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  1. I use the zip version so no tool bar BS for me. I tried the FF plugin option in the settings but it did not work. Could be because I use the zip version or because I use FF portable. Is there a plugin for FF in the Foxit install folder? There isn't in mine. I don't really like the a PDF reader opening PDFs in my browser any ways.
  2. I tried out chrome but as has been mentioned it's so basic it was not very good for me since I am used to using heavily modified FF and Opera. Chrome has some serious potential though if and when it gets extension support. There is a huge community that will make extensions for it. Hopefully they will integrate some of the great Google applications into it. You would think the Google Tool Bar or most of it's feature would be built right in. Gmail, Google Bookmarks, Calendar etc should be right there. I give chrome a year if that and it will be a much different browser than it is now.
  3. I don't see the problem here. There are two versions of Flash. One for IE and one for non IE browsers such as FireFox and Opera. You need both if you want to use Flash in each browser. This is how it is and is supposed to be. If you have all kinds of Flash files all over the place try doing a proper uninstall with the proper tool and than doing clean installs of Flash. Updating over current versions of Flash is something I don't do. Here is the tool run it and it will gut your machine of Flash. http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewConten...rnalId=tn_14157
  4. Yeah but you actually think IE is a good browser so that says a lot Windows is a massive security hole. There are millions of Macs in use why is there no security problems like there is with Windows. I keep hearing the BS about not many Macs out there so nobody feels it's worth messing with them. That is a total joke. There are millions of them in use and the fact that they haven't been seriously messed with would be all the more reason for some body to want to. The fact is it's not easy to do because it's a superior product. The more research I do the more I see this.
  5. You must have used the Windows installer version. I never do. I use the classic installer which does give you the option to custom uninstall. Also has less problems than the Windows installer version. With the classic installer when you uninstall and choose custom you get several screens listing all the Reg entries and folders and files and you can choose what you want to keep or delete. I select "all" and delete everything. If you ever reinstall Opera use the Classic installer. You can see it on this page http://www.opera.com/browser/download/?os=....62&local=y It's not easy to find
  6. It depends how you install Opera. If you used the Windows installer version it will put the profile in C\Documents and Settings\User\ Application Data\ Opera. If you installed it with the classic installer and for a single user everything is in the installation directory in C\Program Files\ Opera. Clean out both locations. During Opera's uninstall process you are given the option to do a custom uninstall and if you select it you will be able to select everything. A regular uninstall will leave the profile behind in case you want to reinstall not because it's a POS like Norton.
  7. Yes I am a big fan of the car unions. Everybody knows if it wasn't for the unions GM would have died long ago. The unions are the best thing that ever happened to the North American car companies. GM, Ford, and Chrysler are privileged to have them working there. We are privileged to be able to buy the cars they build and don't any of you ever forget it or they won't let you buy their cars any more
  8. Hey Humpty don't forget your tin foil hat you might be vulnerable there My best security tip is get a Mac
  9. I only want a car made by UAW/CAW members because they make the best and it's my obligation to keep them employed
  10. Then send a new set or whole computer. Bottom line this is their problem and they are making it yours and they can go _ _ _ _ them selves.
  11. Still you are obviously being inconvenienced.
  12. Why you fighting with th new mouse? Demand they send you a replacement of the original.
  13. Yes a reunion would be huge even if they didn't write anything new and just toured playing their old material.
  14. Like Paul Rogers and Queen. Gary Cherone and Van Halen. Black Sabbath and Ian Gillan. I better stop I'm going to puke
  15. Even with not having the health care premiums in Canada the big three are still in trouble here while Toyota is opening a new plant. We could debate this till hell freezes over bottom line the big three are finished and it's their own fault. When I say "their own" I mean the union, the management, the designers, engineers, etc, the whole organization and I don't think they should be bailed out and rewarded for stupidity and greed with tax payers money. We will never see the money back and they will be back for more.
  16. I didn't like Izzy's solo stuff at all. Than again he wasn't tryin to do G "N" R stuff. It's not that I think he is all that mattered in the band he just never got the head lines like Axle and Slash. I don't think most realize how much he contributed to the band. None of the stuff the guys have done since they broke up has done much for me. The sum was definitely better than the parts with this band.
  17. What songs are you referring to? Wouldn't be 14 Years, Dust N Bones, and Double Talking Jive would it? Guess what that's not Axle singing it's Izzy. Izzy wrote and sang those 3 songs and they are some of the best off those CD's I'm just annoyed with Axle. If he wasn't such a jerk they would still be together and probably have did some great stuff.
  18. I wouldn't call the accounting flawed. They are real costs that are a major drag on the American car companies. I don't know if the Asians retirement benefits are as generous as the big three. They might not end up with the huge legacy costs. Either way I don't see the Asians getting themselves into the mess the Americans did any time soon.
  19. Here is a good article on why the big three are a disaster and some possible outcomes for them. Was surprised to see that when you factor in benefits with wages that GM spends $71 an hour to Toyota's $47 for hourly compensation. This along with many other things is pointed out in the write up. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/sto...PStory/Business
  20. Yes you are correct. It's Guns and Roses with a musical vasectomy and it shows. Axle is an idiot and was the weakest link in the band IMO. Now he is the only link in the band. I always liked the songs they did except Axle's screeching which he calls singing. Very overrated CD.
  21. It is portable in the sense you can move it and keep your settings with the ini file. I'm sure it does write to the registry but most if not all "portable" apps do. Every one I have tracked with Zsoft Uninstaller created some registry entries. Portable to me means no install and can be moved and still keep your settings and isn't dependent on the registry. I don't think it's possible to run any program and not create some registry entries.
  22. Use the zip version. Looks like the new 3.0 version is truly portable now. It saves the settings to an ini file now.
  23. Well we are talking about North America not Asia or Europe or where ever. The UAW or CAW doesn't run the unions of those companies in Asia and Europe. Do you now how many jobs the big three have sent over sees? Lots. One of the major reasons is to get away from the unions here. They are doing this while Asian and European car manufacturers are building many new factories here. This alone should tell you something. My friends Pontiac Sunfire was built in Mexico but sold here in Canada The Toyota and Honda Plants here in Ontario have had several votes on joining the union and it fails ever
  24. Anthony A


    Your taking it better than I would. I wouldn't be laughing
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