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  1. Firefox, they are probably running CCleaner while Firefox is open. This is easy to correct... Spybot & Ad-Aware cleaning features are less than clear, that's just bull@#$! right there. #1. CCleaner's cleaning on them applications is just common cleaning standards. #2. You can always open up any of the ini's and see what it cleans. Uncheck all boxes under 'Applications'. That's just retarded, even a user with basic Windows knowledge could see none of the entries cleans "required" application files. Just common log, MRU's, and backups that are useless. I have no reason to lie nor am I just saying this because I am a Moderator. I became a Moderator because I liked CCleaner and wanted to help anyway I can. The only box you should uncheck is MS Office if you use it alot or have custom settings. As for Issues, yes it does have it's corks. It sometimes does find registry keys that are vaild, just look over them. If you are unsure, just unselect it. You should always back up your registry before using any registry cleaning program anyways. I just don't think they even took the time to actually see what it cleans nor do I think they even have any basic knowledge of the programs they use or Windows. I will put it this way, you give me an application I have never used before and I will have CCleaner cleaning all traces of using that program (if possible). They have no knowledge of Windows or the applications they use. They are entitled to their own opinion, as am I. But, I love the way people say CCleaner crashed or messed up my system, or something along them lines. They never have any details on what caused it, (if it even was CCleaner). We have not received any posts saying any of the problems stated on they are saying. There are some really smart pc techs on this forum that use this program for work related and never has it caused any of the problems stated. Do as you wish.....
  2. Na, not really. It didn't even work, they made an update for it and it still didn't work.
  3. I found Azureus to be a system hog on my pc, plus it's written in java (not that stable).
  4. I have found BitLord to be the best torrent client yet...
  5. No, it means I have tried, and tried to get it to work with no sucess.
  6. It needs to clear the .Evt and not the .evt. I have already done everything I can with the Events, nothing can be done. Them files are always in use, so you can't delete them even if you wanted to. And yes, it clears it, and doesn't actually delete the file.
  7. I don't know, isn't that the whole point of this thread. It's pointless and doesn't make any sense.
  8. You should get something like this: Details of files deleted ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IE Temporary Internet Files (42 files) 0.15MB Marked for deletion: C:\Documents and Settings\TwistedMetal\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\index.dat Marked for deletion: C:\Documents and Settings\TwistedMetal\Cookies\index.dat Marked for deletion: C:\Documents and Settings\TwistedMetal\Local Settings\History\History.IE5\index.dat Marked for deletion means you must restart your computer in order for the index.dat to be deleted. Once you run IE the index's.dat are recreated. I hope this answers your question.
  9. They are excepting to come out with 1.05 in the next few weeks. One of the main bug fixes for it, is dealing with javascript pop-ups. Personally, I don't have a problem with javascript at all. NoScript is a killer at controlling javascript.
  10. Usually if you uninstall programs it leaves registry settings referring to the file extension. All CCleaner does is removes the invaild extension registry key. I run Issues without backing them up (I trust CCleaner that much). "If" something does go wrong for whatever reason, just back it up. But, I have never had any problems. It has removed 119 invaild entries on my Windows ME computer and it hasn't had one problem.
  11. There are none that I know of.
  12. It's actually a good tool, it fixes certain Windows problems. IE: Windows Update and so on.
  13. I have had or used every OS up to XP. I like XP by far better than the others, never had 1 crash or error (caused by Windows that is...). Seems very stable.
  14. I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance! GEICO
  15. TwistedMetal

    check disk

    run chkdsk maybe....
  16. Feel free to remove whatever you like from winapp.ini, it's your freedom. We had more complaining about Office not being cleaned, so everything was added back. It does come at a small price though.
  17. The main problem with this is bandwidth. Every user would use this and the CCleaner server would go down because of too much bandwidth being used.
  18. There maybe settings or history stuff the program itself keeps, but uses the IE engine. So, it will be cleaned when you run CCleaner. I'll have a look at it in the afternoon for ya.
  19. Post suggestions here, that's what it is for.
  20. Welcome to the Beginner?s Guide to CCleaner (Crap Cleaner)! Version: 2.10.618 There are now 2 versions, there is a help file, and there is an online help file. BeginnersGuide.zip ( 64.71k ) Off-site Mirror BeginnersGuide.zip CCleaner Beginner's Guide There is also a printable version of CCleaner Beginner's Guide. CCleaner Beginner's Guide Printable Version If you have any concerns or question about this guide, feel free to email me at twistedmetal@internetrotsyourbrain.com. BeginnersGuide.zip
  21. 1..... Why uninstall? No need too. 2..... It's been suggested long time ago, not sure what is going to happen.
  22. Heatwave? Try living in Phoenix, 110 during the days and around 98-100 at nights. It's 12:17am and 99 degress outside...
  23. Yep. It will have even more support of cleaning Firefox when this new version comes out.
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