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  1. I can answer 1 of them questions. Created registry value. Safe to remove: R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer,(Default) = www.google.com R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar = www.google.com R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = www.google.com R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings,ProxyOverride = All perfectly legitimate entries. Why are you recommending their removal? He's not, Safe to remove: it's a program generated log. He made a program for reading HiJackThis logs. It explains everything in the log for easy reading, you can choose to remove it or not.
  2. Post your winapp2 entry of Ghost and I will look at it.
  3. where did you get it at? Unless the the version history text file was messed with.
  4. I think everyone over looked this thread, I have never seen it before until today...
  5. Yea, that's why I said I updated it abit.
  6. Ok, did I set winapp2.ini thread to invisible? Am I the only one that can see it?
  7. Sure it does, it also overrides any entry in winapp.ini.
  8. I have somthing like that. Sometimes I have to click the link a few times for it to work. It's rare though.
  9. Cleaner > Applications > Applications, if you don't have MS Office listed then you have nothing to worry about. It doesn't do any harm to Office or deletes documents or anything like that. It's that if you have custom settings or custom toolbars in Office it will go back to the default settings. Several people don't like the way CCleaner does the cleaning on Office, but this is the only way to clear the recent opened list.
  10. Ok, before anything bad starts. Please read! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and yes... My post was kind of harsh and I apologize, I was just mad at the time. If any flaming starts between CCleaner and Web User. This thread will be deleted immediately. If you post, post in a nice and non rude manner. This is the only warning!
  11. Kerio? <-- Never used it. Sygate? <-- Never use it. Outpost Free? <-- Never used it. Zone Alarm? <-- Been using it for years. Hope that kind of helps.
  12. I updated it abit. You can't type. Comapny?
  13. Added GIANT AntiSpyware and Microsoft AntiSpyware. Add a program to winapp2.ini
  14. I just need proof that them files are real is all...
  15. No, his typing would suggest he is 5-6 years old. You can't go by that...
  16. can you provide proof by any chance?
  17. Me and TheWhistlingCricket were talking about this last night and I didn't want to mess with MS AntiSpyware for just 1 file. But, since it is requested... I also found more Windows cleaning (referring to .Net) but I will have to do some research on it before I add it. I am unsure on a few things.
  18. Awesome, I just watched it online.
  19. Record it or something, I want to see it.
  20. winapp.ini gets replaced every new version. I will talk to MrG and see if this can get added in the next version.
  21. Firefox, they are probably running CCleaner while Firefox is open. This is easy to correct... Spybot & Ad-Aware cleaning features are less than clear, that's just bull@#$! right there. #1. CCleaner's cleaning on them applications is just common cleaning standards. #2. You can always open up any of the ini's and see what it cleans. Uncheck all boxes under 'Applications'. That's just retarded, even a user with basic Windows knowledge could see none of the entries cleans "required" application files. Just common log, MRU's, and backups that are useless. I have no reason to lie nor am I just saying this because I am a Moderator. I became a Moderator because I liked CCleaner and wanted to help anyway I can. The only box you should uncheck is MS Office if you use it alot or have custom settings. As for Issues, yes it does have it's corks. It sometimes does find registry keys that are vaild, just look over them. If you are unsure, just unselect it. You should always back up your registry before using any registry cleaning program anyways. I just don't think they even took the time to actually see what it cleans nor do I think they even have any basic knowledge of the programs they use or Windows. I will put it this way, you give me an application I have never used before and I will have CCleaner cleaning all traces of using that program (if possible). They have no knowledge of Windows or the applications they use. They are entitled to their own opinion, as am I. But, I love the way people say CCleaner crashed or messed up my system, or something along them lines. They never have any details on what caused it, (if it even was CCleaner). We have not received any posts saying any of the problems stated on they are saying. There are some really smart pc techs on this forum that use this program for work related and never has it caused any of the problems stated. Do as you wish.....
  22. Na, not really. It didn't even work, they made an update for it and it still didn't work.
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