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  1. Bavaria

    Boot problem

    I understand the idea,but: It was working until now.I did not change any pin location. I was changing the boot options in bios, and it was working....until now. Thx anyway! Other ideas?
  2. Bavaria

    Boot problem

    I have installed in my pc, 2 hard drives(both with windows installed). When i select to boot from the second hard drive ,it doesn't work anymore,it starts all the time from the 1 hard drive(master). It was working a few days ago ,to boot from the second hard drive Any suggestions? Thx!
  3. How can I reduce the size of a file Quick Time Movie? The size is about 5MG and I want to be under 1MB. Thx!
  4. Bavaria


    Type in google....Eldmannen
  5. Bavaria


    Strange.I have version 6.0.667.000 since 6 september. I cannot find any update
  6. Interesting.I dont like that music anyway.
  7. I have been in a few countries in Europe,in US and of course in Canada..i live there.
  8. I am born in Romania,East Europe, and this is the symbol of my country
  9. \\ What is the connection?
  10. The taxes are not very bad in US!
  11. What they force you to do?
  12. The isp that i use ,is Bell.They have the same crap internet security.Like i said on another topic,the computer was crashing each day.So yes,you dont need protection if the computer is off Because of their software, i changed my computer.After i installed the software on another computer,same thing. I dont suggest to anyone, to install this "security program". Just my opinion...
  13. You can Download Arovax Shield for free from our Download Page. Thank you! -Arovax <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I installed Arovax .Is ok Thank you!
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