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  1. The font size is soooooo small when I analye, I can't see to find out what each file means, its so tiny. Is there a way in CCleaner that I could change size? I don't see any option here. It's not my sight as I see very well, it's just this one program. Are you guys having the same problem? Thank all so much !
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    What about under "advanced" files like menu order cache, window size/location cache....them files? should I put a check in them too or leave it alone? It seems a little scarey to me where I'm new at this. Thanks guys
  3. poppypod


    hi everyone, I'm new here and new to CCleaner. When I do the analyzing in CCleaner I don't know whats good or bad, I'm afraid I'm deleting something good if I click the "run cleaner" button. Could someone please help me out on this? Thank you in advance
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