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  1. I do not have that in my FF plugin folder. The only thing in the FF plugin folder is npnul32.dll. FireFox uses the Flash files from c/windows. Same with Opera. On FF Portable I have manually added Flash and WMP plugins to the plugin folder since I use it portable.
  2. why do you think you need to get rid of one? Keep both. I have FF2 and 3, Opera 9.60, Maxthon 1 and 2, Avant, and IE7 with IE 7 Pro on my machines. I keep up on all of them.
  3. Ha Ha. Hazel Nut for VP to. In all seriousness anything is better than the absolute retard that's in office now. I don't like either of the two buffoons running now at all.
  4. Thats because they are both very fast.
  5. FF3 Portable is a great browser. I didn't have much luck with FF3 Desktop.
  6. It sounds like Tejay3800 hasn't used Opera in a while and in that case it doesn't surprise me that he finds 9.60 fast. There has been a huge speed increase since the 9.50 version compared to previous versions that he was using.
  7. It was an ad block issue. The first thing I did when I couldn't play the video was disable ad blocking globally with a simple click of a button I have for that. The video still wouldn't play. I changed the way Opera identifies itself to all the different options for it and still no go. Than I realized that even though ad blocking was disabled globally it was still enabled in the site preferences for that site. Once I disabled ad blocker in the site preferences it worked I am going to go stand in the corner again. Always remember that site preferences override global preferences in Oper
  8. Any of you using Opera can you play video on this site http://www.marketwatch.com/ the video links in the top right corner. I used to be able to play video with Opera on the site now I can't.
  9. I think Image Shack should be banned as a pic hosting site on these forums before I put my fist through the computer screen. Images hosted on Image Shack load very slow in fact this whole thread loads slow because of it. Every time I look at a thread about screen shots or loaded with pics I know I will pull my hair out because of Image crap Shack. Not just this forum but any forum.
  10. I have both the dock and the Task Bar set to autohide. In FF, Maxthon, and IE I set the toolbars to autohide as well. I would do it in Opera to but it doesn't have that feature.
  11. Wrong. My dock is set to always be on top like the task bar and auto hide so it's out of the way until I move the cursor to the bottom of the screen and than the dock appears. I can get at everything this way without having a desktop full of icons.
  12. I didn't notice a speed difference either from 9.52. Some one who has not use Opera since before the 9.5 release will be very surprised though with the speed increase from previous versions of Opera. Opera 9.5+ is very fast compared to anything under 9.5.
  13. Spent some time going through the entries on both FF 2 and 3 in the prefs.js file. Surprisingly no left overs from any of the extensions that I have removed. It looks like the about:config works fine for removing everything. One thing to keep in mind using about:config. When you uninstall an extension if you see some left over about:config entries for that extension try right clicking the entry and select "reset". Than restart FF. Those entries will be gone. That's what I have been doing and my prefs.js file is clean of left over garbage. I just did a fresh set up of FF 3 portable so that
  14. I will check it out. I don't mess with that file very much usually just use the about:config.
  15. The prefs.js was the file Hazelnut sent me info about and I was looking for when I realized I didn't delete the Google Toolbar data folder. From what I understand the about:config feature in FF is the UI for the prefs.js file.
  16. I figured this out and it was a stupid oversight on my part. There is a Google Toolbar data folder in the FF Profile folder that needs to be deleted. I had deleted this on my other machines and thought I had on the machine with the problem to but didn't. Hazel Nut sent me a link about some files in FF that might be the problem and while I was looking for those files in my Profile folder I noticed I had not deleted the Data folder for the Google Toolbar. Deleted it and problem solved. I will go stand in the corner now.
  17. Thanks I will look at that. MR G or some one on his team must know what CCleaner uses to see if The Google Tool Bar for FF is present.
  18. Yes and no key. Thats where the Google Toolbar for IE would be. The Google Toolbar for Firefox is installed in Firefox where as the Google Toolbar for IE is installed in Windows and actually has it's own add/remove programs entry to uninstall it. CCleaner obviously looks for something to determine if The Google Toolbar for FF is installed. I need to figure out what.
  19. Thanks that is a neat little app I never seen before.
  20. I recently removed the Google Toolbar for Firefox. The entry in CCleaner is still there though on one of my machines. What file or reg key do I need to delete to get rid of the entry? I looked at the winapp.ini file but it doesn't provide a path for the file or reg key it just says "special key". So I need to know what CCleaner is detecting to list The Google Toolbar for Firefox.
  21. I recently "installed" Notepad++Portable on 3 machines. On two of them everything is fine. On the one machine I am having this annoying problem with the right click "open with" menu. When I right click on a file and select "open with" the right click menu list programs you have used to open this type of file with before. If you don't see the program you want you can select "choose program" and a extended list appears. If you still don't see the program you want you can select "browse" and navigate to the exe for the program you want to use. My problem is I want to add Notepad++ Portable.
  22. I use Avira AntiVir running the real time protection. I also have Spybot, SAS, A-squared, Malwarebytes, Adawre SE, Windows Defender, and a couple Anti Root-kit scanners installed non of these with real time protection. I use them for the occasional scan and I have them just in case I do get infected. It doesn't hurt to have the anti malware apps you have. Personally I would keep them. You only have 3 apps.
  23. Use Sandboxie and you will better off than you would with any AV.
  24. Two tests. Two very different results.. They were taken a few minutes apart.
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