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  1. Big thanx for the "slim-version"! /SwedenXP
  2. Where can I find the slim-version? Caus I don?t want the toolbars! /SwedenXP
  3. Installed MS Live Messenger and got swamped with crap files all with the extension .sqm They are located at; C:\ and C:\Documents and Settings\Computer-ID\Application Data\Microsoft\MSN Messenger\MSN-number and I would like to clean them out! So please add Live Messenger .sqm file to the CCleaner "cleanable" files From a hot and sunny Sweden / SwedenXP
  4. Told You so... / SwedenXP It rained today...
  5. Good idea - since this is an updated translation... From a sunny and warm Sweden / SwedenXP ps. by the way - I?m a great fan of CCleaner
  6. Some of the new swedish translation sucks! I am referring to everything related to "Issues" (in the english translation) it has been translated to something that is synonymous to "discharge" and so on. The previous translation was better... At least from a swedish point of view. Please fix it. From a very sunny Sweden / SwedenXP By the way - the program works fine!
  7. To elf_sander Big thanx, I will try Your suggestion. / SwedenXP
  8. Dear TwistedMetal - no problema I?m a lazy guy But I still think this would be a good idea... From a sunny Sweden / SwedenXP
  9. Thanx for at great program! This is what I like to have... Besides the "Run Cleaner" button I would like an "Run and reboot" and a "Run and shutdown" button - that would make it perfect for me From a sunny Sweden / SwedenXP
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