing that.
    I'll put it down as an IPboard thing, or a FFx thing although it doesn't affect me on vB forums, was just wondering if anyone had found out which browser setting it was talking about.
    May do some playing around with the browser settings to see if I can find it.

  14. Hope someone can help a slight anoyance I am having when making a post or reply here. (and other IPboard driven forums).


    The paste options in the editor toolbar are greyed out, so I am unable to paste from the clipboard.

    (I know I can easily work around this using ctrl+v, but it's still a bit of a niggle).


    If I then go to 'more options' or 'preview post' the paste icons become available for one click only.

    If I click the paste icon at that time a small window opens that I can then paste my text into.


    This small window informs me-

    "Because of your browser security settings, the editor is not able to access your clipboard data directly. You are required to paste it again in this window."


    So can anyone tell what browser setting is causing this behaviour?

    Or is this just a glitch in the IPboard software?


    I'm using Firefox 44.0, Win 10 home 64-bit.



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