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  1. Actually, no. The problem with open recent list in Office can not be resolved unless it removes custom settings too. Which in that case, it's not worth cleaning. I checked out other cleaning programs too and they did the samething CCleaner did. Delete custom settings in order to clear the open recent list.
  2. I use WinRAR myself and I love it.
  3. Not as of yet. It's used on your main drive.
  4. The way Issues is designed you can't export it to a text file. Because it has columns in it. CCleaner should run just fine on a laptop.
  5. New in this version: -Improved updating (and fixes for updating issues some users experienced with previous versions) -Improved support for users with large fonts / DPI settings -Various cosmetic fixes/improvements -Further optimizations to certain parts of the program -And lots of other bug fixes and requested tweaks This 3.4 release provides bug fixes and enhanced performance. Various issues people have been having with previous releases should be fixed. NEW UPDATING OPTIONS IN SPYWAREBLASTER 3.x SpywareBlaster still offers the built-in Check for Updates feature. This feature is completely free and allows you to keep up-to-date by clicking on a button in the SpywareBlaster interface. SpywareBlaster 3.4 now offers SpywareBlaster AutoUpdate - a brand-new updating solution. Just set it up, and AutoUpdate will check at every system boot for the latest updates and enable the newest protection (other options are available). As much as we would like to provide auto-updating functionality for free, bandwidth costs are simply too great to make it feasible. AutoUpdate functionality is $9.95 (US) per year, which helps to cover the bandwidth costs. The Check for Updates function remains completely free, as does SpywareBlaster. You only need to pay if you wish to have the extra convenience of AutoUpdate. ------------ Upgrading Instructions from Older Versions: It is recommended that you uninstall your current version of SpywareBlaster before installing the new version. To do this: 1.) Open SpywareBlaster and press the "Disable All Protection" link under "Quick Tasks". 2.) Close SpywareBlaster. 3.) Go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the entry named "SpywareBlaster v3.3" 4.) Download the latest SpywareBlaster installer from the link above and run it. 5.) Enjoy the new version of SpywareBlaster!
  6. Really, either way it doesn't matter. Whatever you think is easier.
  7. Either add help as great help or bad things will happen to you. I HAVE THE POWER
  8. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs
  9. $* this is not a vaild CCleaner command. You need the full path name.
  10. Does CCleaner "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe /AUTO" show up in msconfig? If so, is the Recycle Bin checked in System?
  11. TwistedMetal


    Feel free to read the Beginner's Guide.
  12. Not trying to sound bad or anything. It's a suggestion.... That's just plain out right lazy.
  13. CCleaner doesn't do anything to GoBack. Just wondering, but why do you need to revert?
  14. I actually suggested to MrG have it save it to backup folder in CCleaner directory.
  15. CPU: 3 (YES 3) Intel 3.2 GHz (Super computing power) Graphics: ATI 10MB embedded with 48 pipelines Polygons: 1 trillion I believe Hi Def: All games for Xbox 360 will be HDTV ready. It will run on any tv though. Disc Format: DVD More features: 512MB PC3200 Backwards compatible. Xbox Live ready right out of the box. Weither you have a xbox live account or not. Custom faceplates WiFi A, B, G ready You actually have a OS on Xbox 360. Watch trailers, download demos, cd audio playlists, friends, video chat, and so on.
  16. CCleaner Images Bored and just playing around with Photoshop.
  17. Have you tried the new dll in testing? http://forum.CCleaner.com/index.php?showtopic=1121 Let me know if it still crashing or not.
  18. Well, everyone post your link. Everyone click on everyone's elses link to help them out! It's in my Sig.
  19. Well, it's cleaning now. If you know what I mean.
  20. Looks like they did a late night release of 1.04 http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/ Change Log: MFSA 2005-44 Privilege escalation via non-DOM property overrides MFSA 2005-43 "Wrapped" java script: urls bypass security checks MFSA 2005-42 Code execution via java script: IconURL Fix to DHTML errors encountered at some web sites.
  21. I'm playing around with the autocomplete and it's not even cleaning it...
  22. TwistedMetal


    Hey, I want to complain. What if I want my monitor busted, on fire, and no tower? Huh? What do you have to say about that?
  23. What's the Run CCleaner when the computer starts Settings in Options then? BTW, it does do an /AUTO.
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