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  1. The best way to remove AVG is with it's installer. Run the installer and it will detect AVG already installed on your system. Than it will give you several options. Choose the one to remove AVG. This will remove all traces of AVG. This is the recommended way from their forum and has never failed me. I recently removed AVG from several machines without an issue.
  2. I use my browsers portably from a USB thumb drive to and a Hosts file does me no good there. I can easily set up exceptions with an ad blocker where the rule still blocks ads but not a specific one on a specific site. I notice no slow down at all with any of the add blockers I use in fact in my browsing is faster since the adds don't load. The blocked adds aren't simply blocked and leave a ugly blank space where the add was. The elements are collapsed and the ugly blank spaces are removed. As for using system resources thats a non issue. I have noticed when the add blockers are enabl
  3. Ad Block Plus is the best ad blocker there is. First extension that goes into Firefox for me.
  4. Whats amiss? Lu Lu and Humpty and Rip chain all said there is only one person in the US with their name so the fact only one person has my name when using Anthony is no big deal. Thats four people in this thread with unique names. Using Tony it says one or less again no big thing considering with Anthony there is only one person and Anthony is far more popular than Tony.
  5. Why not? I couldn't care less if some body else has my name or not.
  6. There are 336 people with my last name. I tried my two first names. Anthony is the 32 most popular name in the US with 1,105,251 named that. Tony is the 216 most popular name with 296,158 people named that. Using Anthony as my first name it says there is one person in the US with my name. Using Tony as my first name it says there is one or less with my name.
  7. Going to be interesting to see what kind of sentence he gets. I have no doubt his not guilty verdict on his murder charges made him feel untouchable. Why else would he pull the stunt he was just convicted of after coming so close to getting convicted on murder? It seem like the everybody involved in his prosecution this time were not taking any chances. They went by the book from what I have read (admittedly not a whole lot since I just don't care about this clown) and thats one positive to come out of this guys sad existence.
  8. I am sort of conflicted about DNA evidence. Sure it has helped over turn many wrongful convictions but that would not have been necessary if the crooked cops, prosecutor,lying witnesses, and in several cases here a total idiot of a medical examiner were not making a mockery of the legal system. DNA evidence is able to prove that the person was innocent but it should never have been necessary in many of the cases we see know. For all the people DNA evidence has helped there is a lot that is has hurt. It is very easy to plant DNA. Hair, saliva, skin, what ever. As for the bending of ru
  9. They used to be very helpful and it was a good forum to get help at. When AVG 8 was released things really changed. No doubt the many millions of complaints about AVG 8 has something to do with it. Just imagine if they did a major update of CCleaner and it was a flop like AVG 8 and this forum started to get flooded with a million complaints. I wonder if the mods here might get a little testy
  10. We all know OJ was guilty in the first trial of murdering his wife but the truth is the verdict was the right one. He wasn't found to be innocent. He was acquitted. This means the case was not proved beyond a reasonable doubt. As hard as it is to swallow that was the correct verdict. Cops can't behave like Ferman did and the prosecution was a joke. No matter what your gut tells you you have to put that aside and look at the facts and how they were presented and if you do that OJ walks. They have rules and procedures to follow like every body else and if they can bend them and screw up like t
  11. What FireFox theme are you using?
  12. I use Speed Dial or it's equivalent in all my browsers. My browsers launch with it loaded and it's my home page. In FireFox it's called Fast Dial. In IE7 it's called Easy Home Page and is part of IE7 Pro. In Maxthon 1 and 2 it's an addon called Speed Dial. In Opera the inventors of this great feature it's built right into the browser and called Speed Dial. I also have an iGoogle page.
  13. Oh I didn't notice you were still on Windows 98. When you upgrade get a Mac than you won't need an AV Ha Ha
  14. It's mentioned on here often. Do a search there are many threads about it.
  15. Yeah I could handle a slow Internet connection if I was sitting under a palm tree in January and fighting off alligators
  16. Maybe it is the portable version and not the new set up that is giving me the much improved performance. No matter because I am really into portable apps now. So much easier to "install" and backing up or moving to another machine is as simple as copy and paste. The new FF 3 Portable set up I have just copied to my other machines and thumb drives. I also have never had an issue updating portable apps like I have with installed versions of programs.
  17. Not really. I can't remember the last time my AV blocked anything. It has been years. The entire time I could have gone without one and I would not have been infected. If you use a program like Sandboxie or some other virtualization program you would probably be better protected than you would with an AV. I use an AV because the one I use is very light and doesn't have an impact on performance. If I was forced to decide between Norton or no AV I would choose no AV and run with Sandboxie on full time.
  18. At least you get warm weather down there
  19. I have not been a fan of Firefox 3 since it's release. I found it slow and clunky and used more resources than Firefox 2 even though it claimed to be faster and use less resources. I even called it a POSIMO I had enough of it on one of my machine and removed it. I was bored yesterday and decided to put Firefox 3 Portable on one of my machines and play around with it. After a few hours of installing my 17 extensions and a few themes I like and making a few about:config tweaks I was ready to give it a good work out. Wow big difference from the FF 3 I had removed. The speed difference was
  20. Especially the upload speed
  21. Yes we get snow in Canada. Usually start getting it in November but I have seen flurries in October. We can and have gotten pounded by snow up until late April and I have seen it in May. Our weather is a POSIMO
  22. Anthony A

    firefox 03.0.03

    That would be funny. I am looking around in my controls but I don't see where to do that. I see where to make it a signature (which I might) but not where to add it under my avatar.
  23. Anthony A

    firefox 03.0.03

    It was quite by accident to. I posted POS IMO as two separate acronyms not even thinking that it could be one
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