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  1. I use yahoo free on it, I believe you can use hotmail too. Here is the program to do it with yahoo, YPOPs!
  2. Download from FileHippo.com Download from CCleaner.com Download from FileForum.com Download from SoftPedia.com Download from MajorGeeks.com Download from Download.com
  3. Come on, why would someone hack your account just to change location. It was funny though...
  4. TwistedMetal


    Maybe CCleaner should clean .log and .bak and .tmp files CCleaner does clean .log and .tmp. That's one of it's main features, based on program of course. Plus, it's always being worked on. Either by MrG to add to CCleaner or me working on it in winapp2.ini. .bak is a bad idea. #1. It will just recreate it. #2. Will have no .bak incase you have a problem. #3. Backup reasons. Empty files and folders is not a good. Files: 98% of the time they will recreate themselves or it will cause a program error. Folders: Can cause program errors. Program Files\Common Files\ can cause serious crashes with programs installed unless you know what you are doing. Clean what in Documents and Settings? CCleaner already does, a lot.
  5. If you want to reformat to put in a different OS (Example from Win98SE to XP) then you want a 98SE boot disk and do format c: /s But if you are just reformatting to have everything fresh, just pop in the CD, boot to CD, and let it do the rest.
  6. As of right now, no. This is a feature that has been requested many times.
  7. I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Born and raised in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.
  8. TwistedMetal


    TweakFX http://tweakfx.net/ TweakFX is a powerful, plugin-based configuration tool for Windows...
  9. Tarun, your hit counter and Members is going up fast.
  10. Yea, TUGZip is awesome. I have it, but it's no WinRAR.
  11. It could cause problems with other software, as they tend to write to the empty folders, backups, logs, and so on. Seems like a reasonable idea, but not good for Windows, or other programs.
  12. I have never had a Windows PC without installing TweakUI. It's just one of those must have tools for Windows.
  13. Name: MrG Location: UK Number: 1-900-SEXYMAN
  14. Would it be possible to pm or post the log of the cleaning?
  15. Well, I had no luck. It kept crashing for reasons I don't know. It's an HP piece of crap anyways.
  16. I'll install it on my ME computer and see if it does it.
  17. TwistedMetal


    You mean the registry backup? Just double click on the file.
  18. What entry is causing it. Use debug mode.
  19. King? Na, I am just the Messenger. I have added a lot, but most of them are from users of CCleaner who Personal Message me the entries. It's the users that keep it updated.
  20. It's for real, the Analyze isn't 100% accurate, so it may be alittle bit less or more. You would be surprised what I have seen CCleaner clean. It cleaned over 200MB on my friends computer. It's not just Windows tab, it's also Applications tab too. Do you have winapp2.ini? If not get it here. I bet it would even clean more. BTW, welcome to the CCleaner Forums. I am the Moderator and if you have any questions. Don't be afaird to ask. I am here to help!
  21. It seems to work and it's a nice looking program.
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