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  1. I have a Dell XPS 1730 laptop running Vista. Am fed up of Windows but have to keep up with it cause of my professional needs. So I have Windows running on my desktop & plan installing some Linux platform Or Mac OS? Once tried Ubuntu8, initially had difficulty understanding & than with utility softwares/messengers, caming softwares & drivers etc. For windows I use AV, ASW, 7 Zip, VLC, MS Office07, CCleaner, Defraggler, Snagit, Yahoo, Windows Live, G Chrome Browser, Image Burn, Logitech Quick cam Pro 9000 webcam, Secunia, Live streaming Video capture & conversion tools like WM Recorder Replay Video Suite etc. But now things must have improved. To sum it up in a nut shell which flavor of Linux or Mac, which would you experienced members recommend, keeping in mind that I have bearded windows for 18 yrs & would like something that is a bit user friendly & less of a headache at the same time.
  2. Mike1029

    Reg Errors?

    Auslogics Defragger on the bottom has a tab> System health> Junk files, Registry, Security.....after defragging it scans all 3 & here it displays the 14 Reg errors.
  3. Is there a boot time command option/parameters ........if yes what?
  4. Can Piriform defragger perform a boot time defrag?
  5. Mike1029

    Reg Errors?

    No performance issues.....installed Auslogis Defragger it displayed 14 errors after a defrag in system health.......than scanned with Reg Repair that revealed 1200 errors??
  6. 1. Is a combination of Puran free & Auslogics defragger comparable to Perfect Disk.....in terms of being free wares, less bloated & performing the same jobs of boot time, metadata, page file etc? 2. Zoom Player Home max, VLC & Windows Media?.. can they run without conflicts & run most media formats? 3. Can Ashampoo Suite & Image Burn burn most files & are they both comparable to Nero? Thanks.
  7. Mike1029

    Reg Errors?

    CCleaner Registry Scan displays no issues, Auslogics Defragger after its run shows 14 errors, Free Windows Registry Repair ver. 1.5, displays approx 1200 reg errors & despite even fixing them more errors pop up after a reboot around 100......making me confused......which is the best, dependable, reliable, freeware software to scan & fix reg issues? Thanks.
  8. Hi there, CCleaner in Vista doesn?t show that option of Hotfix Uninstallers (Windows>Advanced>)........how do I remove them, since I have checked that on machines running XP? Regards!
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