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  1. First, I'd like to thank to Mod/Admin...after long time my IP blocked... I hope it will last long time Nice to meet you
  2. I got it from another giveaway site. I ain't got this point How malware could load before Zemana while it was designed like Anti Virus,load on start-up? which type of malware that can get in early before AV/Anti Spyware/AntiLogger start ??
  3. good catch,hazel I am using it in Win7,less annoying pop-up.Not sure its effectiveness.
  4. wake up my friend. its now 2011 Panda now has become lighter.You can try Cloud version that has same definition like paid version.
  5. It has good detection rates in the latest test take a look at Dynamic test Full scan still slow in my experience but all I need is real time protection.I ran quick scan after installed then let it go.
  6. XP Pro, I have : NIS 2011 MBAM Pro WinPatrol Plus SAS - On Demand Shadow Defender Win 7 Ultimate, I have : Panda Pro 2012 MBAM Pro WinPatrol Plus Zemana Antilogger Shadow Defender
  7. I got randomly BSOD such IRQL ...? if I update through built-in updater. For that reason,I always do clean install every new version is out! in my xp machine.That never happen with W7. Btw, I have dual doot,XP Pro Sp3 and W7 Ultimate. any thoughts ? hardware or driver issue ? in W7, cold start now quicker than previous build.
  8. I did but I couldn't log in too through that link .
  9. I visited that link thousand times to check this forum up or down. Almost 8 months if I remember correctly,I can't access this forum. Don't know why. It said Forbidden bla bla... Thank god, today I can access again. Maybe, Mods have an answer Hi, every one
  10. title says it all, any suggestions ? thank you
  11. Millions thank,MrG for x64 Keep improve
  12. abu aufa

    Reg Errors?

    Take a look http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=284063 about Auslogics scareware. I've used Free Windows Reg Repair and found backup/restore function didn't work well. Don't waste your time to clean/repair registry As Ident said, if you want play with wins registry, make backup first.
  13. abu aufa

    Reg Errors?

    I'd recommend,DON'T TOUCH Registry are you having performance issue of OS ? what errors did you mean ?
  14. I'll give ImgBurn a try. Repair or reinstall over the top didn't solve the problem. anyway,thank mods.
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