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  1. I did not say I was anti union. I am not a fan of the UAW or CAW and my remarks were directed at them. They have made it impossible to make the changes that are needed for the big three to survive. There is nothing wrong with workers wanting good wages and all the other things you listed. There is something wrong with them expecting me to pay for it with government hand outs. It's not my obligation to keep them. If they are not willing to compromise and make the changes necessary than they should not be bailed out on my dime. Your comparison of the Asian car companies is just plain ignoran
  2. Yes. I have probably fifty on my machines. When ever I am looking for an app I always look for a portable version of it and use it if there is one. Makes backing up very simple and maintaining multiple machines less of a hassle. For example I will set up Portable Firefox and get it all configured the way I want and than simply copy it to another machine or two or three. Very simple. Less garbage than installed versions because everything is self contained in one folder. There is no "install" really. If you use the Portable Apps.com format you really are just extracting to a folder. If you use
  3. "the ignorant unwashed masses complain about the overpaid, lazy union workers" because it's true. They may not fully understand the excesses of the executives but that doesn't mean they are wrong about the work force. Any auto industry expert you read about or hear speak will tell you the unions at the big three are a big problem and have to change in order for the big three to remain viable. This week the heads of the big three were in Washington crying for another handout. They were not alone because the head of the union was there with them crying just as loud. He is doing this while t
  4. The whole GM, Ford, and Chrysler culture needs to die and IT WILL. Even if these clowns get their bail outs they are still dead. The bail outs will be a temporary fix and they will run these companies into the ground. The people running the companies are incompetent. The workers working for them are over paid, lazy, and suffer from a severe case of thinking they are entitled to a job. This whole thing is long over do and much deserved. If ever there were a company deserving of dying it's the big three and it's going to happen probably sooner but if not it will later that is for sure.
  5. Well I will have to disagree with you guys. There were a couple tracks I liked but not anything amazing and the rest were filler to me. The CD sounds like it had a musical vasectomy Axle should get his crap together and get back with the original guys. Axle is nothing without Slash and Izzy. Take a look at the who wrote many of the big hits on Use Your Illusion I and II. It was Izzy which many don't realize because he stayed in the back ground while Axle made a complete idiot of himself and single handedly destroyed a great band.
  6. You need to run the portable app from your HD or a thumb drive and make your settings then. Than burn the portable app to a CD/DVD if you plan on using it from a CD/DVD. If you were to put the portable app on a CD/DVD without doing that first you wouldn't be able to change any settings because you can't write to the CD/DVD you are running the portable app off of.
  7. I have only heard the title rack so far and it's not bad. There have been 3 big Metal releases recently, Metallica, AC/DC, and Guns and Roses. I hope the Guns and Roses is better than the other two are.
  8. USB thumb drives, external HD, Ipod, CD/DVD. Basically anything portable.
  9. Microsoft in the security business is disgusting. Making and selling security products to protect their flawed products. Fix the flawed product would be the right thing to do not profit from the security products. Been doing a lot of reading up on Macs lately and they just don't have the security problems Windows does. Don't even bother to give me the BS about how there are far more Windows machines out there that's why they are getting hit with all this malware. There are multi millions of Macs in use and if they were easy to write malicious programs for it would be done and done often.
  10. There is no advantage to installing it if you have SP2 installed and fully updated. If you do a reinstall of XP than it makes sense to install SP3 because it includes all the updates since XP was released and you can install them in one package. I think if MS released SP4 tomorrow and it was just all the updates since SP3 was released you would see everybody jump to install it like they did with SP3 even though you really don't get anything you already don't have. SP2 was different it included some major new features.
  11. I can't make my mind up if I want a touch screen or full key pad. So I am looking at this one which has both http://telusmobility.com/on/pcs/handset_lg_10000.shtml
  12. That looks like an exe Hazel.
  13. I also downloaded it no problem and burned it with out issue and installed it on a machine that I had to reinstall Windows on. I used the link in the thread you mentioned in your previous post. That's not a Microsoft site though. Is there a link to the ISO of SP3 on Microsoft's site? I haven't seen one when I was looking around.
  14. I would consider ordering it but I don't want to give my credit card number just for $10.
  15. How do you figure that is free? They want your credit card number and charge you for the CD.
  16. How can you tolerate all those short cuts on your desktop? I have none on mine.
  17. Oh by the way Firefox 3 has been updated to 3.0.4
  18. Yeah that is a nice wall paper. I used that months ago and posted in one of the Desktop threads. I still like that wall paper.
  19. They still dropped support for 1.x and 1.5 and they will drop it for 2 eventually. It's going to happen soon http://www.download.com/8301-2007_4-100963...tag=mncol;title I don't know if you tried FF 3 Portable but it works perfectly for me compared to FF3 regular which gave me problems. Large speed increase over FF 2 and some other nice features.
  20. It's the newer FireFox. FireFox two is being replaced with FireFox 3 but they maintain updates for older versions for a while. Eventually they will stop providing updates for FireFox 2.
  21. I see that you have two AV installed and that's not recommended. Some AV programs won't even let you install them if they detect another AV on the machine. I have never seen having two AV programs installed recommended in fact everything I have ever read on the subject highly recommends you don't have more than one AV installed. Of course you shouldn't run both real rime scanners at the same time but it's recommended not to even have the two programs installed at the same time.
  22. Better yet replace Windows Explorer with a real file manager there are several to choose from I currently use Free commander and Q- Dir
  23. Do you mean you have two AV installed that is not recommended. Even if not running the real time scanners together having two AV installed can cause problems. If you want to do an AV scan with more than on AV try using the online scanners or use the Portable Apps version of Clam Win which will not interfere with any installed AV.
  24. Yes I dumped AVG to for Avira AntiVir when AVG updated to 8 and ruined what was a very good AV. Not surprised to see the problems they are having and don't care either.
  25. I use both FF and Opera. They compliment each other well. What one won't do the other can. Default FF is nothing special at all. It needs it's extensions to be any good. Opera comes with many of the features already built in. It can be customized much more than FF can. Opera has a much bigger learning curve than FF and if you don't take the time to learn it you can't fully appreciate it. I will be getting a Mac very soon and I will be starting to spend a lot of time on that and Opera and FF both work on Macs so that's going to work out good for me. I have a ton of browsers installed
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