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  1. I have the most recent version of CCleaner (down loaded and installed yesterday) and it lists Norton Antivirus in the winapp.ini. It looks like Norton Corporate.
  2. Is Norton IS 2005 supposed to be one of the programs CCleaner can clean. I don't see it in any of the options but looking through the winapp.ini I see some Norton entries. Thank You
  3. Just to update and clarify some. The problem with the temp folder seems to be caused by the option to delete files older than 48 hours. If I uncheck that option than run analyze it lists all the files in the temp folder and the correct size of the data to be deleted. On the other computer I installed CCleaner on that is not a problem. Strange As for the Firefox cookies I will try and explain that clearer. When I select Firefox cookies and than select analyze it lists the cookies but says they are removed. Looks like this, Removed Cookie:name of cookie. It does not delete the cookie (no
  4. I already started a thread about Ewido not showing up in my options. I have a few other issues so I will start a new thread about them. 1) Firefox Cookies. Whats happening here is that I select Firefox cookies and deselect everything else and run analyze. Many cookies show up but they are listed as removed even though I did not run CCleaner I only analyzed. When I go to Firefox the cookies have not been removed they are still there. 2) Under the windows tab-> system-> temporary files. When I analyze this section it lists many files but they are all listed as 0 bytes in size and
  5. Thanks but I already read that thread. It's dated June 22,2006 and there have been several updates to CCleaner since than. I thought the Ewido issue was fixed?
  6. I just installed CCleaner on another computer that has Ewido installed on it. Ewido is not shown in the options to clean. Under utilities in the applications tab I have Spybot and Ad-Aware listed but not Ewido. Why is this? Thank You.
  7. Same here. It seems to work fine for me. To be honest I have never run a program that has had a problem with VBS. Never been an issue for me before and CCleaner installed fine and is working perfectly as of now.
  8. So is my version not suitable for CCleaner?
  9. I am a little confused here. Looking at the chart with all the components and minimum versions listed it seems my version of msvbvm60.dll is which seems to be a lower version than the one recommended. The one recommended is dated Feb 23.2004. I purchased my computer well after that from Dell (April,2005). I would think my version would be more recent than the one recommended? http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en
  10. Thank you for the info. I checked and it seems I have the MVSBVM50.DLL and the 60.DLL. Must have come pre installed on my Dell. Looks like I am good to go Well I checked again for the versions you have listed here. I have all the minimums except the msvbvm60.dll. My version is Will this be a problem for me?
  11. I want to be sure the MVBRF are installed before I down load CCleaner. Where do I look for them to see if they are on my computer? Thank You.
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