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    Roxio Go Back

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ TARUN: Well, I've narrowed down the possibilities. I did the following: 1. I check the Go Back history and "safe points." It gave a list going back 14 hours. 2. In Norton's SW, I did the "Clean Sweep" 3. Checked Go Back again, same list. 4. Did the leftovers to clean in CCleaner. 5. Checked the Go Back again, same list going back to 14 hrs. prior safe points. 6. Did this for several days.....always had a list of safe points. 7. Last night, I did a defrag after the cleaning. Checked Go Back again, no safe points. I've never noticed before that defrag would eliminate Go Back's ability to keep a list of safe points. So, I'm puzzled and wonder why defrag does this.? I like to daily defrag because it keeps my computer running good and I deal with alot of changes in graphics and photos. Does any of this make sense?? Thanks in advance for any further comments.
  2. marc822

    Roxio Go Back

    Well, during the day after CClean, I had an error on something and wanted to revert the Hard drive back to the previous setting(s). That's what Go Back is for, right? Anyway, thanks for the info.
  3. marc822

    Roxio Go Back

    I'm noticing that after using CCleaner, I needed to revert my harddrive but GB's is telling me there are no "safe points" (whatever it's called) saved. Is there something in CCleaner that's erasing these 'points'??
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