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  1. It all depends on how you have set up Smart Cleaning, and which option you are using for manual cleans.

    Smart Cleaning will monitor your computer and can automatically remove junk when it reaches a certain level of GigaBytes.
    With CCleaner Pro you can set what that level is, you can also set if it cleans automatically or prompts you to clean.

    If the junk has not reached that level, or if it's been automatically cleaned and is building up to the level again, then it won't be cleaned automatically and so there will always be something to be found by a manual clean.

    Smart Cleaning cannot clean browser files while the browser is still open, so there is also a section to say what it should do when you close a browser.
    If you haven't set automatic browser cleaning on closing then after you have closed the browser a manual clean will find those browser files and cookies to clean.image.png

    Finally it may also depend on what method you are using for a manual clean.

    Smart Cleaning uses the options, ticks/unticks, that you have set in Custom Clean.

    If you use Health Check for manual cleaning then it uses it's own rules so may(will) find different things.

  2. Can you see the 84% recovered files? (ie. have they been sucessfully recovered?)

    If so then I think you'll still need to do a new scan, but will only need to select that last 16% for recovery.

    Someone more familiar with Recuva may be along to confirm that.

    A bit late for you now, but maybe useful for future reference.
    If it was a Windows Update that caused the issue then with Windows 10 you can pause updates for up to 35 days, there's even a quick 'Pause updates for 7 days' button.
    It's a good idea to put an update pause on if you are going to be leaving the computer working unattended on an important task for several hours.

    You can also change the 'Active Hours' so that Windows will not automatically restart the computer following an update during those hours.

  3. On 30/06/2020 at 22:53, Jeffreyd said:

    The program will not actually clean as it should.

    If you can give us more details of what you are expecting to happen that is not happening then we may be able to help you to get it doing what you want.

  4. Maybe submitting a sample to that (or another) recovery service for a free diagnostic scan may better indicate what the problem actually is with the files?




    What can Aero Quartet offer you?

    • FREE diagnostics and preview with Treasured
    • FREE sample of repaired video
    • Try before you buy with a FREE trial of your Repair Kit



  5. It can/will happen if there is a crash or power failure while WFS is running.

    This explains why it happens and what to do now to get your space back:

    PS. You only realy need to Wipe Free Space if your are selling on your computer or hard drive. (So that the new owner can't use a recovery tool to recover your deleted files).

  6. Are you being shown the same message as above? If not then what message are you seeing?

    Read again the article that Dave linked to above.

    Check carefuly on your confirmation email to make sure the name you gave when purchasing is exactly what you are trying to enter.
    It has been known for people to spell their own names wrongly when buying CCleaner, and so they then have to use that same wrong name to register.

    If you are copying and pasting the name from the confirmation email then make sure that you don't include any stray leading/trailing space.

    Check that you haven't purchased a CCleaner for Windows licence when you have a Mac, or vice-versa.

    If you are still having problems then contact support and explain your problem.
    They can double check that the name you are trying to enter is the same as the name registered to your key.

    There is a contact form here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

  7. Thanks for that.

    It's been noticed previously that the software updater, both in Health Check and when used seperately from the Tools menu, can sometines have issues with some software versions.

    The numbers as you report are typical of that issue, it seems to be something internal to the way some softwares store the version number when installed on Windows.

    After running the Health Check analyze stage you can click on the 'Security' box at the bottom and tell it to ignore the update.

    Alternatively use Custom Clean instead of Health Check, custom does not run the Software Updater automatically. (You can run it separately under 'Tools' if you want to).
    To set Custom Clean as the default method to use go to Options>Settings and change 'CCleaner Home Screen'.

  8. Have you tried VLC? That can play most things whatever the codec. (It can even play damaged files - provided that the files isn't too corrupted).


    A company called Aero Quartet can repair damaged XAVC and other video files, but they charge for the service.
    (The prices seem fairly high to me, but if it's something important, like a wedding video, that needs to be fixed then no doubt worth it).

    No doubt you will find other video repair services with a google.

  9. It's a common misunderstanding.

    "Run CCleaner when the computer starts" runs a one-off clean in the background and then closes CCleaner. If you uncheck it then it doesn't run that background clean at startup.

    If  your CCleaner is starting and then continuing to run then that is the Smart Cleaning.

    Smart Cleaning monitors how much junk is building up on your computer, and deletes it when it reaches the level set. (You can change that level in CCleaner Pro).
    So it has to run all the time in the backgroud to monitor how much junk is building up as you use your computer.
    You can turn Smart Cleaning off if you don't want it running.

  10. '0x6 handle is invalid' is a Windows error code. Something is stopping Windows from fetching/applying the update.
    (Have you updated your Windows recently, that can sometimes cause 0x6 errors).

    Try downloading the 'Slim' installer from here and double clicking it to install the new CCleaner version.
    Make sure that your current CCleaner is not running (If you have Smart Cleaning enabled turn it off) before installing the new one.

  11. There are more tools in CCleaner for Windows than CCleaner for Mac. (Duplicate Finder for example).

    They would also be in the Mac version if they could be, but unfortunately the way that Apples' operating system works means that those particular tools can't be implemented on the Mac version.

  12. Which anti-virus are you using?

    Some AVs need to be updated to allow CCleaner to install/run.
    Some will say that they are up to date when you check (eg. Trend Micro) but is an older version that is 'up to date' not the latest version which needs to be downloaded from the AVs website.

  13. Quote

    "Integrity Check" is the new CCleaner Free app. In English I think it's called "Integrity Check". Once installed, it only worked once, then that's it. What could it depend on?

    I think that "Integrity Check" is a Google translation of what in English is called "Health Check".

    If a new install of CCleaner only worked once that that is probably your anti-virus that is stopping it running again.
    Others have had the same problem and updating their anti-virus cured it.

    Some AV's need specific update steps so what anti-virus are you using?

  14. If I'm not messing about then I'll see one, maybe 2 or 3 different ones, round about once every 3 months.

    I'm not typical though as I will play about, uninstall/reinstall CCleaner, (different versions), etc. when trying to see what is going on and help posters here.
    So what I'm doing with my testing can delete those 'don't show again until' flags.

    Like I say, it's not a real problem, if you are not interested then just ignore them.

  15. Not quite, they keep changing it.

    It was 30 days, then 7 days, then back to 30 days, then .........

    At the moment it seems to be 30 days - unless MS don't want to, or something went wrong removing them.
    Windows.old from an upgrade from Win 7 or Win 8.1 can also get missed by the automatic removal for some reason.

    One of the first things I do if I see anything Windows.old on a computer is run Disk Clean-up to get rid for certain.

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