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  1. Apparently MS have patched this problem today, and reissued the cumulative update - "it should automatically install itself through Windows Updates".



    That's going to be realy useful if your internet connection has been knocked out by the bug so you can't get the update.


    Tip: connect by ethernet or USB instead of wifi - but of course if you are reading this you've already solved it, or weren't affected in the first place.

  2. Not so much a U-turn, more of an option for when your Windows 10 won't talk to the internet via the laptop's built in network adapter.


    Using the technique above you can use your Android phone to connect to the internet via wifi, and bridge it via USB to your laptop as an external network adapter.


    The sort of thing you may be glad to know about when crap like this happens:

    Windows update knocks out internet connections - BBC News, 13 Dec 2016




    Sounds very similar to the problem I described above that some of us have been having for a few months, but now affecting many more.

    Maybe MS will get their fingers out and fix it now? (Don't hold your breath)


    At least being able to connect via USB through an Android phone will let you get on the internet to look for any fixes and download them directly to the laptop if needed.


  3. Cheers hazelnut,


    Yep, I've heard that one and about a hundred other solutions, none of them seem to work for more than a day or two at most.


    And of course it doesn't only happen on boot or restart; the internet connection just drops out randomly.

    (Which would seem to rule out the problem being Fast Start / Hybrid Boot).


    It does seem to have something to do with the IP allocation from the router, why it suddenly drops out mid session is a bit of a mystery. (but see below)

    Some have tried setting up with a static IP rather than letting the router allocate one each time, but even that only works for a while.


    It only happens with wifi.


    It's a strange problem, from looking on google it affects various makes of laptop, with various different network adaptors/cards, different routers, and different Windows versions.

    (It's mainly with Win 10, but seems to have started with Win8, and I have also seen reports of it now happening on Vista and Win7 machines).


    With myself it also seems to happen more at certain times of the day and not happen at all at other times.

    (Less power on the grid at peak times, weaker signal from the router? I'll have to try keeping a log)


    Try googling "No Internet, Secured" to see how many are having this problem.


    The only thing that seems to cure it permanently is to swap out the network adaptor for one with a higher spec, or maybe its just because a different card will use a different driver?

    But even that is not guaranteed to work everytime.


    Like any other intermittent problem it's proving hard to track down just what is causing it, especially as it is affecting so many different setups.


    The best theory that I have seen is that it's something to do with Windows Firewall or Security Settings that suddenly blocks wifi access for a moment, causing the laptop to have to reconnect to the router wifi and ask for a new IP, which for some reason it doesn't get.

    That would explain why disconnecting and reconnecting again, or renewing "ipconfig", sorts it out for a while.

    (Until the next time the Firewall or whatever blocks the wifi connection again).


    All strange, and I would not be at all surprised if the problem suddenly dissapears after one of the many Windows 10 updates.

  4. I thought I would update this.


    Recently my laptop (win10 home) wifi connection keeps randomly dropping out (or won't connect at boot) and when I look at the notification pane it says for the router "No Internet, Secured".

    So it's connecting to the router but not the internet. (reading round on the web this seems to be a common problem with some laptops and Win10).


    I can usually, not always, get it back by disconnecting and reconnecting; or in bad cases by using "ipconfig /release" folllowed by "ipconfig /renew" in a command window.


    To the point-

    I noticed that even when my laptop was doing this my Android smartphone always had a good connection at the same location.


    So the workround was to tether the phone via USB to the laptop while still using the phone to connect to the wifi.

    (This is not technically tethering, it is known as a network bridge).

    The main advantage of this is that you are still using your wifi rather than using up your phone contract data allowance.


    The new connection through USB will show up on the laptop as an ethernet connection not wifi. (It shows as 'Network 3' on mine).


    Your phone can't be both a wifi receiver and a wifi hotspot at the same time so you need to connect to the laptop by cable to do this.

    (It should also be possible to connect them by bluetooth, but I haven't tried that yet).


    Another advantage of using the usb cable is that you are not using up the phones battery, if fact it is charging it.


    One other thing you may have a problem with if trying this is that you may need to run Windows Update to get a driver for your phone before it will connect as a network bridge instead of/as well as a storage device. (The driver is for you laptop not your phone).

    As long as your phone has been connected by USB at some time then Windows Update will install the correct driver, your phone doesn't need to be connected at the time.

    Once you have the driver then how it connects depends on if you have the USB tethering turned on or not on the phone.

    (On it shows as a network, OFF it shows as a storage device).


    Hope that may be of help to anyone who is having a similar problem, or who has a laptop without a working wifi card.

  5. It does seem odd that you have to manually go to the Malwarebytes site to download v3, it is not yet being pushed out as an automatic update to v2 users.


    It's as if they knew it was not ready for general release yet and didn't want to risk upsetting existing users.


    There seems to be still too many issues with it to be a fully finished application.



    I'll wait till its a bit more polished and the v2 upgrades itself to v3.


    TBH I'm not sure about this major change.

    I use MBAM (free) to scan for malware once a week, I don't have it constantly monitoring.

    I do have MBAE (free) monitoring but believe that this will only be available in the paid for version of MBAM v3. (or as a standalone beta version).

    Do I need, or even want, MBAM to suddenly become another anti-virus?



    Llike I say I'm going to wait until it is pushed out as an update, see what resources it uses, and then decide if I still want it installed.

  6. Save and Win10 puts it in the download folder as a .exe



    Double click the .exe to install.


    The .exe will delete itself from the download folder so save it somewhere else first if you want to keep it.


    (I'm talking free version here).

