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  1. Hi Ishan, also I do not use this option very often, and can rename it myself when needed. It was just a small suggestion. Thanks for your reply.
  2. Hi lshan, understand your point. The tool is fast and small, that's it's strength. On the other hand with multiple cores and strong video cards..... The dark color fits with the colors I use, but indeed it's a bit too dark.See my picture. Thanks for your reply.
  3. Hi Ishan, this is only partly truth. Once a item is disabled in Starter it won't show up in msconfig. So there is more... I tried this with CCleaner. [btw: I was unaware of CCleanerin the startup section, till latest versions...] After disabling CCleanerin Starter it did not show up anymore in msconfig. In Starter it was still present, but disabled. Nevertheless, I was not searching for a way to disable starts, because there are many other tools that can do the job. I only suggested to add the option into CCleaner...
  4. After using the program for a long time, I started explaining the usage to colleagues, friends, etc. I am also part of a computer (hobby) club, where a lot of older people do come monthly. I have to explain them each time what some of the unreadable text does mean and what the buttons do. So I thought it would help to inform you about these ?errors?. Text corrections. ============ After setting to the Dutch language, some buttons have unreadable text. I?m not sure if this is the case in other languages too, but in Dutch they are present. Words are cut in an illogical way so a second
  5. Pimp your CCleaner?? ================ This is merely a nice-to-have than a need-to-have, but I?m sure users will appreciate it when they can change colors, background, etc. This does not have to be as complicated as Winamp with free shapes, etc. But it gives CCleaner a personal touch?.
  6. Save list installed programmes with date/time code. ==================================== In the Tools menu (Uninstall part) it is possible to write the installed programmes to a text file called ?install.txt?. But this overwrites the previous version... An improvement will be to add the date/time stamp to the file, similar to the way register-keys are stored. I?m not an expert in software writing, but to me it looks like using a part of the code for register savings again.
  7. Tip for tool section Startup. =================== For a long time I did check after installing a program if it added something to the Windows start section. E.g. Winamp would like users to add Winamp Agent to this section, so after starting the computer it is resident. Thus is consumes some of the computers memory. Also there are programs that are checking if there are newer versions of their software. The option to delete this from the startup section in CCleaner made this easier for me. But not always? Some programs do require a certain addition to the startup section or else won?
  8. Some time ago I proposed a fixed location for the reg-files (result from registry cleans). Perhaps it is an option to put this into the OPTION section, as setting that each user can fill in (either type-in or browse). Than it is controllable and the files are neatly placed into one (sub-)directory.
  9. Hi, I'm using CCleaner for some while now and am very pleased with it . [before this I used BeClean.] One of the nice things in CCleaner is the option to create/save a registry file with the keys that will be deleted. This in case a wrong key has been deleted . One can always return to the old situation . Although I never had to use this to go back to a previous state, I always did save the registry file . In order to keep things neatly on my computer I did creat a "regs" directory and stored the registry files there . But.... each time I have to walk through the directorie
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