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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, but I think I need to clarify some things. Firstly, I grabbed AVG after the problem started and have only run the program once to see if there was anything on the system. Secondly, and for the sake of this problem all the more relevant; the System Idle Process is high (as its suppose to be) but the CPU usage is still maxing out at the 100%. I'm not on the busted laptop now or else I would have posted a screen shot, but the Idle is in the high 90's, other stuff is bouncing around the 5-10 range depending on what i'm trying to do, but the computer overall usage is
  2. Hi all, was wondering if anyone here has any ideas what the problem could be with this computer. Start-up takes a long time, and the audio skips a lot as windows is loading. After a few minutes, the system seems to be running fine, as in navigating windows is quick and the CPU usage in the task manager is low (0 - 5%). Then when you go to run a video, audio, or internet program it all craps out and the usage goes to 100% and basically just stays there, all the while the System Idle Process is still very high (90-95%). I have installed and ran two virus/malware programs (trendmicro and AVG)
  3. Hi all, I've been silent on the forums for quite a while now with school picking up in my final year, but I have still been reading some of the posts. Anyway, onto my question: I have a Dell Inspiron 700m and I've been having some troubles with the DVD reading recently. I'm fairly sure I have a few viruses on my computer but in a few weeks when exams are done I'm gonna format anyway so I'm not all that concerned with killing them, but I was curious if these viruses could be the reason for the sketchy playback I've recently been experiencing with my DVD player. My CPU usage goes through t
  4. they showed us the forktruck pic when I was doing my training. Along with that one they also showed a series of videos where the trucks kept flipping over due to operator error, the error where often more stupidity than lack of training.
  5. Hockey all the way! As a born and bred Canadian its basically instilled to us from before we can walk. I was skating on the pond when I was 3. As for fav team, its the Edmonton Oilers, however the next few years are going to be rough. Golf and Tennis are great too, but they're much too elitist for us blue collar workers.
  6. kinda off topic here, but i'm sitting here watching Swordfish and the uber computers they are using are Dell. Not that this is reality, but I agree with Andavari, Dell makes some pretty solid comps too. I've had nothing but success with my Dell's over the years, all you need to do is get rid of the pre-installed crap and you're set.
  7. it says Symantec reported it, I wonder if Norton did as well, haha, that would be too perfect if it did not
  8. i got 7 of 9 (no this is not STVoyager humour), which i think was pretty good considering i got the first 2 wrong...
  9. This one is gold, this has to be one of the easiest programs to get around my campus, and the real kicker, if you don't have it and know how to use it then you will get nailed hard in the interviews when the company's ask you about it. I'm not saying its right to have it just because everyone else does, but its a definite disadvantage to not have it. Personally I have a copy of it, but the only time i really use it is at work where their copy is real, so what is the real harm anyway.
  10. Isn't unlocker only a trial app? its been a long while since i used it but i seem to remember it only being good for 30 days or so, if this has changed can you confirm.
  11. my firend has searched and downloaded everything he can think of from the site that might apply, so hopefully Sony will tell us what to do, on another note, is there a way to set up a keyboard shortcut (ie. Fn+F9) that would set it to a desired brightness, such as two shortcut keys that would go to the extremes? thankx for the info
  12. hi all, I just formatted my friends new Sony Vaio SZ 420 laptop with Vista, and since sony suckx, they don't sell their stuff with the restore disks. anyhow, after much searching i have set up the computer with everything working fine except the brightness keyboard shortcuts. Any idea how to get these working again or do i need to get the restore disks from Sony? thankx for the help
  13. Agreed, also, a friend of mine told me this (not sure if its true or not), he said these two presidents were the only two non-Masons...hmm
  14. thanks for the reply, I'm thinking my best bet will be Dublin, but a friend of mine is pressuring me into going to Galway so we shall see. I'm gonna check out that site and post something there. if i think of anything else i want to ask you i post here or just pm you. thanks again
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