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  1. I need a solid state drive. Hopefully this will drop the prices for them.
  2. thank you, its a good balance, I've gotten bored of the overload from Windowblinds and w/e else i had.
  3. are you making sure that you are connecting your VGA cord into the the back of the 7300 (with a dvi to vga converter.) And not just connecting it into your motherboards existing Integrated graphics VGA port.
  4. hmmmm you should be in 11th grade.
  5. Here's where I disagree with you Rridgely I would def'ly pay for an OS if it came out from a smaller company, or I would've bought Windows when it was first released, ( i dont remember the orignial names but the ones way before 95) but now when it comes down to it, f*** MS , if i DO or DON'T pirate it, I dont care, MS has to learn how to deal wiht this s**t, and if they have to combat software pirating by penalizing the LEGAL consumer, I say f*** them, and f*** the true consumer, if you don't like it, do the best thing you can do and put another OS on your computer. Sorry for my excessive run
  6. uhhh yeah, mercury, bromine, hydrogen, oxygen, gallium, there are many liquids that are "waterless". Just look at the periodic table. not to bash you, but if you were trying to be clever and ask a hypothetical question, you failed horribly.
  7. "If consumers even know there's a DRM, what it is, and how it works, we've already failed" - Disney Executive. damn good quote, i'll have to use it.
  8. yeah, i ran the other day, and man, i didnt even get winded and the person next to me was DYING. I know I'm getting healthier but it might just be the Creatine Monohydrate thats been giving me this endurance.
  9. if Raptor has a 3 year limited warranty or any of that such always go with the retail if not go with the OEM. My athlon 64 just died on me the other day and now im working with amd to get it rma'd.
  10. I've done a majority of drugs recreationally, yes, I enjoyed them and the experiences but I was very responsible with everything I did. One thing that seperated me from others is that I never smoked to get "Stoned" I only smoked a little so that i could relax and get chilled. I've typed so many things on this website when I was under the influence. But wiht anything of these sorts, weed, speed, drinking. I preach the utmost responsiblity on these things, cause if you are going to inebriate or alter your state of mind, you better know what the hell you are doing or you are going to hurt yoursel
  11. hmm.. my fav words ever spit out on a song are: Immortal Technique: 4th branch "this is the information they keep back from Peter Jennings, cause Condaleeza Rice is just a new-age Sally Hemmings." "Cuz i won't trade humanity for patriotism" "It's like MKULTRA controlling your brain, causing your perspective to change." Another one of his songs: "I've got skills unused, like the fallopian tubes of a dike."
  12. Ha, 7950 gx2, it will last a while.... yeah maybe until DX10 comes out.
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