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  1. What if your ISP gets hacked, or infected? I'd be using something if I was you.
  2. It works fine on my Win98 system, however what DjLizard stated has me thinking that perhaps some other software, or driver could be conflicting, e.g.; antivirus, antispyware, firewall, something else. It'll take Mr.G to figure it out.
  3. @ Dheeraj Not only is the warez crap getting old so are the big ass screenshots that have absolutely nothing to do with threads. I try to be civil and polite, however the mood I'm in today I could easily tell you to piss off.
  4. WTF? If you install the VB6 SP6 runtime like already suggested it may actually fix the problem. And like already stated many programs require it, it's a Microsoft distribution, if CCleaner isn't working because of it you'll eventually run into some other program(s) that require it.
  5. Thanks for the heads up on this bloated file! For now here's a way to delete it with CCleaner. 1. Open Notepad and input the following:[ZoneAlarm (tvDebug.log)]LangSecRef=3022Detect=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarmDefault=TrueFileKey1=%windir%\Internet Logs|tvDebug.log2. Save the file in the CCleaner program folder as:winapp2.iniIt will now display under the other ZoneAlarm log cleaning in CCleaner.3. In order for CCleaner to delete the file you must right click the ZoneAlarm icon next to the system clock and select exit. If you're using an always on connection (broadband) this isn't recommended hence you won't have any firewall protection when you exit ZoneAlarm. If you wish to use a simple batch file here's how to delete it, again you'll have to exit ZoneAlarm. 1. Open Notepad and input the following:DEL "%windir%\Internet Logs\tvDebug.log"EXIT2. Save the file where you wish as (just an example name):Delete ZoneAlarm tvDebug log.bat
  6. I'd personally go for a LCD T.V. that can work as the display for the comp and T.V. viewing, of course it'll cost more than just a monitor.
  7. I gave the free trial a spin many years ago when it was "all the talk." I liked the GUI. The scan time was too slow compared to anything else on the market at the time, I don't necessarily think an AV scanner should take so damn long to scan files. I didn't like the configuration, there's way too much for the average to experienced user to screw up. I remember trying it's rescue disk which used Linux as the core on my Win98 system back when I didn't know jack about PC's and was still a newbie and it asked to mount the C: drive, being a big dummy I let it do its thing, which resulted into ScanDisk taking over an hour to fix all the file errors. Edit: Although I had gripes about it, the virus detection is supposed to be among the best.
  8. That's why the forum needs an agreement that must be accepted before someone can actually post. I don't know how Mr.G feels about it, however by detailing in an agreement that no illegal cracks, links, serials can be posted and won't be tolerated would in the end offer him some level of protection, many forums have such agreements hence the site owner is seen as responsible.
  9. Go to Microsoft Update and make sure you have the newest version of .NET installed. Edit:
  10. Read the post by Tarun! If you don't understand it read it again and again! Then read the post by me.
  11. Yup. It should be erased immediately because such posts can ultimately get Mr.G into legal trouble with Network Associates, that's the last thing he needs.
  12. Since you'll most likely be using a free service they'll have tools you can use which offer a built-in site uploader. The uploader is similiar to, and as easy to use as uploading an image (avatar) to display on this forum. You can also update your site via FTP using Internet Explorer.
  13. NT Registry Optimizer (NTREGOPT): May not be totally safe, the reason I say that is because after using it I noticed some special links like those that use a CLSID for the link, I suppose that's what there're using where dead in my "Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools" and "Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\System Tools" and weren't at all easy to fix since System Restore didn't help at all, nor did the backup created by ERUNT. I've since removed NTREGOPT and am using RegCompact.NET. RegSeeker: Remember it's a beta versoin, and it acts like beta software in many instances and can be unpredictable from what is listed to what is actually removed from the registry. Unless you have an insanely huge exclude.ini file I don't see it as being all that safe to use, just search the CCleaner forum for RegSeeker and you'll see what I mean. It has the ability to mess up the installation of Windows Media Player, ZoneAlarm TrueVector Service, and it can drop kick MS Office right in the balls, etc., the list goes on and on. I still use it even though I'm critical of it, however I look at the undo file(s) it creates.
  14. My best tip would be to learn HTML. Don't want to buy a program for coding a webpage, then look into Mozilla Suite it has Composer. Can't always rely upon programs doing all the work for you, and don't use MS Publisher to create a site if you want to do complex things, etc., since it may not or won't display correctly in anything but Internet Explorer.
  15. Two running at the same time is a bad ideal, I know Win98 went into some "warning more than one antivirus detected" mode when this was done, however it was invisible and didn't even bother notifying the user, I don't know if WinXP does this or not. About every three months I install one of the freeware AV scanners to double check and make sure eTrust really is keeping my system clean, of course the only safe way to do that is to completely disable an already installed antivirus program so that none of its components are running. One problem with having two AV's on one system even if one is completely disabled, and even if it doesn't come with a resident shield is sometimes another one may give a false positive of another's definition files however this usually only occurs if the definition files aren't encrypted. Another problem is if an AV scanner is automatically set to delete infected or suspicious files, it can wipe out another AV scanner's definition files (again probably will only happen if they aren't encrypted), that's the reason when I do my quarterly scan with a secondary checkup AV program I configure it to only report infected or suspicious files.
  16. If you live in the United States visit a Staples store, they sell a Casio CD printer. I don't completely remember the price, I think it was around $50. Whatever you do don't resort to using the stick-on labels, if you create an audio CD they eventually cause disc warpage when the disc heats up leading to skips and the inability to playback the disc once it is heated up.
  17. Andavari


    Probably is, AntiVir is known for giving false positive's.
  18. Andavari

    winapp.ini files

    I was the person who submitted the string for cleaning Foxit PDF Reader.
  19. Andavari


    Norton may not suck at finding known viruses. The reason I stopped using it back in 2001 was because it never found sucpicious or virus destroyed file's that F-Prot and BitDefender would quickly identify.
  20. I've tried AntiVir multiple times however it tends to get crashy on my system, and will always crash on me when it gets to a rootdir backup .cab archive. 64-bit is supposedly "more secure," well at least from what I've read from Avast.
  21. http://www.bugzilla.org/
  22. I don't think so. Looking at his posts and his writing would suggest he isn't 11.
  23. Windows Disk Cleanup is the reason there are such programs as CCleaner, hence Windows Disk Cleanup isn't very useful and doesn't do squat compared to CCleaner. I don't see how anyone including PC newbies could use CCleaner incorrectly since it's so intuitive and doesn't require any in-depth computer knowledge to effectively clean a system with it. And no CCleaner doesn't wreak havoc with the system registry, nor does it break Windows!
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