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  1. he's issue is same as mine. updated to latest version "3.whatever" from file filehippo. i am using a theme on my win xp a king like win7 like theme if this matters smting. problem stil pressists on this version
  2. hi, i am using 2.36.1233 on winXP pro SP3. running intel core 2 duo. i have noticed that if you write something in the "search" box, in the uninstall tab under tools, when you use backspace or delete to clear a letter, it will just go backward, showing a list like you cleared the letter from the search, but the letter will stay on screen. this causes a mess in the box if you want to correct yourself. although, if you use the "red X" to clear the box, it works fine...
  3. There is a file of Prefetch which is manegeing order of programs and other things. they are lockated in C:\Windows\Prefetch\ (C is an interval) you should really check this out. it can clean between 3 - 20 MB. Thx MmMaTAn
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