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  1. Whenever I run CCleaner on win98SE it disturbs the recycle bin size to 10%. I prefer to keep it at 0%. Is there any tweak to stop doing this ?? 2. Incidentally, it does not do so on winXP.
  2. ntechie

    Firefox Cache

    Thanks everyone!! The problem has been sorted out.
  3. ntechie

    Firefox Cache

    But I can,t find the provision to uncheck Mozilla/Firefox.
  4. ntechie

    Firefox Cache

    CCleaner, by default, is cleaning the Firefox Cache. Can it be tweaked not to do so??
  5. It still does the same. Incidentally, I am using the latest version 1.22.142.
  6. On win98SE, everytime CCleaner is run, the max size settings of recycle bin is changed to 10%. As a matter of practice, I keep it at zero. Therefore, everytime CCleaner is run, I have to reset to zero. Is there any tweak whereby it doesn,t interfere with recycle bin settings?? It doesn,t change settings in winXP.
  7. Visual Basic 6 stores its "Recent" files in c\ Documents and Settings\ Log in Password \ Local Settings\Temp and when I run CCleaner, this temp file is also cleaned. 2. Is there any method ( other than unchecking the "Temporary Files" in System part of CCleaner) whereby this particular folder can be excluded ?? 3. I am interested in cleaning all Temp files in the system to be cleaned other than this folder.
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