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  1. Tarun

    Ram Tool

    Your pagefile and RAM was most likely freed of memory by an application closing or being minimized.
  2. Tarun

    Ram Tool

    Those things never work. The idea you can "clean" or "defragment" your RAM is a common Windows myth.
  3. Tarun


    All you ever need to know about MySpace and why to avoid it.
  4. Tarun

    Google Web creator

    Links usually help.
  5. Tarun


    Under services.msc is where you get the information.
  6. Tarun


    This is what happens when people play with their services. Leave them alone, as the defaults. Action > Export List... > Unicode (Comma Delimited)
  7. We had two at the shop that were generic and they were causing problems with the laptop batteries getting charged.
  8. Start > Run regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\MyDocs.dll
  9. I've easily recreated the issue on my Virtual PC.
  10. I use PerfectDisk. Found it works better than Diskeeper.
  11. Googled, went to site. Still there. :\
  12. Tarun

    Binary code

    I'll PM it to you. You may want to tag this to the end: 00111111
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