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  1. Thanks, but what I meant, I guess, was to make it automatically clean each time a browser is shut down, thus cleaning internet files everytime. Thank you. Thank you. Oh yeah. What I would like to see is the ability to choose an entire url (website address i.e. yahoo.com or msn.com) and not just individual cookies, thus allowing all cookies from a particular "safe" site. Thanks for everything. DAVE.
  2. I love this program. I install it on all my friends computers or tell them about it. I was wondering, is there any future plan to make the program automatic (i.e. Webroot's Window Washer). First, the program starts when Windows starts; and when a browser is closed or Windows is closed or starts, the washer does its work. Also, invisible mode when active. And any plans to add a cleaning of file slack space and unused hard drive space? Also, any plan to make the cleaning progress at varied security levels with multi pass, random pass, algorithming, and random generating of overwrite data (i.e. DOD Meathod: A high security 7 pass sanitize method, matching the U.S. Department of Defense standards (DOD 5220.22-M). The method is implemented as described below: 1. Randomly generated character A; 2. Complement of character A; 3. Randomly generated data stream 4. Randomly generated character B; 5. Randomly generated character C; 6. Complement of character C; 7. Randomly generated data stream). And one more question: I am very leary to use the Issues function of the program, being concerned about making changes to the registry. Are the files CCleaner selects for deletion in this mode safe to remove? Oh yeah, one more question: How about the ability to keep certain cookies and safe sites for cookies? Thank you, Dave.
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