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  1. Thanks. I admitted that I made a stupid mistake in the original thread. Help is one thing insults are another whether free or not.
  2. Thanks for the support. But they won't listen and just harrass me. Oh well, I'm not supposed to post anymore.
  3. I like your product. I think that your product is really good but has some flaws and could be made better. That is why I took the time to enter a post about them. What I don't like is the attitude I got. As a user I don't expect and will not accept insults and harrassment, especially after I took the time to voice my concerns. You obviously have have no clue what it takes to do customer support. You'll need to work on that when it comes time to make some money and sell CC. I don't know who is in charge here but if CC was my product Tarun would have been removed long ago. Based soley on
  4. Please add an option to back up deleted files to the recycle bin. TIA!!!!
  5. No is the correct answer and the point you make is valid. However, the real point is that it is possible to store a file in temp if your not paying attention (like I did). Since that is true and the possiblility exists for an important doc to be deleted the program should make an allowance for such. Since when is .txt or .doc a temp file? You are making your evaluation based on location and I think that is flawed. Instead you should make your evaluation on extension and/or location. That would be much safer. I'm not a programmer but it seems that it would be fairly simple to back up de
  6. That is such a bs answer. You can't say that just because something is in temp it is junk and should be deleted. What do you have against backing up to the recycle bin? The simple solution is for me to find a product that works with safety in mind. .TXT should not be a temp file no matter where it is.
  7. I was working on a large doc and it was saved to temp. Luckily I inspected the deletion log in CC before I did the cleanup otherwise this doc would have been deleted. I think that this is a flaw. You should not be deleting everything in temp just because the file is in temp. I think that you should have the option to remove the files to the recycle bin just to be safe. That's what the recycle bin is for. Bypassing the recycle bin is a huge mistake. If I'm doing something incorrectly let me know.
  8. The reg cleaner isn't as complete as jv16's cleaner. Why it that? I've read a couple of posts on CC having to run on all accounts for proper cleaning. Can't you just add the temp and other directories of the other users to the Options...Other Folders for this to work? TIA Nice product!!
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