  7. Just to jump in here with a thought,

    When you say they are 'removed' do you mean that the images are deleted from the folder?
    Or do you mean that they are still there but Windows stops displaying them?


    If it's the latter:
    I've come across the situation with Win 10 aniversary and later where images are not being shown on the lock screen or screensaver.
    It doesn't affect everyone, just a few machines. (I've seen it reported about a dozen times).
    The Win10 aniversary update changed a few things with desktop and background screens and it seems to have introduced a 'glitch' somewhere in the registry.
    Usually changing the screensaver timer settings, saving them, and then changing them back and saving them again clears up the glitch and the images are displayed again.

  8. Nuke, Cumbria and twin cooling towers threw me completely.

    Well fair enough, I do live close to Sellafield. And my online name does come from the fact that I used to be a CAD draughtsman/designer doing work for the nuclear site.


    BTW- the twin cooling towers at Calder hall came down in September 2007.


    I have a story about that, I knew the lads working for the Yorkshire demolition company that cleared them out, did all the hole drilling and placed the explosives.

    After they had done all the hard work they were told to remove the explosives, and an American company came in, re-placed the explosives, pressed the button, and took all the credit..

    The Yorkshire lads were not happy.

  9. Hey nukecad.


    Your name has to be a clue.


    Christmas at Sellafield perchance?  attachicon.gifsmilie014.gif




    EDIT: If I'm wrong I'll happily irradiate that self satisfied looking guy in the hat.

    Oops, It's hat eating time. 


    That's Springfield not Sellafield. 


    Just ask for Homer Simpson.

  10. Firefox just updated itself to v50.0 on my machine.


    No warning, it didn't even ask if I wanted to. (Always has done in the past).


    I launched FFx from the taskbar and it flashed up  a box saying "Updating FireFox" or something like that and then loaded the release notes in a tab.





    Checking the Options>Advanced I found that 'Automaticaly Install Updates' had been selected.

    (Along with 'Use a background service..' and 'Automatically update search engines').

    I certainly had not selected these settings, I always have 'Notify me but let me choose when to update' selected in all my software.

    (And I did not have the other 2 enabled either).


    Looking about on the web I see it's not the first time that FFx has changed settings like this on its own without warning users.


    If you have v49.# installed you might want to check these settings - if you get chance before it updates itself to v50.

  11. will it overwrite my current v5.23 (64 bit), or will I have to delete v5.23?



    You can install the older version without first removing the newer one.


    I was wondering about this as well last week, so I tried it and just ran the installer for v5.22.

    It overwrote v5.23 without any problems.


    (Of course I now get pop-ups telling me a newer version is available)




    For interest I just tried it with v5.09 (the oldest I have saved) and that also overwrote v5.22 and runs OK.

    (I'll just go and put v5.22 back now).

  12. Build 14951 is the latest Win10 build on the insider "fast-ring", released 2 days ago.


    These fast-ring builds are essentially beta test versions and always have some known bugs, and others that are not known.

    That's the whole point, to get the fast-ring insiders to test them and find the bugs.


    I'm not saying that this is your problem here, but bear in mind that as long as you are using fast-ring builds you can expect some things not to work properly.

    If its a work computer, or it's important that it works correctly, then you should use the fully RTM version of Windows 10 and not the fast-ring beta builds.


    If you still want to stay ahead of the market and get new features first , then consider switching to the slow-ring.

    This get's the builds a couple of weeks later, by which time some of the bugs will have been corrected.


    More about insider rings: http://www.windowscentral.com/all-you-need-know-about-windows-insider-rings


    Known issues with build 14951 include clashes with some AV's, sketchpad will crash randomly, and some Windows Apps will not let you sign in.

    There will be other issues that have not been found yet.


  13. Ah, but you want them to come back with "0 threats".


    If they keep finding things then you are doing something wrong when browsing/downloading.

    (Or you previous AV was no good).


    It's like home insurance, you hope it's never needed, and wonder why you have it when you never seem to need to claim, but you would be daft not to have it.

  14. I have heard of  gemsys;  it's a geophys equipment manufacturer/supplier for doing ground surveys.


    Used by developers to survey building sites, and also by archaeologists. 


    As hazelnut says it's specialist stuff, the software will be bespoke, contact the company.


    (You might get some help on using it at some of the dedicated CAD forums. Try cadtutor.com there's lots of members there who do groundwork stuff, the ones who use gemsys are probably in the USA so as you are in Canada it will most llikely be the same version)


  15. Sounds dangerous to me.


    100% faster to delete the duplicate file from which location? 


    Usually programmes that make you go slowly are written like that for a reason - to make you think what you are/may be doing before you make a mistake.

    (And in this case delete the wrong copy).

  16. You could try closing the browser and running a nifty little program called CCleaner to clear out all the cookies and stuff that have accumulated during your browsing session, that usually speeds things up again. LOL.

  17. Are you sure? When I don't have the plugin installed, some sites still load as http instead of https. Do you have to do some tweaking in about:config to get this to work in FF?

    I recall that this was noticed when this forum announced the change from http to https and asked us all to change our bookmarks if necessary.


    I reported at the time that even though my bookmark still said http, Firefox automatically changed this to https when I clicked the bookmark.


    I tried this with various other bookmarks and they all did the same.


    Others, including mta, confirmed that they were seeing the same with FFx when using bookmarks.


    Maybe the ones that are not changing automatically are not configured correctly? (or don't have a https version yet?).

    Or it could be that if you are following a link, or typing directly into the address bar, then FFx does not make the substitution?

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