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    Hey, just looked and internet temp files not being cleaned what gives????
  2. KM1


    I just updated and the program runs much slower on my Windows XP SP2 fully updated system than the most recent version before this. It actually takes two runs of the green progress bar to finish. I run it everytime I go off IE7 or Firefox so there is no buildup of files. Is it cleaning more areas or is there a problem. KM1
  3. Just got a new notebook. Love CCleaner on my Windows XP but does it work as well on Vista or not at all? Anyone Try.? How about Spywareblaster that work on vista or Spybot Search & Destroy? Anyone know? KM1
  4. Thanks, works great. KM1
  5. OK, great. Is that the correct line though? I just don't want it to mess up the custom settings in word 2003. Cannot seem to locate that old post where you had given me the line that needed to be deleted. I don't mind the other cleaning it does in office, at least I don't think I do. I have not seen any ill effects at this point. Problem for us is that my wife has certain settings in options and in autocorrect that she would have to change back after everytime I cleaned with CCleaner, and I use it alot. KM1
  6. twistedmetal, can I just delete line hkup10 in office 2003 again to keep CCleaner from messing up custom options as I did with the last version or is there something different I should do? KM1
  7. TwistedMetal, That worked great. Did not change my settings. I saved the key in a word doc just in case it caused problems, but so far, worked fine. Other then these settings, what exactly does not get cleared in office now that this key is deleted. I noticed that there are still 9 other keys left, so what functionality have I lost. KM1 PS-Thanks for your help, it was awesome.
  8. OK thanks. Just to make sure these keys are in the winapp.ini file not in regedit correct. I will check this when I get home, Thanks again. KM1
  9. Twisted Metal, Would like to know if the old .ini file can be used to make CCleaner not change settings in word 2003. If not is there a new.ini file I can use so that CCleaner does not erase my wifes custom settings. Any help finding the link to this file would be helpful. I can't seem to find the old link and I do not know if this is ther right one for the new version anyway. Also, If I remember correctly, all I need to do is download the zip file, unzip it, and drop it in the CCleaner folder. It then asks me if I want to replace the existing file, I click yes and I am done. Is that
  10. I just downloaded the updated version of CCleaner. I understand that this version has been changed back to cleaning out Office Custom options. My question is this. I went into Word 2003 after running CCleaner to see what had changed. I had all my toolbars that I selected, I had the date button I created and all other buttons I selected were left alone. However, in autocorrect it re-checked my capitalize first letter of a sentence option and rechecked the box's for automatic bulleted lists and automatic numberer lists. It also rechecked ignore words in uppercase in the spelling & gram
  11. Tarun, I was improperly selecting my default page in IE internet options. It had nothing to do with CCleaner. Took a while to figure out, but thanks for your response. KM1
  12. TwistedMetal: I uninstalled and during the last reinstall I noticed that their is an option to add a shortcut to the desk top and below this is the option to add a shortcut to the programs. This second one is a check box that I unchecked on install. Is this the reason that it did not show in the all programs list. Is that what the second checkbox is for?? Second question, I noticed that when I run CCleaner it changes the homepage on IE I had replaced the original with. Why is this. Is their a way for CCleaner to leave the homepage I want in IE as is? Thanks, any further help w
  13. Do you think I should uninstall and reinstall or just copy the Icon to the folder you have listed??? KM1
  14. I just installed CCleaner on my daughters computer and it is not in the Menu list of all programs. I click Start > All Programs and cannot find it. However, it is in add/remove and is located on the C drive. Since I did not choose to install a desktop Icon, I just added a shortcut using the icon in the CCleaner folder from its folder on the C drive. How do I add the program to my programs list? Also, does this mean I did not have a clean install and should uninstall and reinstall again. Seems to work fine. Any help would be appreciated. KM1
  15. Exactly what settings will change in word so I know what to check when the new version comes out? KM1
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