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  1. On and off for the last couple months now on one of my machines I have noticed the CPU fan coming on much more often than it should or has in the past. First thing I do is launch Process Explorer to see if anything is working the CPU and there isn't. CPU usage is about 2 or 3 percent as it normally is on the machine and the fan keeps coming on. So I launch SIW and monitor the temps. Sure enough they are climbing and for no reason. They climb to about 60 C than the fans kick on and stay on until the temps hit about 38 C. I than watch the temps climb back up to 60+ C in a matter of minutes even
  2. You need to be more calm and patient like me
  3. "Play Safe"? Is that what they are doing using IE and Norton simply because they came pre installed on their computers?
  4. 95% of the people I know use Norton/Mcafee and IE7. When you ask them why they say because they are the best. I ask them why they think that and they say because thats what comes on all the computers so they must be the best Their parents should have let them play in the traffic when they were kids
  5. Anthony A

    IE 8

    Typical MS BS making you jump through hoops to use their total $hit software. The only thing IE is good for is when you run out of toilet paper Install Opera or FireFox or both and just forget IE is even installed.
  6. Yes that's the way it should work. Logging out clears the cookie. That's what was happening to you when you ran CCleaner and didn't save the Piriform cookie. If you set FF to remember passwords than when you log out of Piriform Forums and return you will be logged out but the log in info will be filled in the fields and all you have to do is press ok/login. When saving the password in FF a pop up bar will appear asking if you want FF to remember the pass word. Select "remember" and the info will be remembered. DO NOT do this in Sandboxie because the info will be lost when you close S
  7. It wasn't just identified as a bad site it actually launched Adobe and I see no reason for that since it's not a PDF link and even if it was I have Foxit set as my default and that should have launched. Also it wasn't FireFox that detected it I was using Opera when this happened and it was Avira AntiVir that blocked it. I think it's some kind of random thing because it hasn't done it again when I tried the link in Sandboxie. Nice wall papers though.
  8. Watch out for that link. It's a drive by download. I clicked it and it launched Adobe PDF reader which I have not used in ages I have Foxit set as my default and Avira AntiVir blocked this I tried the link several more times and it didn't happen again but something is not right there.
  9. What are you supposed to do? Sort them from darkest to lightest? I don't expect to do too well since I am also mildly colour blind according to the tests I have taken. It doesn't show up for me in real life situations but I failed the test when I was checked many years ago. The test I took had circles filled with dots of different colours. The dots of a certain colour were arranged to form a number that is visible if you can distinguish the different colours of dots. I failed that and they said I was red/green blue/gray colour blind. That was news to me since I had gone through life not h
  10. I don't have that crap on my machines and don't miss it. I have only had a few instances where I wanted to try an app but I needed the .NET Framework and I found replacements for those apps easily. I am a big fan of portable apps and thats a no go with bloat ware like the .NET Frame Work. If an app needs the .NET Crapwork than it won't run portably.
  11. OK I mis read the post than. I see what you mean know. Even so what I said still goes if you want to keep your login info for the sites. You need to go into FF settings and allow cookies. Than you need to set the "Clear Private Data" to not delete cookies. You can also set FF to save Passwords so even if you delete a cookies to a site you want to be logged into the login info will be automatically filled in and all you do is click login or OK on the site. Lastly go into CCleaner options and find the "cookies" feature. Once there move the cookies from the sites you want to keep from th
  12. You have save psswords set to yes thats fine. Now when you log in to a site you should get prompted by FF to save the login info select yes. The login info will now be remebered so even if you come to the forum and you are logged out the login info will be filled in for you and all you have to do is press "login". For Tools> Options> Privacy> Private Data> if you select yes make sure you have not selected to have saved passwords deleted.
  13. Unfortunately some of these services that these POSIMO apps put in are required for the app to run. It doesn't sound like it in this case though but I wonder if there is a big performance hit from disabling it.
  14. Anybody here install this and disable the service? I would like to know if JRE 6 Update 10 runs as well with the service disabled as the current version of JRE does now.
  15. You might find if you "copy+past" you will have great difficulty. Try "copy+paste" instead that might work I never have a problem with this forum remembering my cookies. I am always automatically logged in. The only place I have an issue is with the FF addons page. I am always logged out on that page even though I do not delete the cookies and check the box to remember me on the site. I have that problem on all browsers on all machines with that site.
  16. I use the official uninstaller from Adobe. I than look in each browsers plugin folder and C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash and delete everything from it if anything is left after running the uninstaller. I than run the installer for Flash for IE and non IE browsers because there is two different Flash plugins for this. Is this the "normal" way? It's what I have been doing and I don't have any issues. I have read that it's best to uninstall Flash and do a clean install and the uninstaller you download from the Adobe site is the best way to do that. Maybe others install over the old version of
  17. I updated to Opera 9.60 on the machine that wasn't playing the video and now it plays perfectly I think my browser is on crack and needs to go into rehab.
  18. I don't have that FF plugin and the Flash Opera is accessing is in C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash\NPSWF32.dll
  19. Hmm I can play it on one of my machines but not on another. I will have to look at this more. Look in Tools-> Advanced-> Plugins and it will list all Opera plugins and where they are. See if you have two locations for Flash. If you start having problems delete the one in the Opera plugin folder. Search the Opera forums about Flash problems and thats the first thing that they recommend to do if you are having Flash problems.
  20. I have no problem with any browser on that site except Opera.
  21. OK now just after getting things to work Market Watch goes and changes things. I can no longer get Opera to play the videos and the video page it's self looks different than it did when I started this thread. Can you Opera users check again and see if you can play the videos. Market Watch has changed something though for sure.
  22. I know with Opera if you are having issues with Flash they recommend looking to see if you have duplicates and removing them if you do. Sometimes when you install Flash it will put a Flash Plugin in the Opera plugin folder. In this case Opera is looking there and in C/Windows and this causes issues. It is recommended to remove the Flash plugin from the Opera plugin folder in this case and let Opera use the one in C/Windows. Older versions of Opera needed the Flash plugin in the Opera plugin folder though because older versions of Opera didn't look in C/Windows. When I update Flash I run th
  23. Every body knows Internet Explorer is the best browser ever made and Microsoft makes the best software ever. We also know the horse and carriage is better than a Porsche and George W Bush is really a great president and one of the smartest humans ever to live.
  24. I use IE7 Pro and I have never had an issue with it. It's a very nice app and makes IE7 tolerable.
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