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    Ad-Aware SE

    Perhaps running Ad-Aware in Safe Mode will work since there's only essential stuff loaded that the OS needs, which excludes the loading of spyware.
  2. Andavari


    Hello thedon57 welcome to the CCleaner forums. Me three!
  3. For Ad-Aware, Avast, AVG, Ewido Security Suite that's true they use the same definition files, however with incremental updates high-speed updating isn't much of an issue whereas server overload is.
  4. Andavari

    .ogg to mp3

    Not if you mp3 player doesn't play .ogg! It's a shame really because ogg is a popular open format that's been around for years, and it doesn't have the same licensing royalties (b.s.) that mp3 does.
  5. Andavari

    CD Drive help

    Since it periodically won't read discs that basically means it's dying or dead, I wouldn't trust any drive that does this since copying data from it can very easily get corrupted during the copying phase without any chance of you knowing it's corrupted until you try to access those files. I would personally go with a dual format DVD burner that can write DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW since the prices are lower now, plus you'll have the added advantage of being able to backup huge amounts of data, and being able to play and write DVD movies on your PC. ---------- A bit off topic: If you absolutely must use it in the time being, and have to copy files from it use a command prompt to copy files using either: COPY /V or XCOPY /V Note: /V verifies copied files to make sure they are copied properly.
  6. Andavari

    .ogg to mp3

    Only sometimes now, I used to use it all the time when I was archiving 2000+ audio CD's from my collection. I'm only interested in archival quality audio, e.g.; the inability to tell the encoded file apart from the original audio CD, this requires either lossless encoding, or by using Varible Bitrate (VBR) high quality switches with the lossy encoders. I now mostly use WavPack which is lossless, however going lossless means you don't care about hard disk space. This is what I use when I buy a new audio CD. When I want to use a lossy format I use MusePack (MPC), since it offers the best quality for lossy encodings when starting with the quality switch profile: --standard or --quality 5 For mp3 I only use the heavily tested Hydrogenaudio.org compile of LAME 3.90.3 to encode mp3's, using --alt-preset standard which encodes with VBR from the Hydrogenaudio.org List of recommended LAME settings, and here's the reason why to use a particular LAME compile. Note: MP3 is still needed if you want to have the best wide-based compatibility with just about everything from portable players to home dvd players. --- Some more info: MPC, OGG, and lossless encoders are gapless, you can encode live tracks separately without any noticable gaps. MP3 isn't gapless, you'll hear noticable gaps in-between gapless tracks that flow into each other.
  7. Sometimes the firewall GUI will automatically open after Log On, sometimes it won't. There is no notice whatsoever!!!
  8. The CCleaner Forums were running very slow earlier today, therefore it most likely isn't a SpywareBlaster issue.
  9. Exactly, and it can also be made into a scheduled task using Task Scheduler, it can be ran as much as needed.
  10. Wouldn't defragging the hdd place other data in the particular disk clusters to make the removed data non-recoverable? With the size of current hdd's I can only imagine how long it would take to just do 1 pass of overwritting with an erasing program let alone 3 or 7.
  11. Andavari

    .ogg to mp3

    Yup. I only wish people would learn that trancoding is evul, it introduces more artifacts, and the diminished quality is a nightmare! The .ogg can also be played back in the free player Foobar2000 http://www.foobar2000.org
  12. Here's some information and a warning for fellow ZoneAlarm (Free Edition) users, I hope this keeps you protected! ---------- Version: ZoneAlarm Firewall (Free Edition) 6.0.631.002 OS: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 ZoneAlarm Firewall (Free Edition) v6.0.631.002 has an reproducible error which is: Log Off -> Log On -> System Error within ZoneAlarm (Free Edition) The system error is severe in that all protection components aren't active. The only solution is to reboot when the error is encountered. To stop the system error from occurring don't Log Off, hence the firewall may not function correctly when you Log On again. Note: Although the behaviour is reproducible it doesn't happen 100% of the time. Screenshot:
  13. TUGZip could really shine as a good freeware archiver if only the programmer would fix some obvious typos in the program.
  14. He's talking about layering to detect more malware, when in honesty a great majority of people are already layering their protection and detection by using a multitude of programs. It's been known for years that using one security program (antivirus, antispyware, etc.) can't be fully trusted to be 100% effective all the time, however even using one program (free or pay) is better than nothing at all.
  15. Change it in "Tools->Folder Options->File Types"
  16. DL'd from http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/ZoneA...ee/1023831973/1 since the Zone Labs website is a damn mess to find anything on. I wasn't aware of the spyware blocker being only in the paid version since it installed the spyware.dat file with the free edition.
  17. Try this: 1. Close Firefox. 2. Run Foxit Reader, and click: Help -> Set to Default PDF Reader 3. Close Foxit Reader. 4. Start Firefox and run a PDF from a website to see if it worked. If it doesn't work you may need to manually set the PDF MIME type in Firefox. Here's some instructions to do just that: MIME Type: application/pdf Description: Adobe Acrobat Document Extension: pdf Open with: The path to FoxitReader.exe, e.g.; C:\Program Files\Foxit Reader\FoxitReader.exe It should something like this (screenshot taken from Mozilla Suite):
  18. It's alright on my end. The only problem I had was trying to use my v5.5 configuration, it caused a load of problems therefore I completely uninstalled it and started fresh. It does have some extra defenses such as built-in spyware protection (even the free edition) via: "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ZoneLabs\spyware.dat" which isn't exactly a small file at "546 KB (559,170 bytes)."
  19. Excuse me if this post of mine is stupid! What do you mean by open in a tab, a tab what? "In a browser tab," or "something else."
  20. Andavari

    New Record?

    Now that's a good deal!
  21. Thank you, that'll stop me from having to manually remove it in order to get a clean install when a new version is released. I'm too lazy to make another home-made script to remove it.
  22. For Internet Explorer I know of none since the installation requires Active X, whereas with other browsers an actual setup file is needed therefore one is provided. It can be automatically updated by running (note: the updater may take several minutes to display a dialog): C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\Macromed\Flash\GetFlash.exe
  23. Andavari

    New Record?

    It's easy to tell if a system is well overdue for a cleaning just how it performs, and how the hard disk trashes. I remember a companies computer that had WinXP Pro which was acting really strange and super slow due to the fact it never had any junk files removed, and was never defragmented.
  24. Years ago it went from "download.com" to "download.com.com" and typing in download.com would take you to download.com.com, now they've reversed it. Someone on that site is smoking something.
  25. "C:\Documents and Settings\Your Profile Name\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player" Of course this is where it stores stuff from Mozilla, and Opera. I don't use Internet Explorer so I'm not sure if IE's stuff will go there or in the Temporary Internet Files.
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