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  1. Yes I like that! Ha ha. Good for her. She should have kicked him in the sack than drove away.
  2. Thats my idea of a white Christmas. Snow is for Eskimos.
  3. I won't be updating this time.The update has nothing but so called bug fixes and adds nothing new. Since I don't have any bugs with IE7 Pro I will skip this update. I don't update apps simply because an update exists. Everything you update there is a risk of a screw up and I see no need to take the risk when the current version works fine and the new version offers nothing of value to me. Security updates are a different thing though.
  4. Each one is like a hole in your defenses. More ways to for criminals to get in. Imagine if you lost your wallet. You would have to call and cancel all those cards pretty quick. I make one phone call and cancel one card.
  5. Are you familiar with Opera's site preferences feature. You can control most of the things you mentioned on a per site basis. For example disable user java script globally and have it run only on sites you want by activating it in site preferences. Run any browser sand boxed if you are that worried. Or be like YoKenney and run the safest browser known to man IE
  6. I use this for free. http://quick.mixnmojo.com/usb-disk-ejector
  7. I have one and it makes it easy to keep track of everything since I only pay the one bill. I have never paid a cent of interest either.
  8. UM look at my previous post in this thread.
  9. The separate credit card is a good idea. Keep the limit low and watch the account like a hawk for any unauthorized activity. Identity left and fraud are a real problem now. Ever try to return an item to a store here in Canada. They ask for name, number,address etc in full ears hot of the people in line behind you. If you refuse they won't return your money. It's ridiculous. I have lost count how many arguments I have had over this. Canadian Tire is the worst. They won't even start the process with out a phone number. All you should need is a bill and the item you are returning. Anyways
  10. I don't give credit card info out online. I use the phone and don't like that either. Some places only except it on line and don't have a phone number to call though.
  11. Well they kept Chrome pretty secret didn't they. There were was some speculation about weather Google would have a browser but ti was just talk and there were no leaks at all. When they released Chrome it was a big surprise because as I said no leaks any where I seen. Wouldn't surprise me at all if they are working on an OS.
  12. I don't see it being called O Spell. It's called Java Script Spell Checker from what I seen. Doesn't matter. The one I linked is free and works amazing in Opera. Looks like it will soon be obsolete though. The developer of O Spell posted in the official O Spell thread on the Opera forum saying as much
  13. What are you talking about? It's free and always has been. http://opera.gt500.org/ospell/
  14. The inline spell checker will be nice but the O Spell User Java Script spell checker I use now is the best spell checker I have used and I have a lot of them. The inline spell checker built into Firefox is disgusting. So off on it's suggestions it's laughable. Hopefully Opera does a better job with it. The Firefox spell checker is so bad I have started using the Jarte word processor's new spell check feature that lets you check spelling in any application you are using. Works well. It's a new feature in the latest update to Jarte.
  15. OH no you can't do that. You already use and like the greatest browser ever created IE
  16. I have been reading about this lately and it looks interesting. One thing I don't get is why does it have a web browser in it?
  17. It's also going to have a inline spell checking built in.
  18. That is becoming a circus with AVG. How far these clowns have fallen. I dumped AVG when they started this BS and installed Avira AntiVir and have no complaints. AVG 8 is a bloated hog and although 7.5 is very good they are playing games with their ever changing termination date.
  19. I can't believe Norton hasn't been exterminated yet. That company should die with GM.
  20. What is your preferred method for paying for purchases you make on line? Do you like to use credit card or a Paypal type of plan or some other method? I don't purchase much on line but when I do I always get a phone number and phone in the order and then give the credit card number to the sales rep. Just curious what others prefer to do.
  21. Well it looks like support for addons in Chrome is in the very near future http://lifehacker.com/5100500/chrome-exten...dblock-imminent
  22. So is the FF plugin only available in the installer version? I used the zip version and there was just an exe. When I launched it it created a ini file for the settings. There is nothing else in the folder. I see nothing about a FF plugin.
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