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  1. Tarun, the report was in a UK magazine which has built its reputation on independence. I just wondered if anyone's experience of it was as good.
  2. I read a report comparing many of the different anti-virus programs. Kaspersky was the only to clear 100% of the viruses (AVG did badly, 79% I think). It also didn't slow the computer down as much as most others. Anyone any experience of it?
  3. My apologies. Phoned them up, it's all sorted (why did I not do that along time ago?!), will now do what you suggested.
  4. I meant to add, it will send it to me, but only to my old email address, and I can't find a way to update my details. [checking that again now]
  5. Wow! Quick reply, thanks! The only problem is there is one site I go to (Which) that I can't remember my password for, and can't find anyway on the site to change it or get it resent to me. Will carrying out your instructions affect this?
  6. My computer now remembers everything that I tap into any search engine. Can CC clear this? It never used to remember this stuff, have I inadvertently changed some preference? I've looked for it but found nothing. (windows xp pro and internet explorer)
  7. I've used both for a while now. Avast is definitly better, but AVG will still find things that Avast doesn't from time to time.
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