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  1. Opera and some of the IE shells had tabs before FF did.
  2. Opera is about 10 if not older I think.
  3. Using Truecrypt was something I read about when researching how to do this. If I remember correctly you have to have admin privileges on the machine you will be using the thumb drive on.
  4. I want to do this because I have a large collection of portable apps that I run off my thumb drive. Most of them if installed into the Portable Apps.com start menu work as they should not matter what the thumb drive letter is. I am also using Rocket Dock portably and with a little tweaking of paths it will recognize all the apps on the dock no matter what the drive letter is. The problem is with the Stack Docklet. I point it to a folder on the thumb drive and in that folder I put short cuts to other programs. Problem is the short cuts will not let me modify the path. Windows say it's not valid
  5. Down them all as Dennis said is good. I also find the build download manager/accelerator in IE7 Pro pretty good to. Maxthon 2 also has a built in download manager/accelerator that is good.
  6. Ha Ha. Funny thing about that is that you and your partner also get paid from people's taxes.
  7. I would not be surprised at all to find out it was in fact an inside job. Your intelligence agencies are out of control. Never under estimate the lengths a government will go to control it's people. Think about it. Your government BS'd about weapons of mass destruction and went to war illegally invading a county without justification causing thousands of deaths. I agree with you about the financial mess Obama will cause. That's why I said his presidency will be a disaster. Your country is a close to a socialist government as it has ever been. The level of government intervention in the
  8. Obama can thank Bush for his win. I'm sure many voted "for" Obama but many more voted "against" the Republicans and how can you blame them with a POS like Bush as president for 8 years. I personally think Obama will be a disaster as president. Socialism doesn't work. This guy "spreading the wealth" sounds pretty Socialist to me. He became the first black president at a very bad time. He has inherited a financial disaster zone. If the reports and experts are correct we are in for a huge global recession and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. These things just have to play themsel
  9. Go makes some more desktops
  10. The seal hunt disgusts me. Nothing more cowardly than an inbred with a club attacking a totally helpless seal pup and skinning it alive. I was amused the last hunt when one of the hunters was killed because of some screw up. Can't remember exactly what happened but I do remember the news shows showing everybody acting like it was tragedy. Guy got exactly what he deserved. Now all we need is a polar bear to get a hold of one of these inbreds and make some human stew out of him and the seals feed on him. I believe thats called poetic justice.
  11. How many lions did it take? One on one that battle would last 2 seconds and there would be lion pancakes being served.
  12. The point was the lions lost because of the lengths the buffalos went to protecting their young. I get it. I enjoyed watching them get their rear ends kicked in the process. I don't like how lions gang up. I find it cowardly and I don't respect them as a species. This video is more like it. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=VBlPelKUH6I&...feature=related . The buffalo go hunting lions and pound one into crap.
  13. Nice. I hate lions. They are cowardly sniveling POS animals. A nice ending would have them being trampled into dust than $hit upon by the water buffalos.
  14. That is the problem. After 7 years of development the new OS (Vista) should be a lot more than "isn't that bad". It is not an upgrade and requires some serious hardware and tweaking to get it as good as XP. As for the new Task Bar it's ugly. It looks like XP's Task Bar if you double it's size which I don't do. The features are not bad though.
  15. Check this video out. Looks like Microstupid is copying the Mac OS with a dock type task bar. I love Microcrap's originality. The "peak" feature is pretty nice though. http://lifehacker.com/5075076/new-windows-...re-look-awesome From what I have seen so far Windows 7 is an improvement over Vista but nothing special. They sure seem to be fast tracking this OS which is an admission IMO that Microsoft knows Vista is a flop even if they don't publicly admit it.
  16. Another annoying thing is you don't get the install disks any more. You are expected to make a recovery disk and use that. If you were given the disks than you could just start fresh with a clean install but no you get a system loaded with junk and than you make a recovery disk of that image so you are always stuck with a totally bloated crap Microcarp system. I guess you could go ut and buy a copy of Vista separately and put in on the machine but that is BS since you paid for it already when you bought the machine. I was in the Future Shop today looking at net books. Many came with XP bec
  17. 15 inch HP laptop with 3 gig of RAM, 250 GB HD and AMD processor the exact spec I'm not sure off hand but it's a decent one. It idles at over half a gig. It's not as snappy as my machines not even close but I probably could tweak it if I spend some time on it. There are like 60+ processes running and I'm sure I could cut that at least in half. My XP machines have 18-20 processes running on start up. I don't like Vista for many reasons. They made a lot of pointless changes to the UI that seem to me made simply for the sake of changing not for any functional reason. It's bloated and sl
  18. It's a pride thing. If it was a money thing they would keep XP around because there a millions of people putting off buying new machines because they can't get one without the Vista infection on it. I am one. There are many nice deals on Windows machines and I would have jumped on one except they all have Vista. So my next purchase is a Mac. You lose Microcrap. I will never buy a machine with Vista on it. I set the GF's machine up with Vista and I hate it. It's not because I am resistant to change because I'm not. if I was I wouldn't even be considering a Mac which will be huge change.
  19. They should just keep XP than. They won't do that though because they will be admitting Vista is crap. Stupid pride on Microsoft's part. Doesn't change the reality though.
  20. I read many similar solutions but that is for giving your USB drive a permanent letter on a specific machine so every time that drive is plugged in to your home machine for example the machine assigns is a specific letter. What I want to do is make the USB thumb drive have a permanent letter on any machine I use it on. So I need to find a way to make the thumb drive always be "x" or "f" or what ever letter I am going to go with. There are several sites that recommend batch files that will run when the drive is plugged in and assign a letter to it. I am hoping there is a simple program
  21. Whats the easiest way to permanently assign a drive letter to a USB thumb drive? I have searched this but most of the solutions have been about creating batch files or scripts. Is there a simple program available that will assign a letter permanently to my thumb drives or some other method that will do it?
  22. It rolls back automatically. No reinstall of IE6 necessary. As YoKenny asked why do you want to roll back? Neither IE is worth crap but IE7 is less crappy than IE6 which is a giant turd. Switch to Firefox or Opera or both and trade in the horse and carriage for a Ferrari.
  23. Yes just go into add/remove programs and uninstall IE7. It will roll back to IE6 If you installed SP3 after you installed IE7 you will see that IE7 is grayed out in add/remove programs and can't be uninstalled. In this case you must uninstall SP3 than uninstall IE7. Typical MS BS.
  24. Yes very nice machine. How reliable it is a different thing. Performance wise it's a serious machine. It looks as if a GM |Chrysler merger is just about a done deal. GM grasping for life by buying more problems. Thousands of jobs are gone if this goes through and several brands. This was unthinkable 10 or 15 years ago. They should just go bankrupt re structure kill their unionized over paid lazy incompetent work forces and start new.
  25. I have owned several GM's and they were all POSIMO's. Nothing but problems. The dealership experience was even worse. It's no surprise to me GM and Ford are in the position the are in. They deserve it and should die as quickly as possible. MS is just as arrogant and makes a product just as flawed as GM and Ford. Their decline is now in progress and gaining momentum. I'm amazed at the number of Macs I see around now. Microsoft is becoming a bad word and has a very un cool factor with the kids. This is where MS is going to shoot it's self in the head. This a generational type change that ca
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